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how long does it take for a review to get approved

It varies depending on our workload. At the moment, the wait is about 1 - 2 weeks.

Basenotes Plus members are able to have their reviews posted immediately.

How can I write a review on the Basenotes directory?

Make sure you are logged in at the Community, and then use the Fragrance Directory to find the fragrance you wish to review. You can then click on 'add your review' and submit your review for all to read.

I am logged in, but when I try to review it tells me I'm not

If you have just registered at the Community, you may need to log in and log out again - this fixes 99% of these problems. If this doesn't resolve the issue, make sure you are accepting cookies. Finally, if still no joy, please email us at and we will look into it for you.

Can I edit my reviews?

Yes. Regular members can edit their review 3 times. Supporting members can edit their reviews ten times.

When I look at all my reviews, there are some on there I didn't write

Prior to mid-2004, you didn't need to be a Community member to write a review - you could just use any name. If someone had made a review with the same name as your username during this time, their reviews would be lumped in with yours. If you would like them removed, please contact us and we will try and remove them as soon as we can

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