All of Procter & Gamble's fragrance acquisitions and divestures 1990 - 2015

11th July, 2015

Last week saw the acquisition of 65 beauty brands from Procter & Gamble by Coty. The last 25 years have seen many brands come and go: here is a list of (I think) all of them, where they came from and where they went.

Many of the acquisitions and divestures we've covered over the last 15 years we've been online, and have included links to relevant stories.

Update: A P&G employee has filled in some extra details in the comments, and I've updated the article to reflect this. 



Alberta Ferretti

  • Acquired 1999 (from Proteo, after Proteo’s bankruptcy)
  • Divested 2008 (to Arden)
  • Fragrances Produced under P&G None

Alexander McQueen

Anna Sui

Atkinsons and I Coloniali

Avril Lavigne



Bruno Banani


  • Acquired 2003 (as part of the Wella acquisition)
  • Divested I’ve absolutely no idea what happened to Chiemsee! The last fragrance produced were Wildcard and Revolution in 2009, though this may or may not have been with P&G. If anyone knows, let me know in the comments. (Update from comments: the Chiemsee license expired and Mibelle AG (migros) later got the license and produced in Italy)

Christina Aguilera

Cindy Crawford

  • Acquired 2003 (as part of the Wella acquisition)
  • Expired Divested 2006? (No fragrances have been produced since Waterfalls in 2005, no sign of since) (Update: the license was expired)

Cover Girl

  • Acquired 1989 (from Noxell)
  • Divested 2015 (As part of the sale to Coty, though fragrance brands such as Navy and Incognito were sold onto Dana in 1996)

Dolce & Gabbana


Ellen Tracy



Gabriela Sabatini

Gerry Weber

  • Acquired 2003 (as part of the Wella acquisition)
  • Divested Unknown Expired
  • Fragrances Produced under P&G Gerry Weber Woman was launched in 2004, but was probably developed while under Wella  (update from comments The fragrance was produced under Wella's Cosmopolitan Cosmetics division, which ran independently until 2005)


Giorgio Beverly Hills


Helmut Lang

Hervé Léger

Hugo Boss

James Bond

Jean Patou


Laura Biagiotti

Marc O’Polo

  • Acquired 2003 (as part of the Wella acquisition)
  • Divested Unknown
  • Fragrances Produced under P&G Possible none. Midsummer Man and Midsummer Woman were the most recent launched just after P&G acquired Wella.

Max Factor

  • Acquired 1991 (from Revlon)
  • Divested 2015 (As part of the sale to Coty, though all the Max Factor fragrances were sold off or discontinued in the nineties, some to Dana)

Max Mara




Naomi Campbell

Otto Kern

  • Acquired 1991 (As part of acquisition of Betrix from Revlon)
  • Divested around 1997 (Since 2005, Otto Kern fragrances have been made by Maürer & Wirtz)
  • Fragrances Produced under P&G Ynpo, Ynpo New Day






Stella McCartney

Tom Tailor





Yohji Yamamoto


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      • MFfan310 | 11th July 2015 22:07

        You forgot Art of Shaving, which has a line of fragrances. That brand may or may not remain with P&G, though the close ties to P&G megabrand Gillette mean that it could very well stay.

      • Grant (article author) | 11th July 2015 23:45

        @MFfan310 I only included brands they have sold off or dropped. AFAIK Art of Shaving is still with them -- if I find out otherwise, I'll add them.

      • cacio | 12th July 2015 05:32

        Thanks, very interesting and informative. What's striking is that there's almost nothing worth one's attention. Perhaps with the exception of helmut lang, at least in terms of innovativeness. And none of these brands seem to have produced much of interesting after being sold.


      • hednic | 12th July 2015 05:45

        Wow - so much change in those 25 years! Very interesting.

      • Pgemployee | 13th July 2015 20:22

        Great to see this overview. Thanks for all the work that went into it!!!

        Few comments:

        P&G acquired Wella in 2003 but the fragrance division Cosmopolitan Cosmetics operated autonomously until summer 2005.

        Abril Lavigne expired, not divested.

        Chiemsee expired and Mibelle AG (migros) later got the license and produced in Italy.

        Cindy Crawford license ran out and was not extended

        Gabriela Sabatini Temperamento and Elegance were still developed and launched under Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

        Gerry Weber license expired but all fragrances were still developed and launched under Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

        Giorgio Beverly Hills still belongs to P&G !!! Elizabeth Arden merely got the license while P&G is the licensor and brand owner.

        Puma was not divested but the contract not renewed and Loreal signed a new deal with Puma.

        Thanks again for a nice view of history.


      • Grant (article author) | 19th July 2015 12:46


        Wow thanks for this! I'll update the article