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Synthetics vs naturals

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There's a very real difference between something that SMELLS natural and something that IS natural. Naturals are inferior to high quality synthetics and I will try to explain why.

A natural ingredient is very complex, so some facets will reflect the beautiful door the relevant note is famous for, while other facets will carry bitterness, earthiness and other elements that the perfumer or the user don't want to be there. High quality synthetics address this problem by separating each facet of a natural smell and giving the perfumer greater control of the end result.

Take tobacco. In nature tobacco is sweet, earthy, woody and urinous. Each of these facets are used synthetically in different tobacco scents, sometimes separately and other times in different proportions to what they would be in nature. Because even though the urinous note is unpleasant in nature, a smaller proportion of that urinous facet in a tobacco fragrance can lend a natural feel to an otherwise fully synthetic tobacco fragrance.

So let your nose judge what you like, and only give a passing consideration to the natural versus synthetic balance.



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