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To mix or not to mix? that is the question

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For many years i have been fascinated at how fragrances were created and how each person could craft their own signature scent that people will remember them by even long after they are gone from this world.

But is it right to tamper with iconic fragrances in search of something that suits you? ...I secretly cringe when i meet someone wearing the exact same fragrance as me and i usually shy away from buying into the latest fashionable scent.

Also you could take that fragrance and tweek it by adding your own complimentary notes to suit your personal tastes.

I want to smell unique and find a fragrance that suits me so the question is it right to mix two fragrances together in hopes of creating something truly personal to you?.

I don't know anyone that does this but in my personal opinion I think it could be the way forward. I know that Jo Malone has a range of scents that you can mix and layer to suit you and I think it's a great idea.

What do you all think?



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