After Shave Splash Endurance Tests

21st August, 2001

My aftershave splash endurance trial was conducted in the same manner as my aftershave balm trial. The method was to put the splash on my wrist, and smell it every so often. The splashes were trickier to categorise, as many put out a burst of fragrance before dropping to a lower level. The lower level could last for either short or long lengths of time. The balms had been more linear in their drop off.

The aftershave splashes' scents generally last one to one and a half hours more than their aftershave balm counterparts.


Super strong after shave

Joop! Homme

Strong @ 3hrs, Strong@ 8 hrs. Still there @16hrs,(despite having gone through a swimming pool. spa and sauna).



Strong after shave

Fendi Life Essence

Strong @3hrs, Strongish@5hrs, Weakish@8hrs



Strong @3hrs, Strongish@5hrs, Moderate@6hrs


Burberry for Men

Strong @3hrs, Weakish@9hrs


Dior Fahrenheit

Strong @3hrs, Weakish@9hrs


Davidoff Goodlife

Strong@3hrs Strongish@5hrs Weakish@9hrs.


Xeryus Rouge

Strong @ 3hrs, Weakish@ 5hrs, Weak@9hrs



Average strength after shave

Dior Dune for Men

Strong @3hrs, Weak@5hrs, Weak@6hrs


YSL Opium for Men

Strong @2hrs, Strongish@3.5hrs, Weaker@4.5hrs



A bit below average strength after shave

Boss Elements

Strong @2hrs, Weak@3hrs, Very Weak@9hrs



Strong @2hrs, Weak@3.5hrs, Weaker@5hrs


Paco Rabanne pour Homme

Strong @2hrs, Slightly Weaker @3hrs, Gone@5hr


Chopard Heaven

Strong@2hrs Weak @3hrs Very weak@5hrs


Eau de Rochas

Strongish@2hrs, Weak@3hrs, Very Weak@5hrs



Weak strength After shave

Lagerfeld Jako

Weak@2hrs, Still there at 14hrs


Herrera 212 for Men

Weakish@2hrs, Weak@3hrs, Very Weak@5hrs


Tiffany for Men

Weakish @2hrs, Weak@3.5hrs, Very Weak@5hrs


Carven Vetiver

Very Weak@2hrs, Very Weak@4hrs


Drakkar Noir

Weak@1.5hrs, Almost Gone @ 3hrs


Safari for Men

Weak@ 2hrs, Gone@3hrs



"Is this fragrance free?..." after shave

XS Pour Homme

Weak @1hr, Almost Gone @2hrs


Eau Sauvage

Very weak @1hr


For comparison purposes,Vetiver Guerlain Cologne (not the EDT) - Weak @2hrs, Very Very Weak @ 9hrs


  1. There are several schools of thought regarding fragrance on men's faces. Some men only wear aftershave. Others prefer wearing Eau De Toilette (EDT) on their bodies, and only applying a light aftershave on their faces (or none at all). The difference in strengths outlined above should be seen in that light, rather than as any inherent criticism of their relative strengths.
  2. The only decent aftershave splash I've ever used is Mennen Skin Bracer. It may be a splash, but it is nearly as good as a balm. It's a shame that aftershave makers haven't followed Mennen's lead in this, preferring to stick to the tried and tested non-soothing, stinging formulas.
  3. The stronger aftershave splashes listed above, are at cologne strength. So they can be used as colognes if one wishes - they tend to last an hour longer than listed when applied under clothing.
  4. If you react badly to A/S splash, but you want the stronger fragrance of the A/S splash on your face, or you want to use one that you got as a present, all is not lost. Just apply a fragrance neutral balm like Nivea for Men - Extra Sensitive, wait 10 or 15 minutes, then apply the splash.
  5. Some aftershave lotions are sold as more expensive sprays rather than splashes. For example, the 50ml Drakkar Noir spray bottle costs as much as the 100ml splash one. The advantages of sprays are, a. that the fragrance doesn't deteriorate with the opening and closing of the bottle and, b. that you don't waste lots of it from its running through your fingers and getting stuck on hands. You can achieve the same result by either buying an atomiser for your splash or, looking around the house for a pump spray bottle to do the same. I've found that those little pump bottles filled with eyeglass cleaning fluid are ideal - since the spray is a bit more directed.
  6. If your A/S splash is too weak for you, and you have the EDT (a common occurrence with gift sets) you can always spray some EDT into the splash bottle to bump it's strength up a bit.

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