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Guidelines on Leaving Feedback

  • Please think carefully before leaving feedback. Feedback is permanent and viewable by anyone. Once you have entered your feedback, it cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  • Feedback may only be left if a transaction has taken place.
  • Please stick to the facts. If you are leaving Negative or Neutral feedback, do not let your emotions get in the way. Good: "product not as described and took ten weeks to arrive". Bad: "Member is an idiot, the product was not anything like what they said, and they couldn't be bothered to send it. Lazy idiot."
  • Leaving Negative or Neutral feedback is a last resort. Both parties are expected to attempt to resolve any issues beforehand. Sometimes people make mistakes, get confused or become busy, in short, life happens! Give the other person plenty of opportunity to work things out.
  • Do not paste any private correspondence (ie emails or IMs) in your feedback.
  • Ensure you do not reveal any personal information (first names etc) that aren't publicly known

Feedback Removal Policy

Feedback left for other members is permanent and cannot be changed once posted. We will only remove feedback under the following circumstences.
  • Both parties agree to the feedback being removed.
  • The feedback contains comments which are obscene, racist, sexist, vulgar, illegal, slanderous, defamatory or libelous.
  • The Feedback contains information about the Member which is not publicly available, ie real name, private address, telephone number.
  • The Feedback was accidentally left for the wrong Member.
  • The Feedback does not conform to the Feedback Guidelines.

How do I view my feedback or leave feedback for someone else

To check your feedback, go to the 'Your Profile' link on the top right and click on 'feedback'

To leave feedback for someone else you need to visit their feedback page. There are two ways of doing this:

The first is to find a post they have made in the marketplace and click on their feedback number, in the left column

The second is to go to their profile, and click on the feedback score tab (see image below). You can find members by searching the memberlist or main feedback page.

Now click on 'submit feedback for ...' and leave your feedback

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