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directory work around

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i've written a quick script this morning that will cache each fragrance page on first viewing, and then show the cache to each subsequent viewer.

This does mean no wardrobe / tags / new reviews yet but its a start.

One thing -- I havent had the chance to sort out the directory search yet, so to find them you'll need to look in Google for now - the easiest way to do this is this:

Go to the Search function in the main menu (not the vbulletin menu)

type the fragrance you want inthe google search box (the one on the right)

the search is limited to BN pages,so it should find what you are after


Updated 22nd January 2008 at 03:48 PM by Grant

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  1. SirSlarty's Avatar
    I was using Google's cache feature before when the site crashed a few times. Keep up the good work!
  2. Bromo33333's Avatar
    Seems to be getting more and more stable - keep it up!

    Any other news?


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