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Sample Heaven.....

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I have previously reported my failure at obtaining samples from Nordstrom. It was embarrassing how few i managed to procure from them, i almost could not bear to discuss it. However, I did state, that i was perceiving it as a mission, a gauntlet thrown down, and defiantly picked up by myself. A challenge, if you will, and i am nothing, if not tenacious, stubborn, and a general pain in the arse, when i really want something.

And things have gradually improved, due to my educating myself with the use of the forums, where members have explained their methods, and due in some small part, to the fact that i haunt the beauty department, and am in there 3 times a week, sometimes more, if I need something. I have forged relationships with the SA's, explaining which fragrances I have, and which notes i am seeking out.

Always, i refuse to let them spray me, claiming that it will never be "heard" amongst my "- -----------" (insert SOTD) which always, just happens to be something fairly loud, a sillage monster. Speaking of which, I nearly choked on Saturday night. I love Opium, but i overdosed on it, to such a degree, that i was a little alarmed, and felt somewhat nauseous. It was not just loud, it was stridently raucous, to the point of asphyxiation. But I digress, so today, i had on 4 sprays of TF Arabian Wood, quite a hefty dose, so some little floral thingy could surely not be perceived amongst such an olfactory assault, is the thought pattern.

So the very nice lady saw me wandering about, and i asked if they had Eau De Baux, which i was curious about, and no, of course they did not, so we had a great conversation, where i discovered I had chanced upon the sole fumehead SA in the beauty department. It was fabulous, and i could discourse at length upon my current favourite notes, and she would seek out a little something, spray those silly cards, give me a waft, then make me a sample.

I explained the fact of me being a shopaholic, who is not "allowed" a purchase until Friday, but that these samples would guide me to my eventual purchase. I asked for her name so I can go to her on Friday, and so i came away with 6 samples today. I was so thrilled, that i hugged her, even though she had a distinct Jo Malone bias.

Unfortunately, i was very aware of the funds in my purse, my leftover allowance eating away at me, begging to be spent. After i had completed my business downtown, i returned to Nordstrom, to seek out my new friend, as I had by now, justified a purchase and wanted her to get the commission, or credit, or whatever happens when they sell some juice. She had left though, and i had to deal with a distinctly apathetic young man, who rang up my 3.4 oz Chanel No. 5 EDP, very nonchalantly, and without throwing some gratitude samples in my bag. The youth of today are so lackadaisical.

Anyway, i spotted another SA, with whom I had recent dealings, and asked about what appeared to be a "gift with purchase" bag of goodies, displayed prominently on the counter. So, it turns out, if i return on Saturday, and purchase Balenciaga, Prada, or Marc Jacobs fragrance, i will qualify for a gift, and the Prada's have an extra little gift thing too, which i have not been made privy to, as of yet. So i asked for another sample, and will be testing Prada Candy, to see if it's worth buying.

I don't think it's the kind of thing i like, it seems very sweet and fruity, pleasant enough, but pleasant is not enough for me, i need to love them, i need them to have some dirtiness, some mystery, some wood, some depth, and preferably with a hefty chunk of patchouli somewhere about it's person. And vetiver. A drop or two of orris would be welcomed, and some lovely resins. Anyway, i came away with seven samples today.

And when i got home, my vintage, big, full bottle of Norell, that i won off Ebay had arrived - it was everything i like, a big smack in the face, lovely and loud, an immediate blast of that to my arm, and a small decant of Creed Aventus had arrived, which I also sprayed. My initial impression was "ooh nice", but it soon disappeared into the Norell miasma, and needs tested alone.

So, i have vastly improved my previous paltry sample yield in Nordstrom, and am now averaging 2-3 per visit. As its a very small branch, i will soon have samples of everything they have. The better to guide my purchases.

Thank you BN, for providing lots of knowledge, and intelligent people to help me make better fragrance choices.



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