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Seasonal fragrances

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This blog is mainly about the vast majority of fragrances out there that are launched just before every season.

I have always been interested in how master perfumers are inspired by these short changing moments in time and try to capture its essence .

My point is that so many people now seem to chop and change their perfume or fragrance according to summer or winter.

Call me odd but i personally like wearing summer fragrances in the winter, when it's cold and dull i like to think of it as a day brightener or pick me up like a taste of summer during the dark winter months...especially citrus and zesty notes during the Christmas period.(eg. "Happy for men by Clinique")

so i soon realized that i don't wear a fragrance according to what season it is but instead by what mood i am.

But on the other hand you can get a universal fragrance that is just as suitable in summer as it is in winter.

And i really wanted to know if anyone can name a fragrance that they personally like that ticks the box of being an all rounder. come rain or shine

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