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Which male fragrances do women really, really hate?

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A piece of advice, never ask them as you may not like the answer.
I agree with this, and ThrilledChilled made me laugh, my wife hates about 90% of the frags I put in front of her nose. Tom Ford Oud Wood was followed up with a "please tell me that's just a sample". It's funny cause the ones I'm most excited for I feel, are the ones she shuts down the most. I mean, some I'm just going to wear because I like them, but others I get it and respect her nose not to wear them.

But almost anything Oud is out, orientals are also hit or miss.
I purchased a $8.99 fragrance oil which is a clone of Tom Ford Oud Wood and my wife, who almost never comments one way or the other about my $150+ fragrances commented on how nice it smelled. I was literally shocked 😂



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