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The Journey So Far vol.7

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Though my journey will undoubtedly continue (does it ever really end?), this blog post will be the final part of these small series, at least for the time being.

As far as the unhappiness bit is concerned "the year of vetiver and roses" was, sadly, only the beginning. Things went finally so bad that I was forced to reconsider my life choices, and though leaving a safe, steady, governmental job wasn't an easy choice, I ended up resigning. No salary can ever be big enough to compensate for being constantly unwell and unhappy. So, I became a university student again and am much, much better now! I feel like I have got my life back.

As resigning meant also less money for purchasing perfume, these last years have been mostly about revisiting the treasures of my wardrobe and relishing what I have instead of pining for new things.

But be it because of "the year of vetiver and roses" and its aftermath or just growing older, my taste has definitely changed since. I can see it from my statistics, too. I used to love almost anything with an amber-vanilla-sandalwood drydown, but for the past couple of years scents of this type have been worn very little. Another thing I have noticed is that I wear much less "scents marketed for men" than I used to. This is because my former workplace was very male-dominated and hierarchical, and I felt very self-conscious if I wore something that might send a "wrong" kind of message. Pour homme stuff was a safer bet.

When I was still working, I often changed scent after coming home both to get my mind off work and to feel more "me" again. So, you can imagine how much I have enjoyed the freedom to wear whatever I fancy whenever I fancy!

That's all for now, I'm curious to see what the future will bring.


  1. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Wow, many congrats on the big decision and subsequent self-actualization! What you said about compensation is so very true. It's exciting, diving into the unknown. It's also great to be able to look back on our former selves, with no regrets and with satisfaction as to where we've come; and with surprise, too. I'm very happy for you!
  2. athenahelen's Avatar
    I hope things go well for you from now on. I am sure with your courage, you will be able to seek out what you want in life. All the best!
  3. tigrushka's Avatar
    Many thanks for your comments!


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