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My fickle heart.....

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Ah! You frivolous flirtatious organ of mine. Tut tut! As i mentioned yesterday, Annick Goutal Heure Exquise parfum huiles precious, claimed my attention away from the Guerlain Apres Londee that I bid on, and won.

My plan was to be financially remunerated enough to bid on the AG when it was relisted. It has failed to be relisted - all the better to increase my available funds, you would think. I unfortunately had a little bit of a browse, not ten minutes ago, and Lo and Behold! An 11 item mixed lot of vintage minis, which contained, nestling in among them, shining like a beacon, and beckoning like an alluring temptress, a FULL Fracas miniature.

Now, i am always looking for this stuff, I need to try it, but they sell them at more than I am willing to pay on Ebay, so this just could not be resisted. And, proudly, i announce, i did not bid 12 dollars and 3 cents, a certain part of me that insists on neatness, kept it to the round amount, and i won. There were of course, other bottles of stuff, but nothing that excites me like the Fracas. Even if i were to just sample it, dislike it, and decide to sell it on, i would recoup my funds, because, other full minis of it, are selling for more than I paid for this lot of 11. There's always a chance of it ending up on the Freebie thread as well. I try to treat others as i would like to be treated myself.
As for the AG ? Pfft, that was yesterday! And if i do not get it, it's because i was not meant to have it. I'm not bitter. There's always tomorrow, another day, another frag i will obsess about. Such fun.



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