The Top Ten: Discontinued Women's Fragrances
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24th June, 2014

Following on from our earlier Top 10 discontinued fragrances for men article, we're following up with the same article for women's fragrances. So, here is the list of the greatest discontinued fragrances for women as decided by Basenotes members.

It has been interesting researching the reasons that fragrances has been discontinued, they seem to fit into a few main categories.

Poor sales. This is the most common reason – if a fragrance is no longer commercially viable, it is very difficult to justify continuation of production, no matter how good the hardcore perfume fans think it is.

To expensive or difficult to source materials – again, linked to commercial viability. If ingredients used in the fragrance are no longer available or difficult to get hold of, it makes it less viable to produce in large numbers. Regulations and restrictions on ingredients may also require the fragrance being reformulated which can be as expensive as creating a brand new product, if the fragrance would be a shadow of its former self, some houses choose to 'put it to sleep'.

A fresh start. When a house comes under new management, often older fragrances would be discarded (see Coty with Balenciaga; LVMH with Fendi). Again, this is linked to poor sales, if the back catalogue is performing well, it is rare that the fragrance will get dropped.

To qualify for this list, the fragrances needed to have at least 100 ratings by Basenotes members in the Fragrance Directory. We've also included 'shared' fragrances in with this list as well.

Hit next, to find out which fragrances are in the Top Ten Greatest Discontinued Women's Fragrances...

About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.


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    • jujy54 | 24th June 2014 19:27

      Thanks for a fun and informative article, Grant.

    • Gink11 | 24th June 2014 22:48

      Covet by SJP and Chloe Original its easy to find in perfumania when i live...

    • BetsyMeszaros | 25th June 2014 04:58

      Grant, thank you for this very interesting and well written article. A lot of work and much research went into this I know. Kudos for a job well done.

    • Ken Cosgrove | 25th June 2014 11:42

      Great list. I'd also add Gucci Envy (don't Gucci have a terrible habit for discontinuing great fragrances?) and Shiseido Nombre Noir.

    • Grant (article author) | 25th June 2014 13:39

      Gucci Envy was still for sale on the Gucci website when I started writing this – it's now no longer on there.

      I think Nombre Noir would probably be No.1 if it had more ratings – I set the limit at 100 ratings and Nombre Noir had about 40

    • sluh80 | 25th June 2014 20:43

      Great article! I am a male who had bought Theorema for Christmas presents for various women. Totally agree with Fendi Theorema as first on the list.

    • Ken Cosgrove | 25th June 2014 23:20

      Ahh, that's fair enough then. I think they're taking Rush off the market too, I've seen it on sale at a number of stores in the last few days.

    • BergamottoeBenzoino | 26th June 2014 15:47

      What an enjoyable article, Grant! And how many lost gems!!! If I could, I'd just add "By" woman by Dolce&Gabbana (a fruity marvel), I can imagine maybe it didn't scored 100...

    • Vernona | 26th June 2014 17:01

      I would add Aquawoman by Rochas - it was such a great summer scent, it was an aquatic but not your typical one, so well done and beautiful, really don't understand why they do such things with great frags.

      And Mira Bai by Chopard, it can still be found in some online stores, I really loved this one.

    • mrcologneguy | 28th June 2014 00:42

      Another fun, suspenseful read. Kept waiting for Diorella to show up - but I guess it's still in production, though by some accounts not the same as the original. Very happy to see Angelique Encens on the list. It's a stunning beauty. Please please Creed, bring it back.

    • david | 28th June 2014 23:53

      I am not surprised by many on this list, but I am really surprised that the classic womens Armani, (black flacon - Pan-Am building shape) was not on the list...and somewhere toward the top, rather than the botom. It goes for huge prices on the net and women seem to crave it. Likewise, Joop!'s Nuit d'Ete.

    • cosmopolit | 29th June 2014 22:35

      Maximum respect for Theorema, I find it unisex btw.

    • spcmiller | 14th July 2014 03:46

      The article was A+, but the real question is: who's that girl? She's a cutie!

    • castorpollux | 4th August 2014 07:07

      Ahhhh Theorema, the name alone evokes intelligence and balance and that's before we open the bottle and marvel at the scent on all levels... I love that it's getting continued respect from all of Us, and it could be thought as a perfect scent if there were such a list, and it would still place top5.

      A take that came to me is that it is a part of something more...the complement (s) ? a place, your skin(the wearer), a smile...

      About the list it would be interesting to make a list of very old discontinued scents but i guess they are never that popular because of it limited availability

    • heleneharris | 13th September 2014 15:20

      I totally agree with Le Dix, but for me the saddest loss was Balenciaga's Quadrille. I have a tiny bottle hidden that i just take out and sniff once in a while. it will never be replaced. So sadddd..... and yes, thank god for florabotanica!

    • Bal a Versailles | 12th November 2017 03:57

      I did love Sensi and I still have Myrrhe Ardente. Theorama, even the uttering of the name, is a dirge, a lament, a refrain. Le Dix was a great loss. Covet almost made it huh?

      That's interesting. My husband misses Acteur by Azzaro, his most complimented perfume, although the ladies at the post shop always ask him to wear Terre DHermes.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen | 14th November 2017 23:58

      That was an enjoyable read, thanks Grant. Reminded me of an entire Sunday afternoon trying to source a bottle of Le Dix for an old family friend...never did find the bastard!

    • Suspended | 15th November 2017 00:16

      Love those Fendis! Thank you for just making them that bit more expensive.

      Just got rid of a 100ml McQueen (from the launch.) It was so unlike anything else. Cumin really was dominant (in a sweaty way.)

    • | 15th November 2017 03:02

      From reading this it seems quite clear that LVMH is Satan.