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Belated Updates: Apps, Perfume Project more...

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So much for this being a regular 'behind the scenes blog'! Anyway, here are some updates on various Basenotes Stuff.

The last few months have been fairly busy, doing niche award stuff for the FiFi's , plus the kids have been sick as well, so that has got in the way of BN. One thing I'm working on at the moment, is clearing a few things out the way, so that at I can concentrate on getting other stuff moving again (such as the CPL fragrance Project, see later).

Basenotes Magazine

Name:  issue-1.jpg
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Size:  8.0 KBIt is with some regret, that I've decided to discontinue the Basenotes Magazine. It took up a lot of time, for little return, and I think it is best if I concentrate on the website side of things. I am hoping to return to print in the future, but it will be more an as-and-when thing rather than attempting a quarterly mag.

I've contacted all the subscribers and offered them refunds/supporting memberships / other (some have had gift vouchers for perfume shop, another had wine!). And about half have got back to me. The ones who haven't got back to me I will be writing to their mailing address shortly, but if you are reading this and haven't got the email, please get in touch.

For those wanting to buy the issues we made, you still can here

FiFi Awards

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Size:  32.0 KBWe were pleased to be able to assist the UK Fragrance Foundation with their Niche FiFIAward this year. Congratulations to all the shortlisted niche fragrance people, but special congrats go to winner Andy Tauer, who had some trouble getting his award through customs!


Due to the amount of emails, and other admin stuff the site seems to generate on a daily basis, I have enlisted the help of Judith Brockless to get me through it. Some of you may remember Judith's Jasmine Awards Nominated Pink Really Does Stink. One thing she has been assisting me with is...

CPL Project

Judith has sorted through all the submissions for feedback on the next round. CPL should get these tomorrow, and I'll publish them on the site too. I will keep you updated on the next stages.

Apple iOS and Android Apps

We are pleased to announce that we have some phone apps happening. I'll announce this on the main site soon, as the Apple one isn't there yet due to Apple's lovely jumping through hoops procedure that comes with getting something on the App Store

The Apps were developed by vBulletin, the creators of the software we use to run the forums/blogs/articles. As such, only the vBulletin parts of the site are available on the app, (so no forums, reviews, wardrobes sadly). However, for those of you who spend a lot of time on the forums, I'm sure it will be useful (One nice thing is that you can upload a picture directly to a post from your phone)

As I said, the Apple App is in applimbo, but for those of you with Android phones, you can get the app here. It's Free and everything!

Upcoming Features

Persolaise has been doing some more writing for us. Expect (amongst other things) an interesting interview with the head of UK IFRA soon...


Something I've been working on ages should be coming to fruition tonight. Basenotes Plus members will find out first in the Basenotes Plus Forum. It's not overly exciting but something a lot of you have been asking for, for like, ever.

Lastly, I've about 100 emails I've flagged to deal with so if you've sent me something, I hope to get back to you soon..

Untll next time....

Updated 26th April 2011 at 09:05 PM by Grant

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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
  2. NewHaarlem's Avatar
    Hi, Grant. Will there be a mobile friendly version of the whole site coming soon?
  3. castorpollux's Avatar
    Hello Grant, I just used the android app and not only looks great, it works just fine too! thank you for the hard work.


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