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Wild Gardener

The Birth of a Legend

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The story is simple and I personally know all the details. It happened at Chiris, where my father was lab manager.
The client already knew the company director, they had met on the Côte d’Azur where he had tried to convince her to launch a perfume.
She was hostile to the idea but agreed to visit his factory.
In the creation laboratory, she was seduced by the flacons of rare essences. The chief perfumer let her smell them and told her how a perfume is made with such materials.
“I’m a dress maker not a perfumer, and I disapprove of all that perfumers do” she told the director, who could see she was getting interested.
“Besides, if I were to sell a perfume, it would only be so women could smell good... and I wouldn't sell a fancy bottle, only the perfume.”
“It would be so unique that - even though perfumers will copy anything - it would be so costly for them that no one would dare pay the price.”
“I will put everything in the perfume, nothing in the packaging.
A plain bottle with no frills, a label and a box; no name – just a number.”

Adapted from Henri Robert – Souvenirs d’un parfumeur

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