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frederic malle musc ravageur since the buyout and parent company ownership change

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Anybody know when they changed the backside text on the band around the bottle? I know there are at least 3 variants of bottles that I own. Bottle bought in 2010 (produced in 2009 I think it was according to the bottom) with matte cap says EDITIONS DE PARFUMS FREDERIC MALLE in a larger font, whereas the bottles with shiny cap I bought in 2017 say EDP FRANCE HOLDINGS S.A.S. in a smaller font instead. Then the recent purchase of Dans Tes Bras I assume was produced in-between those eras, it has the shiny cap but the old text on the backside (albeit in a slightly different tone).

I assume from this that Dans Tes Bras doesn't sell very well, and they have a few older batches lingering around for a bit of time, because the GPM and ASLP bottles (4 in total bought in 2017) all had the smaller font text. And this DTB bottle is my most recent purchase. All bought from first in fragrance. This DTB bottle must be from before they made the changes after the E.L. buyout, so 2015 or so.

There is a number inside the caps, too. The old (~2009) matte cap says "5", 2017 purchased ASLP and GPM says "5" (one of them said "1" I believe, that was the earliest purchase, made in early summer of 2017), and 2017 (December) purchased Dans Tes Bras says "B" or "8".
The DTB bottle has the same number on the bottom as the ASLP bottles tho, the GPM number on bottom being different.
Anyway I was surprised to see FM fragrances on a Swedish cosmetics chain website ( KICKS ), albeit it was mostly out of stock and most of the physical stores did not have any of it listed as in stock.



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