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Rose Journey

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I am coming toward a rest period in my recent Rose journey. I must say, Oud makes rose far more comfortable for me, but the rose-Oud genre is in a large category all on its own and nobody does it better than Roja Dove’s original Aoud trio.

I could say Roja’s Parfum De La Nuit No.3 is my favorite rose, but at $1,400 a bottle it would be a lazy choice. Say what you will about Roja’s line, his rose and jasmine essences are the best going around, which is why he loads his fragrances with them. It’s when he strays away from these two florals that question marks start to appear over the worth of his creations.

Top of my list for affordable non-Oud roses would be:

- Papillon’s Tobacco Rose;
- Amouage’s Lyric Woman Extrait; and
- MFK’s Lumiere Noire Pour Homme.

Now Freewheeling, I know you are lukewarm to at least one of these.

Tobacco rose for me is amazing because it combines my two favorite roses - Bulgarian and Rose De Mai- over a sensual base that somewhat resembles Andy Tauer’s famously dry “Tauerade”. There’s also a hint of something metallic that contrasts perfectly against the warm base. Fort and Manle’s Harem Rose is along the same lines and also very good.

Lyric Woman extrait is other worldly. Dark, thick, oily, slightly smoky. All against an animalic base that smells like skin that has only just begun to smell musky. It is what I wanted out of Lyric Man, but never got. The liquid itself is oily coming out of the sprayer. It streams unless one is assertive with the pump. And projecting is good for me, even though it is in extrait form. The EDP version is nice but the extrait is other level.

As for Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, that’s understood quite well here in the MFD, suffice to say it is headed for classic status in my mind.

Honorable mention to the maginificent Dior Ambre Nuit.


  1. HouseOfPhlegethon's Avatar
    I concur with rose and oud being a stellar combination. It is definitely one of my favorites...
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