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How do I get the Wardrobe Icon link to appear in my posts?

If you have a wardrobe and wish to share it with other members you can add a wardrobe icon to your posts.

To do this, go to your edit profile page:

And go right to the bottom and choose: Show wardrobe in posts [Yes]

If you are a supporting member you can choose from 100+ icons to represent your wardrobe. To do this you will need to go to your wardrobes settings page here:

Choose an icon.

When you have done this, go to the Edit profile page

And go right to the bottom and choose: Show wardrobe in posts [See Wardrobe]

Please note - choosing Yes will show the default icon. You must choose See Wardrobe to get the custom icon.

How do i view another member's wardrobe?

There are several ways to see another member's wardrobe

1. Go to the member's profile (you can find it using the member search and click on the 'About' tab. At the bottom of the section are links to the member's wardrobe and reviews. If the resulting page is blank, then either this member has no wardrobe or it is set to 'private'.

2. Find a post on the forums by the member and click on their wardrobe icon.

How do I remove something from a wish list

There are two way to delete a fragrance from your wish list.

Firstly, from your wardrobe view

  1. Select the fragrances you wish to remove
  2. Choose 'remove from wish list'
  3. Press 'go...'

Secondly from the fragrance page

  1. 1. click the red 'minus sign'

How do I edit the text in my wardrobe?

You can change the header text from this page here

How do I delete an item from my wardrobe?

  1. Select the fragrances that you wish to delete. (1)
  2. Then choose 'delete' from the drop down menu. (2)
  3. Then press 'Go...'

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