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Are pretty good, fried up like chicken. Not very meaty, though, and they are hard to skin--takes two people, and then you have to be very careful to pick off the loose hair that sticks to it. Kinda have to depend on creamed potatoes, honey and biscuits to round things out. There's always milk gravy to supply the fat, but for some reason greenbeans, picked that morning and cooked down half the day with bacon, seems to be the other thing required.

Squirrels are sure as hell indigenous to Kentucky and surrounding states. The word is, that before Europeans conquered North American, a squirrel could go from one end of Kentucky to the other and never touch the ground. They are an integral ingredient in burgoo.

I was raised in Kentucky. My father, before he died, mused that his self identity wasn't builder, developer, teacher, or gun trader. In his mind, he said, he thought of himself first and foremost, as a squirrel hunter. In my childhood, they hunted squirrels with shotguns as they floated down the creek fishing. We also had to be careful to get out any of the shot!!! Lead, you know.

Deer are the real problem. My brother does his best, but it's a never ending chore. "They are starving everywhere else. They have to come here." Scarred by Bambi as a child, he tries to exterminate the males so the job doesn't really get far. "The Lion King is bullshit." We don't slaughter any of them, because he says they have diseases now and we have plenty of money for beef. He leaves them for the coyotes, and says full coyotes will leave the turkeys and cats alone. If you want to get him going, talk about people who hunt for fun with a bow and arrow. Or people who hunt for fun, for that matter. You kill it, it better be for a good reason, and you better kill it the fastest way possible that causes the least suffering.

I believe one of the things that hurt him the absolute most for me was realizing I was blind in one eye and would never be able to truly sight in long distances and angles to be a good shot. I very much promise you, you will not have better binoculars than him. Or scopes.

Little creek fish are easy to filet (if your brother is also a steel and knife geek and judges the cutlery sharp by shaving a bit of his arm.) Quick fry in a cornmeal dredge with onion hoe cakes (like hushpuppies, but Vidalia onions chopped quite fine and fried like pancakes in a slightly smoking hot cast iron skillet.) You must serve this with ketchup and in one minute out of a hot skillet. You must also serve sweet mayonnaise coleslaw with lemon juice, but be emotionally prepared--if there are plenty of fish, nobody eats coleslaw. It's a waste of stomach space. Don't worry. Coleslaw keeps exceedingly well; it's actually better the next day. It goes well enough with squirrel that has soaked overnight in salt water, and honey biscuits.

Doves are my hands down favorite. Flour dredge, fried to golden brown with simple salt and pepper, milk gravy made and poured over into a casserole dish, baked for about thirty minutes. Naturally also make creamed potatoes and buttered English peas. You can try to serve edible podded peas, but this never goes over well and will require a satisfactory explanation of exactly why there are not enough peas in the freezer to last a year. Because, why do we even have a deep freeze? If you've dropped so low as to serve canned peas? Hint: It better be a natural disaster. "The deer got most of the peas." is the number one defense to end this discussion. This meal is especially good when somebody's working late because it can go 15 minutes or an hour in the oven and hit the table ten minutes after they get home.

These are my very favorite meals to make for my brother. There are a couple others. Pressure cooked chuck roast with vegetables, brown gravy and the ghastly white bread he loves. Chicken and slick dumplings. Supper becomes a party of gratitude to one another.

It's why I have a soft spot for squirrels. On my deck, they eat well.


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    Yep. This is why I follow you. Poetry.
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