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Well I've got 2 100ml and 1 50ml bottles of By Man, after deciding I do indeed LOVE it. I've been enjoying Guerlain's SDV quite a bit. QUITE a bit. Definitely the best vanilla frag I've tried yet. Out of all the samples I've received, Costume National 21 is still a definite winner. May be a purchase soon enough! Though unfortunately, due to my logic of getting By Man versus any other fragrance, I've had to give up my purchase of L'instant de Guerlain Extreme. I was really hoping to get it for the winter, but alas. By Man, once it's gone, is gone. L'instant will be there for me next year I guess. Along with my other hopeful purchase of New Haarlem. I almost was going to purchase a sample of it so that I can at least wear it a few times, but I can't find it anywhere. They'll both just have to wait for next winter Ah well!



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