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Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT and EDP

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I wore the EDT yesterday and am wearing the EDP today. They are both lovely scents -- especially the EDP -- but I'm finding that when I wear them, I generally wish they were a little more substantial. (And a bit less sweet.) I was hovering between the For Her EDP and Mitsouko EDP this morning. Very different moods. In retrospect, I should have gone with the Mitsouko. It has a wonderful depth and solidity to it. It feels grounding, anchoring. For Her just floats around me in a soft, somewhat powdery haze.

First lesson of this new foray into fragrance: I'm uncomfortable in scents that don't have weight or substance. Strong notes, or a kind of earthiness or bitterness in the base. Light, hazy, or sheer things feel half-finished to me, even when they are not.

I'm going to end up buying a full bottle of Shalimar, aren't I. Oh dear.


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