The discontinued perfume list 2015 : Have your favourite scents survived the cull?

28th May, 2015

We’ve updated the fragrance directory to show fragrances that are now discontinued. Have your favourites survived the cull?

Note: Some of these have been discontinued some time, but we’ve only just got round to updating them.

You can see our list from last year, here.


Agent Provocateur

Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Angel Schlesser

Armand Basi


Badgley Mischka



BLV Notte

My Indian Childhood

Habit Rouge Sport


Jennifer Lopez

Jo Malone

Kate Moss

All discontinued


Kylie Minogue

All fragrances discontinued


Lulu Castagnette

Mandarina Duck

Marc Jacobs



Otto Kern

Paco Rabanne



Pussy Deluxe

Queen Latifah

Sense of Space Creations

Arabian Wood

About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.



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      • furrypine | 28th May 2015 16:15

        You need to publish the list more often so it doesn't feel like such an avalanche coming at you :)

        So Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss are completely out of the fragrance business, and half of Jennifer Lopez' portfolio is scrapped, that's..illuminating.

      • Grant (article author) | 28th May 2015 18:28


        It looks like the license for Minogue and Moss expired and Coty decided not to renew. Lopez is not as bad as it looks -- most of those were limited editions that I never got round to marking as discontinuing.

      • Oviatt | 28th May 2015 21:44

        Thanks, Grant. Much gnashing of teeth accompanied my reading of this. Habit Rouge Sport? I will miss you. Bellodgia, my mother's favorite (along with Shalimar), now costs a fortune as I found out on Mother's Day. Sorry that Must de Cartier--homme and femme--did not find a long term following, and I always thought that So Pretty was just that! For Penhaligon's to do away with Limes is a real departure from their legacy--let's just hope that Trumper's and Floris do not do the same. Arabian Wood was nice but very feminine--a little like Diva in drag. Oh, well......

      • hednic | 28th May 2015 21:49

        That's a nice handy reference. Thanks.

      • jujy54 | 29th May 2015 05:27

        Just got me some Silences PdT. Amazing how many of my favorites were launched in 1978. This is one of them.

      • edshepp | 29th May 2015 13:18

        I'm surprised Bellodgia was discontinued.

      • Grant (article author) | 29th May 2015 13:36


        Me too. The source for that was Michael Edwards' book which is normally pretty reliable - HOWEVER- it is still listed on Caron's website -- so either:

        There is a mistake in Edwards' book (this does happen);

        Caron's website is out of date (this also does happen);

        or Edwards has been advised by Caron that it is to be discontinued, but this hasn't yet been formally announced by the brand

      • Kaern | 29th May 2015 14:38

        Benetton -- Good Riddance

        51.3N by Dunhill was their last half decent fragrance -- nut sure they know what they are doing - fragrance wise

      • Carolyn M | 29th May 2015 18:09

        Such an interesting article, thank you! Elysium brought back memories of acquiring a sample many years ago when visiting friends near Houston - I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately it never made it to this side of the pond, as far as I could make out, despite asking in my local House of Fraser Store concession where no-one had even heard of it!

      • fraddicted | 29th May 2015 22:36

        Still wondering if Ferre's Bergamotto Marino is still in production. Did not see it on list for Ferre's discontinuations.

      • Ladonah | 29th May 2015 22:53

        I may be late to the game...but I just started wearing perfume again, so I'm just about a year into it. Ava Luxe isn't making MADAME X anymore, which has truly broken my heart...I have but a wee sample left. And Odori seems to have discontinued Tabacco. The best Tobacco fragrance I have tried. I hate the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla.

      • scentsitivity | 30th May 2015 19:54

        Great list! Helpful reference to be sure. Thanks so much for it.

      • surge | 31st May 2015 02:13

        Thanks so much for publishing this -- Candie's Men is going d/c -- no way, that was one of my first back in the day :(

      • edshepp | 1st June 2015 11:39

        [QUOTE=Ladonah;3526188... And Odori seems to have discontinued Tabacco. The best Tobacco fragrance I have tried. I hate the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla.[/QUOTE]

        I too loved Tabacco but never ended up owning any. :(

      • david | 8th June 2015 16:29

        GREAT,GREAT GREAT !!! Thank you Grant., (I don't mean great that they have been discontinued - I mean great that we now have a reference list).

        I still think quite a few have to be added to the list, eg Raquets Formula from Pengaligon's which has definitely been discontinued.

        Once again a huge thank you !!!

      • Grant (article author) | 8th June 2015 16:42


        This is just a list of the discontinued fragrances that I've marked in the directory in the last year. Racquets formula has been marked as discontinued for some time, so wasn't included in this list. If you want to see all the dead scents, you can do a search for 'Discontinued' under availability in the directory or follow this link here http://

      • Linkie | 10th June 2015 16:41

        I was saddened to learn about the heartless culling of one of my standby fragrances, Esencia de Duende by del Pozo. This is one of those fresh, clean, wearable scents that never fails to prompt a "what are you wearing?" My daughter started wearing it, as did some of her friends. I think the cull in this house should have started with the Halloween line. This move strikes me as a major mistake.


      • Renato | 11th June 2015 04:57

        Thanks Grant,

        I have quite a few discontinued on your list, but I'm saddest to see the final demise of Boss Elements (though I couldn't care less about Elements Aqua) and Benetton Sport Man. The number of positive comments I've had from wearing these two were quite significant.

        Also a bit sad about Benetton Cold, I still think it better than CK One.

        Anyhow, I have back-ups.



      • Mountainbikesandwatches | 11th June 2015 05:23

        I thought Candies men was discontinued a long time ago? Maybe they were still making the travel size? Eh, doesn't really matter anyway

      • Captain | 11th June 2015 06:19

        so, this means Shalimar Initial might not be discontinued? Or, just no official word on it?

      • Grant (article author) | 11th June 2015 18:56

        It's still on the Guerlain website, but who know...

      • Annalyna | 12th June 2015 14:47

        Dear Grant,

        This is a great source of information. There's quite a few listed that I truly miss.

        The following fragrances have also been discontinued:

        Otto Kern: Ypno & Ypno New Day

        Van Cleef & Arpels: Gem, Birmane, Murmure & First Love

      • Grant (article author) | 12th June 2015 14:53

        The Otto Kern ones we already have marked as discontinued in the directory for some time, so that's why they're not on the list.

        I didn't know about the Van Cleef ones, thank yoU!

      • Kaern | 12th June 2015 15:06

        I was informed on Monday that Heeley has discontinued about 5 or 6 of his fragrances

      • Enyone | 14th June 2015 14:36

        the list is awful long . Thanks Grant for letting us now.

      • DeGuermantes | 15th June 2015 12:39


        Is it true that Estee Lauder has discontinued the Aramis Perfume Calligraphy line?! I've heard a rumour about this but couldn't find any info.

      • cytherian | 16th June 2015 18:51

        Great info, Grant - thanks!

        The 2014 covered good ground, but noticed one missing for Davidoff: ZINO. That was discontinued late last year (no longer on Davidoff website).

      • FumeHood | 19th June 2015 19:13

        Ciel Man is no longer on the Amouage site. I'm not a huge fan of the scent... but the new layout of alternating Tall/short (man/woman) bottles made the lack of Ciel stand out. Did this happen a while ago?

      • Unregistered1 | 5th August 2015 10:53

        tom ford

        jonquille de nuit

        ombre de hiacynth

        lys fume

        are discontinued too but it was written as in produce... why?

      • Mrcharlesless | 13th January 2016 13:52

        I messaged them myself. Aramis is no more

      • cazaubon | 28th January 2016 00:47

        I loved Iris Ganache and Allessandro dell'Aqua.

      • EF44 | 6th February 2016 04:01

        great resource. ive seen a few of those scents still for sale, like TF Arabian Wood, so must be old stock.