Basenotes Reader Awards 2016 Finalists

11th April, 2016

At the end of last year, we asked you for your nominees for the best fragrances of last year. Here are the finalists -- we will announce the winners later this month.

Best New Fragrance for Women

Best New Fragrance for Men

Best Packaging

Best Flanker

Best Celebrity Fragrance

Best Niche/Independent/Artisanal Fragrance

Best New House

Best House

Best Perfumery

Best Online Perfumery

Perfumer of the Year

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.



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      • IsoESuperman | 11th April 2016 16:17

        I just realized I voted for this but never registered to vote in my states primary. Some priority issues right there.

      • epapsiou | 11th April 2016 16:20

        Your priorities are spot on. Don't fret

      • furrypine | 11th April 2016 17:09

        Kiste is in a good position to win one or more prizes.

      • Zephyr1973 | 11th April 2016 19:19

        I had a lot of difficulty placing my votes this year. So many excellent ones!


      • pluran | 11th April 2016 22:41

        I don't put a lot of stock in the reader awards, but there are a couple of good ones in there.

      • Diamondflame | 13th April 2016 02:04

        Clearly, some hardcore Slumberhouse fans have been working hard behind the scenes...

      • furrypine | 13th April 2016 06:23

        Well, not only the hardcore fans. I never liked anything from Slumberhouse until Kiste, but that one impressed me a lot. It got my vote!

      • hitman | 13th April 2016 06:31

        Surprised that not even a single entry from Frederic Malle

      • epapsiou | 13th April 2016 15:19

        Never found them great except POAL. They are just nicely done but unoriginal I think and I guess I am not alone ;)

      • rum | 13th April 2016 15:49

        Ah, I've been meaning to check when this was going up - good to see it finally.

        I'll be most interested to see how many insults are thrown at Dior's Sauvage and if Papillon wins anything. There was quite a varied list last year - from totally pathetic to very good.

      • Mattybumpkin | 13th April 2016 18:55

        I'm surprised no ADG Parfumo in the flanker category...

      • stuigi | 13th April 2016 22:33

        Great to hear again from Mike Perez!

      • cazaubon | 14th April 2016 04:01

        Wow, Andy Tauer is in with some pretty august company for Best Perfumer of the year category! Good to see his name there, I love so many of his scents.

      • OrientalSage | 4th May 2016 01:40

        Really quite interesting to note that one of the factor that perfumes are hotsellers was that their very artistic and unique packaging are really quite catchy. Just like how the scent called Dark Rebel by John Varvatos sells. ;)

      • furrypine | 25th June 2016 10:13

        No, not yet. I'll ask the admins when it will be published.