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big smoke

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Hi,I'm searching for something big smokey and wild.
City on fire and t rex are both great.Looking to try the offerings from Beufort of London.
Any one got any other suggestions?
Thank you.


  1. Wild Gardener's Avatar
    Why don't you try Male Fragrance Discussion in the forums?
  2. jal123's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Gardener
    Why don't you try Male Fragrance Discussion in the forums?
    good useless with all this computer stuff.|
  3. Ed Wardian's Avatar
    Stirling Soap Company Texas on Fire EDT...

    As described by the vendor,
    "Leather. Smoky. Cedar. Made with Birch Tar, Cade, Labdanum, Vanilla, and a heaping helping of Texas Cedarwood. This is the scent of a forest fire in Texas."
  4. Ed Wardian's Avatar
    Burning Barbershop by D.S. & Durga,
    Lonestar Memories by Tauer Perfumes,
    Midnight Stag, Ghost Town Barber, Sherlock by Chiseled Face,
    Peau D'Espagne by Santa Maria Novella ...
  5. Ed Wardian's Avatar
    Black Afgano Nasomatto,
    Some of the Carner Barcelona offerings...
  6. jal123's Avatar
    thank you.
  7. Ed Wardian's Avatar
    You are most welcome...


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