Discontinued Fragrances : 2014 Edition

18th February, 2014

When a fragrance company launches a new fragrance, they create a big fanfare with press releases, launch parties, and bizarre social media campaigns. When a fragrance company discontinues a fragrance, there is rarely a peep. Having both recently read this thread on the forums about discontinued fragrances and recieving the latest copy of Michael Edward’s Fragrances of the World made me realise it’s been while since I’ve conciously updated the Fragrance Directory to correctly reflect discontinued fragrances.

So, here is a brief list of some of the fragrances that I’ve recently marked as discontinued, based on communicating with fragrance companies, confirmations from members, and double checking with Michael Edward’s book.

If you are in love with any of these, you may wish to stock up now!

Some of these have been discontinued a while, but I just haven’t had the chance to update things.

The links go to the fragrance directory entry, where in many cases is a list of eBay listings.

Annick Goutal


Bond No 9


Calvin Klein










Dolce & Gabanna

Donna Karan

Elizabeth Arden



  • Palazzo and all Pre–2010 Fendi’s.




Gwen Stefani

Jacques Fath

Jasper Conran

Jo Malone




L’Artisan Parfumeur

Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Michael Kors

Miller Harris

Mona di Orio

All pre “Les Nombres d’Or” fragrances are discontinued, though Jeroen tk has previously mentioned they may be coming back.

Nina Ricci

Paris Hilton

Patricia di Nicolai

Paul Smith


Ralph Lauren


Sarah Jessica Parker

Ted Baker

Tommy Hilfiger


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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.

Website: http://www.grantosborne.com

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    • Kaern | 18th February 2014 17:46

      Thanks, Grant

      Some eye openers here. I'm personally disappointed that Black Vetyver Cafe and Selection Verte are no more.

      I think Andy Warhol was a limited edition anyway

      Looks like Valentino and Lauren are having real 'shifting' problems

    • lpp | 18th February 2014 19:06

      Thanks, Grant!

    • kumquat | 18th February 2014 21:42

      Thank-you. I'm surprised at some of these. Geranium Bourbon is great! So is Jardin Clos. Must be IFRA again. Also, I believe Cartiér​-Panthére is d/c as well.

    • Wheatstraw2 | 19th February 2014 00:14

      Thanks, Grant. The following names have also been discontinued:

      Cartier Must Pour Homme

      Cartier L'Essence de Must Pour Homme

      Eau de Cartier Essence d'Orange.

      Cartier Pasha Fraicheur Menthe.

      A number of Gucci fragrances in the directory, fragrances that are well-known to have been discontinued, are still listed as "in production". They include:

      Gucci Envy for Men

      Gucci Pour Homme (2003)

      Gucci Rush for Men.

      @kumquat: Panthere is about to be re-launched. Momentarily. Yes, the old one is long gone.

    • pkiler | 19th February 2014 04:10

      I'll add in my own discontinuation:

      PK Perfumes - Lita

    • cleo cupcake | 19th February 2014 09:23

      Thanks Grant - really useful list. Not many that I will miss - Maharadjah - that's a pity. And Absolu was really lovely. Palazzo had a great bottle. But on the other hand fewer Paris Hilton fragrances in the world is imo, A Good Thing!

    • jacona | 19th February 2014 15:56

      I think all the Balenciaga fragrances deserve a mention, too.

    • funhuntr | 20th February 2014 11:34

      Not from the US so I don't access to your Ross' and your Marshalls', so whatever Paris Hilton for Men giftset or bottle I will find here will still be full price. Since they're officially discontinued, I better snap up a bottle ... or two. To sit alongside my several Lutens.

      PH is a much easier wear in the tropics than half of my hoity toity frag wardrobe.

    • sfmedusa | 20th February 2014 12:14

      That was just the trigger that I needed to stock up on PdN Patchouli Intense.

      Thank you Grant :)

    • kusum65 | 21st February 2014 02:04

      The biggest surprise is Amaranthine. Thought that would be a big seller.

    • dhoakohime | 22nd February 2014 11:15

      Agree with the biggest surprise being Amaranthine. I thought it was the main frag of the house...besides i think it is quite easy to find still...

    • tigrushka | 23rd February 2014 15:36

      What is going on at Annick Goutal? I have and love all the scents on the list (except Myrrhe Ardente).

      Good thing I got Amaranthine while I still could, but I wasn't so lucky with Black Vetyver Café.

    • Halo | 26th February 2014 01:06

      Great list Grant, but let me just mention that Eau de Fier is not discontinued. Annick Goutal keeps it exclusive to France (as Diptyque does with L'Autre and L'Eau Trois)



    • cologne connoisseur | 28th February 2014 01:47

      Thanks, Grant. Another valuable list would be of all the reformulated fragrances, but it would be impossible to compile since the houses never admit to doing so.

    • Zgb | 28th February 2014 08:29

      Thanks for the article. It surprised me a bit that Givenchy Very Irresistible for Men is discontinued. I'm not an avid fan, but I really do like the fragrance. Fahrenheit Absolute is a good one, but never rattled the cages, at least not on Basenotes.

    • Rod | 2nd March 2014 13:19

      Armani Attitude!! Nooooo!

    • mostafaamrzaki | 5th March 2014 05:26

      By The Way

      i heard that Dior (Higher) is Also going to be discontued

      as i don't see it in stores as much as i used to

      even in the Abo Dhabi Air port , they told me they sell only (higher Energy)

      & when i E-mailed the Dior Web Site about if it was discontinued, they replied that they still produce (Higher Energy) !!

    • meganinstmaxime | 5th March 2014 09:24

      Re Annick Goutal - you can pick up Eau de Camille at the store Merci (owned by Annick Goutal's sister) in Paris in a plain bottle. They had a couple of others there too when I was there last September - pretty sure they had Folavril as well. Much cheaper prices than retail as well.

    • jujy54 | 20th March 2014 23:47

      Black Vetyver Cafe is the only Jo Malone that has remotely tempted me. Guess I'd better hop over to Saks. . .

    • Andria | 10th May 2014 13:48

      Also, Cartier's So Pretty Eau Fruitee. Think I got the last bottle :-)

    • Annasuya | 20th July 2014 04:45

      Thanks for the article! I was wondering where Nina Ricci's Deci Dela went!