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First foray into female fragrance

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Welp, I was at Sephora (like always), and my friend Heather wanted a couple samples. I know many members on here always say that all fragrances are pretty much unisex, but I still wasn't sure I wanted to try anything out. I figured Sephora would only really have mainstream sugary florals, and nothing else. Yeah, well, I was wrong. What did they have? The Aqua Allegoria line. Unfortunately they only had a tester for Figue Iris and Mandarine Basilic, but being able to try any of them was great. Figue Iris was quite nice, but Mandarine Basilic? Unbelievable! I've been on the lookout for realistic fruit fragrances, and this fits the bill perfectly. It literally smelled like I had just bitten into an orange. So light and refreshing! It doesn't stay pure orange for long, which is nice. I really love the soft florals and the subtle greenness I get from it. I really hope to try out the others once they get more in stock. This one, I believe, is a definite purchase.



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