The Top Ten: Discontinued Men's Fragrances
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03rd June, 2014

Today sees the start of a new series on Basenotes – The Top Ten. Each time we'll take a look at a category of fragrances, and countdown the top ten as decided by the ratings of Basenotes members. Our first Top Ten is discontinued fragrances for men.

(Note: eBay prices are a guide based on prices from mid-2014)

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.


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    • Jack Hunter | 3rd June 2014 15:56

      Great article Grant and it's good to see Balenciaga Pour Homme in the top ten. I bet this is going to inspire a lot of people to hunt these down to try out.

    • Grant (article author) | 3rd June 2014 16:11

      And probably more "Is this bottle of X fake" threads on the forums :)

    • furrypine | 3rd June 2014 17:32

      That was fun! I will make Gucci pour Homme my Scent of the Evening in honor of this article. :lolk:

    • Kaern | 3rd June 2014 17:47

      Cuiron should be top

      Cristobal PH by Balenciaga is one I miss a lot too

    • badarun | 3rd June 2014 18:03

      While the article is very good, it still does not feature many cult fragrances searched by so many on BN - examples are Patou PH, original Gucci PH, Dior Jules. I've been searching for By Man, Cuiron, Parfum d'Homme - this article acts as a catalyst to intensify my search...

    • remik | 3rd June 2014 18:36

      Some great ones on that list - thanks Grant for the trip down the memory lane. ;-)

      One that I'm surprised didn't make the top 10.... Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentree. Absolute masterpiece. It's one of the very few out there that I will miss the most when my 100ml bottle runs out.

    • Marais | 3rd June 2014 18:45

      I would have added Basara/Basala but no doubt we all have favourites we could quote so I'm not complaining. Suggestion for further article: [controversial]top ten greats degraded in reformulation[/]

    • Grant (article author) | 3rd June 2014 20:57

      Re: Basala – this did seem odd. So I checked in the directory and found I'd never marked it as being discontinued. So I re-run the rankings and it should be at number #8. (I'm not rewriting the article though! I thought it would be really quick to produce, but the amount of research was ridiculous!)

      Jules – until very recently this showed up on the Dior website, in fact according to this Google cache, it was still on there 4 days ago. So it may be gone now too. :(

      Egoiste Concentree doesn't make the list as it has too few votes. I decided to have a minimum of 100 votes before a fragrance could be included. If I lowered that amount to 25, so that less popular fragrances would be included, the list is pretty different:

      10- Signoricci - Nina Ricci

      9 - Havana Reserva - Aramis

      8 - By Man D&G

      7 - Balenciaga pour Homme

      6 - Ungaro II

      5 - Cuiron

      4 - Ungaro I

      3 - Gucci pH 2003

      2 - Egoiste Cologne Concentrée

      1 - Patou pour Homme Privé

      (it's interesting that four of that list are technically 'flankers')

    • Grant (article author) | 3rd June 2014 20:59

      That would be a slightly more difficult list to compile but Patou pour Homme, would probably be quite high up...

    • JimmyP | 3rd June 2014 23:27

      Nice list with a few surprises here and there )

      I am somewhat puzzled that Gucci Envy didnt make the cut...

    • AZsmells | 4th June 2014 01:56

      Great list. I am lucky enough to have owned all of these at some point. I know everyone will feel like you left some off the list. The biggest omission being Creed Vintage Tabarome. My personal favorite not on the list is Rochas Macassar.

    • Gink11 | 4th June 2014 03:02

      A year ago,in a duty free that i visti have a lots of bottles of Gucci pour Homme but now they disappear :(

    • kbe | 4th June 2014 13:48

      Great list indeed Grant. I would personally include these two gems but I would have a hard time deciding which in your list to give the boot to make room:

      Carlo Corinto Vetyver

      Tuscany per Uomo Forte

    • Scentologist | 4th June 2014 22:45

      A very good article Grant; nice write up and flow! I would have loved to see Gucci Rush on there. That would have made 3 Gucci fragrances to hit the list. Listen up Gucci!!!

    • chrisaxp | 4th June 2014 23:28

      What a fantastic article! I wear Modern Reserve a lot and have an extra bottle sealed up tight for when this one runs out. Thanks for this!

    • breakparallel | 5th June 2014 02:19

      Good read! I believe it was only discontinued last year but the only discontinued fragrance I own is Romance Silver by Ralph Lauren and I'm sure gonna miss it once it's gone

    • bFlay | 5th June 2014 05:46

      Mackie for Men! ...miss it. ..

    • mushroom8118 | 5th June 2014 06:07

      Ohh no!! my husband would be so heartbroken. He loves modern reserve so much..mmmmmm....I guess that he would have to go back to the 'father' now

    • Francolino | 5th June 2014 09:32

      great article and nice to be quoted! Cuiron is one of those juices I miss the most along Davidoff by Davidoff 1984 and Jules by Dior (original formula)!

    • Persolaise | 5th June 2014 13:22

      Thanks for a fun read... and also for the link :-)

      Just for the record: I don't think that Jules is technically discontinued. It's readily available in France and I'm pretty sure it's still listed on the French version of the Dior site.

      And as for Bentley For Men Absolute... it is an absolute MUST-TRY for fans of Gucci Pour Homme.

    • adam090273 | 5th June 2014 14:08

      Excellent article. These are the type of things I like to read most on Basenotes. It's interesting and informative. I spent some time today searching for a bottle of modern reserve, not necessarily because I like it but to have it in my collection. Thanks Grant.

    • robhealy | 5th June 2014 18:22

      Fantastic rundown. My personal addition would be Halston 101!

    • sluh80 | 6th June 2014 13:13

      Great article! The one I miss most is the original Perry Ellis from 1985.

    • 632627 | 7th June 2014 03:03

      what about unleaded and/or leaded by dkny??

    • G.M.K. | 7th June 2014 11:20

      Love Gucci Pour Homme and glad to see it on top...but imho Rochas Lui would have also been included in the list......any way I do also think that Potion Dsquared is the closet alternative to GPH besides CDG2M

    • Andrè Moreau | 9th June 2014 11:37

      Don't know if officially discontinued, but I can confirm JULES is still on sale, at Dior's boutiques in France. (please note it's -unfortunately- a reformulated version).

      Price: 75 euros ( about 100 US dollars) for 100ml Eau de Toilette.

    • florestano | 9th June 2014 13:01

      Congratulations! excellent post. Among those present. balenciaga pour homme. I think it is among the top three, a very close cousin of Kouros vintage! A true masterpiece, those who love the great powers, he can not leave it out. Another great is Escada pour homme. In recent times has done more Casual friday market, but escada pour homme first version has a smell and a fantastic power, and has a few similarities. D & G by men. Very durable, but some current alternative is! H.L CUIRON YES! Great leather ... but Derby? M7 exceptional! but I prefer the brown bottle (the first). Gucci Nobile, very very nice, but a bit more strength? Let me mention a recent little-known wonderful scent, Kiton Napoli, a large summer that winks to Heaven Chopard, but I think it is superior. Congratulations again

    • BergamottoeBenzoino | 9th June 2014 17:50

      Oh Grant what a great article you wrote! By (D&G) was a true gem I wish I'd purchased long ago... while Gucci pour homme is one of my all-time favorites, works magic also on feminine's skin!

    • cytherian | 10th June 2014 15:18

      Great article, Grant. I was also a bit surprised that Basala didn't make the list, but good to see it was because it had been accidentally not revised as discontinued. I also expected that Gucci Envy would be popular enough to make the list, more so than Montana Parfum d'Homme.

      As a suggestion, I'd eventually like to see "The Top Ten Ruined by Reformulation Fragrances". These are fragrances that are still sold or recently discontinued, but the previous or earliest formulations are much more highly prized than the reformulation. There should be a good set of candidates out there as talks of "reformulation ruin" is pretty common.

    • blackheart2925 | 10th June 2014 19:48

      Surprised to see Gucci PH as no. 1.

      Here in India see a lot of half sized bottles on sale at good discounts (NIB product) at the two big department stores...maybe I should hunt down and pick up a couple of bottles for future :-)

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    • mrcologneguy | 13th June 2014 12:46

      A fun read, featuring a suspenseful and compelling countdown. I guessed several, but there are a few surprises on the list, too. Thought for sure that Creed Vintage Tabarome would be #1 on the list, but Gucci Pour Homme I makes a lot of sense when you take into account its popularity on BN. Bravo, Grant!

    • funhuntr | 30th June 2014 17:17

      Great validation of my fragrance hunts! I already have 3 of these in my active rotation (By Man, Montana Red Box & Ungaro II) and I know where to score Balenciaga Pour Homme, Gucci Pour Homme (at around $77, which is already a high price for me to pay for a frag) and 2 of the runners up (Cacharel Nemo & Rochas Moustache). Looks like I'll be dropping some coin again tom! I just hope the frag store where I buy from doesn't read basenotes lest they jack up tjeir prices for these gems!

    • MysteryBuff40 | 4th July 2014 08:48

      I'm surprised Gucci Rush didn't make the list. Not only does it fetch some high prices for a discontinued designer fragrance but it's far better than anything in Gucci's current men's line. Another masterful scent courtesy of Tom Ford.

    • drsillage | 7th July 2014 20:11

      From the above list, I have:

      Modern Reserve: 11 x 4 oz edt bottles and 11 x 4 oz aftershave splash

      M7 Fresh: 4 x 3.3 oz edt bottles

      Fahrenheit Absolute 3 x 3.3 oz edt bottles

      Would love to get my hands on the rest of the list.

    • remik | 7th July 2014 20:26

      :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath: :bath:

    • drsillage | 7th July 2014 21:11

      Great list but am surprised that Amber Absolute is not there. People may say it is unisex but that scent is straight up for men only. So glad that I have 500 ml of that juice :)

    • DJChazzy | 14th July 2014 15:12

      This was great and fun to read...I could think of a few off the top of my head that didn't make the list either but understand how you did your ranking. Thanks for the info.

    • SJRnz | 5th August 2014 07:57

      Another vote for Gucci Envy

    • Profumo Saggio | 6th January 2015 10:54

      Gucci Nobile was one of those Holy Grail finds back in the late 80s. I managed to find a few reasonably priced bottles a few years ago on ebay. Even found one of the original bottles with the funky spray top brand new. I personally would have given a vote for Giorgio Beverly Hills V.I.P. Special Reserve, my all-time favorite powerhouse from the late 80s. It's another for which I spent a good amount to acquire more than a few reserve bottles.

    • che1928 | 16th December 2017 13:27

      1) M7

      2) gucci PH

      3)Captain Molyneux

      4)Ho hang

      5)Patou ph




      9)Moschino PH

      10)Habit rouge cologne


    • hednic | 16th December 2017 15:30

      Must have missed this article before. Very interesting. Good to see many on that list that I have.