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Petal Portraits – A Multi Sensory Event

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Euphorium Brooklyn founder, Stephen Dirkes says:

"I will be presenting our "PÉTALES" fragrance with a breakdown of the fragrance notes, accords and our collaborative process working with photographer Tal Shpantzer to interpret the images in the photo series. The night will also feature a live Butoh dance performance inspired by the work."

6-10pm, Thursday, March 3, 2016
RabbitHoleStudio Gallery
33 Washington St.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Tal Shpantzer’s petal portraits, each featuring a woman paired with a flower, are striking in their apparent simplicity and richness of detail. The portraits both engage with and challenge our traditional notions of flowers as symbols. “My principal interest,” Shpantzer says, “is exploring moments that are undefined on sensory, emotional, and psychological levels. I am fascinated by the dialogue that arises from and intersects with expressions of uncertainty and states of transience. What I see may appear to be the simplest of moments and yet reveal otherwise unknown complexities or evoke imagined histories and hidden truths.”

Euphorium Brooklyn presents a perfumer’s talk on “PÉTALES” Eau de Parfum, a fragrance inspired by the “Petal Series” of portraits by Tal Shpantzer. Informing both the fragrance notes and the conceptual background to the perfume. Stephen Dirkes will present the perfume and describe the process of the collaboration.

Venue Location

  • RabbitHoleStudio Gallery
  • 33 Washington St. Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn
  • NY 11201
  • United States