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Patchouli oil

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I have a small bottle of thirty five year old Patchouli oil that I bought in the seventies. I didn't open it for over twenty years. I wonder what to do with it as I ware chanel mademoiselle most of the time. I hear it can be mixed with other scents ? I thought maybe I wouldn't open it and save it and see what happens the older it gets.


  1. apothecarynow's Avatar
    Pachouli is one of those oils which gets better as it ages. never experienced 35 year old Patchouli. I would be interested to hear how it has matured.
  2. Patti's Avatar
    Earthier in the bottle and on the skin but it settles down after awhile
  3. chanelnumerocinq's Avatar
    Not like the Coco Mademoiselle patchouli. It will probably be earthier, greener- well...patchoulier! Enjoy! My patchouli is aged 18 years, and the more it ages the sexier it gets!


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