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Aromatic nights.....

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Yes, i will be suffering from distinctly odiferous evenings, until i wash my dressing gown - a by-product of decanting mishaps tonight. I find it interesting that when I choose to wear a perfume in the morning, running my finger gently along the pretty alluring bottles, gently humming a tune, and i select my companion for the day, I have a little lovey-dovey relationship with it, and we get to know each other, see how we "fit" and usually, i am wishing i could get more sillage and longevity, as i want to get to know it a little better, i want it constantly present, and noticeable, so i can smile gently to myself, and say "yep, you were a GRRReeaat choice today, baby!"

However, i decided to decant for myself, 4 precious milliliters of My Sin (vintage EDT, perfect!) and a further 4 mls, of Nina Ricci's first frag, Couer Joie. I consider these two very special and beautiful, and was decanting from the big bottles, so i could store them in the recently acquired fridge, bought to store such items. Then i can keep the decants handy on my vanity. I should never do anything without my glasses nowadays. I accidentally nudged the decant with My Sin in it, and it spilled, so it's all over the tablecloth and my hand, which i promptly wiped on my dressing gown.

So, at this moment, we are not in love, in fact, I am barely on speaking terms with it, other than a few choice swear words, and a scowl in the meantime, to silently voice my feelings at how skanky and cheap it smells. My relationship with My Sin has suffered from overexposure, and the aforementioned lack of sillage, has now been elevated to monstrous proportions. It apparently is not blending well with the melange of fragrances on different appendages, it is objecting to my cavalier attitude towards it, and fighting back. It must want to be my "One and Only"

The melange of frags i mention: i bought a couple of new ones yesterday, and me being me, have to wear two at once, in my impatience. The modest cleavage area is a sweet, warm amber valley at present, whereas earlier today, the notes, and this may sound weird, but i was getting the most delightful aroma of varnish, melting on an old wooden table, after you've applied paint stripper, and the chemical reaction begins, i found it highly delicious actually, and oddly, comforting, reminding me of my favourite stepdad, who was a carpenter.

The Fragrance i am describing is K.Hall Designs - Orange Amber, a very reasonably priced 45 dollar, triple delight of a cheap niche scent. Triple, because the opening notes of sharp, even bitter orange, like Seville oranges, not sweet at all, soon became freshly squeezed breakfast orange juice, was a very overt and refreshing olfactory experience, which very quickly morphed into the varnish-melting-on-a-table aroma, that i found so delightful. After a couple of hours, the lovely warm, sweet amber is apparent. I'm enjoying it very much, comforting, cosy, and like a hug.

The other fragrance is a mystery, because i bought a Tokyo Milk Sampler, it has 3 different fragrances, with 2 vials of each fragrance, so 6 generous samples in all. But the writing is small on the box, and practically invisible on the bottles, and i picked one at random, without having my glasses on, and sprayed hither and thither. I got some random florals, nothing big or impressive, and nor could i detect even a note, as the other fragrance was louder, bolder, and saying "Me! Me !Me!" so i gave it my full attention.

I've not blogged much lately, i have been busy completing my creative project, it was preying on my mind, and making me feel lazy, so i spent the last couple of nights completing a mosaic table top, and i am happy to say, it's finished bar the grouting. Then i can put stuff on it, and cover it up. Certainly, after i removed all the component parts off the floor, that were required to complete this project, i have gained a very large amount of floor space, and it looks very tidy.

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Thankfully, with that out of the way, I'll feel productive in other ways, maybe do some reviews and suchlike.
Have a great weekend friends



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