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The Oudimentary Society of Aloeswood Enthusiasts (OSAE)

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The Oudimentary Society for Aloeswood Enthusiasts (OSAE) is an international fellowship of men and women united by their love for the use of aloeswood on physical, psychological, and spiritual levels.

The society was founded in 2004 to provide a community for like-minded aloeswood aficianados where they could learn, teach, assist, and serve this rapidly-growing alliance of aloeswood burners.

OSAE is dedicated to the research and preservation of the ancient tradition of aloeswood use in a modern-day setting.

We hope this group will provide a platform where interested people can get and share information, ideas, stories about this blessed wood, which is known by many names, including agarwood, oud, oudh, aloes, gaharu, eagleswood, or as the “Bubble Love-Love.”

In these days of high-paced workweeks, drive-thus, and what seems like constant bombardment of technology, we find it important to carry on a respected, almost primal tradition in the midst of it all. Wood. Fire. Smoke. Scent.

From the gathering of friends, to the lighting of the coals, to the journeying to higher levels of understanding, to the remembrance of the Divine; all are a part of this sacred heritage in which we embrace wholeheartedly, and hope you will as well.

If like us, you feel the quest for the better burn is perpetual, we request for you to join OSAE.

Oud burners of the world unite! Burn it, be it.

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