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Went to NYC. It was rainy, so a bit miserable. We were gonna take the ferry, but its caused us some headaches in the past so we decided to drive right in. Usually my stepdad, who grew up in Staten Island, will go with us since he knows how to do everything. He doesn't really LIKE going, but he will to help us out. We decided to go without him this time, so it was just us. I was the driver.

The driving itself was intense, especially when we got close to Times Square. People honking left and right, cutting through and such, and then the amount of people crossing the street. It was madness. Then we had issues with even trying to find a place to park. We ended up finding what seemed to be a suitable spot. My mom asked a guy in the restaurant next to where we parked, and he said we should be fine. We all had to go to the bathroom and were growing increasingly impatient with trying to find a spot, so we decided to just leave it go and move on.

There wasn't much on the agenda, since it was mainly just my sister that really wanted to go. Instead of trying to find a bathroom, we decided to just go to Bubba Gump's to eat first. That way we can finally go to the bathroom, AND knock something off the list. It was unbelievably packed. Most were standing around waiting for a table, some were seeking refuge from the rain. We literally couldn't really budge. I occasionally have some issues with claustrophobia, but luckily I was able to keep myself calm. The wait was only an hour, which really isn't that bad, and the food was fannnndiddles. The drink I got was especially amazing. It was sierra mist, mango puree, and orange juice. So damn refreshing.

After we left there we split up. My sister wanted to go to American Eagle, which I'm not a huge fan of, and I wanted to go to Bergdorf Goodman. I, of course, couldn't afford anything in there, except for the fragrances. Which is naturally what I wanted to look at. I timed it JUST right so that when I started my trek, it began raining harder. No umbrella, no hood, just some hope that my peacoat was as water resistant as it was supposed to be.

I finally get there, only to once again be intimidated by the sales associates. I swear. They were all in suits and dresses and looked impeccable. I had a nice peacoat, by my standards, as well as worn jeans and some old rough sneakers. Needless to say, I felt out of place. I looked around trying to find recognizable brands, and finally found some. The only thing is that the place was relatively empty, and felt like I was being stared down. I couldn't do it. I couldn't ask for help. I didn't actually need any, considering the amount of knowledge I have (probably more than there's), but they had it set up so that THEY sprayed the card. A few tables weren't, but have you seen some of the bottles they come in? I actually had my eye on Creed's Sublime Vanille, but I was too worried that I'd like it. What was I going to do if I DID end up liking it? Buy it? Yeah I wish. Just imagine if I dropped it. Yeah, I'd have to pay for it, but I'd also live up to their expectations. I could only imagine them saying, "Yeah you WOULD drop one of our most expensive fragrances." They would assuredly not take me seriously and why should they? I didn't have any actual intentions of purchasing anything, just sampling. So I left.

We all met up at American Eagle, and headed back to the car. Wait, where's the car? OH! It got towed. I hate when that happens. Well we ended up tracking down a police car, only for him to ask us the same question repeatedly, and to give us the address for a precinct if we didn't find the car. We DID think about it getting stolen, but considering where it was and the fact that we weren't sure we could've parked there, we pretty certain it was towed. It was. Luckily things went relatively smooth. We got to the parking authority, soaked, ready to go home. It only ended up taking 20 minutes or so to get it back, as well as $300 total. Pretty expensive, but my mom had mentioned a few times where she's spent almost that much just for towing fees. This was the towing fee AND the fine. Things could always be worse, and we ended up with one hell of a story.
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