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It's been a while.....

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Since i rambled. So here i am, rambling. I have been very busy, but unfortunately not finding much in the way of vintage recently. There's no flea markets, estate sales or suchlike up here. So no finds of note. But last night, i could have kicked myself, hard.

Husband and I had been looking, without much success, for a bottle of Apres Londee and not even vintage, just a modern bottle, it seems difficult to find. There were however, 2 full bottles on Ebay, so i asked the other half, "how much do you reckon I should bid?" As one was an auction, and the other, Buy It Now, at a much higher price. The auction seller had good feedback, so i took husbands advice and bid the amount he suggested, which seemed ridiculous to me, because it had 2 cents kind of added on to the end of a nice round amount. Frankly, i could not see the point of having an amount, and 2 random cents dangling there on the end of it. Like a useless appendage.

I carried on browsing, as you do, and saw, a vintage bottle of AG Heure Exquise, it was an almost full 4.0 oz bottle, and i NEEDED it. It was going at a good price, and had about 9 hours left, I placed a bid on it, very small though. Unfortunately, i had committed nearly everything in my Paypal account to the Apres Londee auction, and lacked the funds to bid as much for the vintage AG, as i felt i needed to secure that beautiful gem of a treasure

And husband then, without even telling me, found a bottle of Apres Londee from a seller on Amazon, and bought it. Which somehow made my bidding seem a little unnecessary. I was quite angry with him, but did not want to retract my bid, as i had no valid reason to do so.

Upon checking back with the Apres Londee, i saw that i was almost outbid, apart from the damn 2 cents. I was right up to my limit, minus the infuriating 2 cents. So, I sat, obsessively refreshing the page, almost till 4 am. I had to sleep, but was certain i would arise all bright and bushy tailed, and outbid, and could then increase my bid for the vintage AG.

i was most disappointed to have won it, you would expect me to be delighted, but no. My fickle heart had swiftly transferred its affection to the AG. I wish someone had bid an extra dollar, they would have outbid me. 2 bloody cents. So now 2 bottles of Apres Londee on the way. And no AG, but though i didn't win the AG, neither did anyone else, as it failed to meet it's reserve. I may yet get a chance with it, i just need my buyers to complete checkout, and a few more people to win stuff, and i'm gonna put a whopping big bid on it, when the seller relists it. Or maybe not, now i've shared it with you all, you may try and win it.

I hope to God i like Apres Londee, seeing as it's a blind buy.

So, i hope you find my husbands 2 cents useful, i was very surprised to have won by such a small amount. Maybe it might help anyone here, who bids on auctions. Choose your highest bid, and add a random stupid amount of cents on the end.

Good Luck.


  1. Red Theodora's Avatar
    Dear Wendy,
    I hope you like the Apres L'ondee, I find it magical! Of course, I'm a huge Guerlain fan to begin with.

    Tanya (aka Red Theodora)
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Hi Tanya!

    Ah, so it was probably reading your review or thread comments regarding Apres Londee, that has made me want this. You use the word magical, and thats it! I'm hooked! I'm joking, i have only read good things about it, both here and in A-Z Guide. Turin has it in his top ten feminines, and to complete that particular list, i only need to get Amouage Homage. But i want to sample first, as it is so darn expensive. I am VERY excited about trying the AL though.



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