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The Journey So Far vol.6

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The next turning point in my hobby/passion/addiction came in 2005, which I later named The Year of Vetiver and Roses.

The name might sound poetic, but the times were anything but. Suffice to say that I was deeply unhappy due to various things (most of them connected to the place where I worked then) and consequently started to use scents in a different way than I had before.

Whereas fragrances had been something I wore for my own pleasure, at this point I started to use them as aromatherapeutic (with the emphasis on therapeutic) remedies and thus found two notes I hadn't much cared for before. You guessed it: vetiver and roses, both known for their soothing and calming qualities.

During this period I also got into Annick Goutal scents in a big way. I find them very comforting, they are somehow full of love, which doesn't come as a surprise when you know that she was inspired by people she loved most: her husband and her daughters.

So far I had been mostly drawn to Bigger Than Life Orientals, Tough and Uncompromising Chypres and/or Quirky Oddball Indie scents, but now I enjoyed most Gentle Florals and Tranquil Vetivers.

"Times they were a-Changin'..."

To be continued...


  1. Grant's Avatar
    I'm really enjoying your journey, Tigs - looking forward to the next one!
  2. tigrushka's Avatar
    Thanks, Grant!


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