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Voilà Pourquoi J'aime Rosine

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I don't remember how and when exactly I got introduced to Les Parfums de Rosine, but I do remember where I got my first samples from: Aus Liebe zum Duft. Since I wasn't a huge fan of rose scents then (have changed my mind since), I guess I got my samples accidentally, possibly with my Voleur de Roses order.

Never one to sneer at free samples, I tried them on and to my great surprise fell head over heels for Poussière de Rose, an elegant teaming of dusty roses, smoky tea and mellow fruit. Un Zest de Rose, citrusy rose, also rang my bell. The third sample did not, and I have forgotten which one it was... (EDIT: it was now discontinued Rose d'Argent)

My Rosine saga didn't continue until a couple of years later, when I finally decided to get Poussière de Rose which had been on my wishlist since the first test-drive. At that point LPdR had launched their first scent for men: Rose d'Homme, and I got that one, too. Rose d'Homme is one of my biggest faves: roses, leather, vetiver... PHWOARGH!

Last year brought Rose d'Amour, a summery breeze of roses brightened up even more with ginger and galbanum, and the latest Rosine is their second one for men, Twill Rose, again with my favourite green note: galbanum, which gives Twill Rose its freshly cut grass feel.

As it often happens when I revisit some scents in my wardrobe, I get the urge to retry the other scents of the house, so watch this space: I have several Rosine samples waiting...

Today (Wed 21 March) I re-tested La Rose de Rosine, Rose d'Été, Un Zest de Rose and Rosa Flamenca. Didn't care much for the first two, but loved the third and liked the fourth. La Rose was too heavy, sweet and "sticky" to my nose, Été too watery-fruity plus I have trouble with mimosa and lime blossoms. Un Zest was my favourite of the bunch, zesty & zingy, zitrusy rose, bright and bubbly summer scent! Flamenca was sunny and warm, very Mediterranean with its jasmine and orange blossom notes, but didn't win me over completely.

Today (Thu 22 March) I tested Ecume de Rose which turned out to be another thumbs-down number. Might have been the marine notes that made it "metallic" and headache-inducing. Not my bottle of rose scent.

On Sunday (4th November) I tested the two latest Rosines: Diabolo Rose and Rose Kashmirie. The first was very pretty, but just as unflattering on me as cool pastels are. But the second one was love at first sniff: a gorgeous warm, woody and spicy rose scent, it also got "mmmmmmmmmmmm" from Mr.Tigs, and a bottle of it is currently on its way to me.

On Tuesday (6th November) I re-tested Rose de Feu and Une Folie de Rose. The first made me queasy like scents with cardamom often do, it just doesn't seem to agree with my skin. The second one was an elegant Chypre, but needs further testing before I make my mind up about it.

Today (Sat 10th November) I'm testing Roseberry and it's just 'orrible. There's an awful headache-launching note that pierces my brains via my nostrils. Stuff that sends me running to the hills, running for my life..

On the whole I find Les Parfums de Rosine an utterly charming house. I love the idea of building all their scents around different kinds of roses, creating innovative interpretations of one of the most common and classic ingredients in perfumery, showing how huge variety can be found there.

Not to forget their beautiful packaging, which is simultaneously old-fashioned and timeless: the tassels (or ribbons) around the bottlenecks and paper in which the bottles are wrapped up in always match with the colour of the diamond-shaped (or heart-shaped in case of Rose d'Amour) label on the box with white and gold (or dark grey and silver) net pattern and the stylized drawings of roses.

Though I'm not a fanatic Green, it certainly doesn't hurt that Les Parfums de Rosine fragrances are also Greenpeace-approved: :brolly:



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