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Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte

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Eau de Charlotte came into my life seven years ago. It didn't sound like my kind of scent at all: I'm not into Florals and mimosa and lily of the valley aren't among my favourite notes. But something about the composition (cocoa, perhaps?) intrigued me enough to give it a try.

To my great surprise I liked it a lot. It smelled like Spring (those scary-sounding mimosas and lilies of the valley) and had an irresistible mischievous quality. The cocoa note is dark and "roasted", not at all sugary, the blackcurrant note is more tart than sweet and the vanilla drydown is soft and rounded.

I got a small bottle of it first, but when I noticed I was wearing it more and more often, I got a big refill. Against all odds Eau de Charlotte turned out to be a soulmate scent, a scent I must always have in my wardrobe. I wear it both in Spring and whenever I'm longing for Spring.



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