Super Scent: The Best of Chanel
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25th April, 2016

We have once again teamed up with Candy Perfume Boy and Persolaise for Super Scent. A semi-regular series where we each run down the best fragrances from a particular brand. Where my colleagues will judge based on their own opinion, Basenotes' Top Scents are based on the opinions of Basenotes users.

This time we are looking at the fragrances from Chanel.

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.



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      • epapsiou | 25th April 2016 14:17

        Thanks for the article.

        For some reason none of the ones here match my top 5.

        I tried all of the exclusif line and found them boring. Perhaps reformulation.

        Also my top 3 seems to be way off from basenote consensus

        Antaeus, Egoiste, Pour Monsieur

      • Scarce | 25th April 2016 18:00

        I like all those chosen.

      • PerfumedLady | 25th April 2016 18:44

        What, no No.5 on BN's list?! Shame on us; I'm clutching my pearls. Coromandel is the only one that truly excites me on our list.

        My personal choices for a list like this would be: No.19, No. 22, Coromandel, 31 Rue Cambon and No.5 in the top spot.

      • MrsDalloway | 25th April 2016 18:52

        Yay, Sycomore! Interesting showing by the Exclusifs in the Basenotes list.

      • Persolaise | 25th April 2016 20:18

        Woah! No. 5 doesn't get a mention. Now, that IS interesting. Well done to Bois Des Iles, though. It's a beautiful piece of work.

      • thediamondsea | 25th April 2016 20:56

        I enjoy everything mentioned here, but Chanel isn't Chanel without No. 5 and No. 19.

      • chypre | 25th April 2016 21:07

        Thanks, interesting list! Nice to see that between the 3 lists, I have my top 3 Chanels covered: Coco, Cuir de Russie and Antaeus!

        But where's 31 Rue Cambon?

      • MrsDalloway | 25th April 2016 22:06

        The list tells you some interesting things about what Basenotes men are wearing. We know there are more men than women active on the site. If you go to SOTD there aren't any Chanels in the men's top ten. There are five in the women's:

        2. Coromandel

        3. Bois des Iles

        4. No 19

        6. No 5

        8. Cuir de Russie

        31 Rue Cambon doesn't feature. But the Chanel Super Scent list, while all female-marketed scents, has quite a different order:

        1. Bois des Iles

        2. Sycomore

        3. Cuir de Russie

        4. Coromandel

        5. Coco

        Not surprising there's a lot of men wearing Sycomore. But interesting enough are wearing Coco (of all things) to push it above No 19, despite it not being that popular among women. BdI and CdR with a good male following too.

      • Candy Perfume Boy | 26th April 2016 20:04

        Interesting that Nº5 is missing! This is definitely our most divergent Super Scent yet.

      • cornishlee | 27th April 2016 15:31

        My top two. Sycomore and Cuir de Russie would make my list though.

      • cornishlee | 27th April 2016 15:34

        Interesting observations - although it does pre-suppose that the highest rated fragrances are also the most worn, which may not necessarily be the case. As for CdR, I like it on me. Love it on my girlfriend.

      • donna255 | 27th April 2016 17:36

        Cuir de Russie

        Bois d'Iles

        I have both in parfum.

        31 Rue Cambon deserves a place for sure.

        Coco is not the perfume I remember on its release.

      • pluran | 30th April 2016 08:34

        Absurd list. And there have been a hell of a lot of exceptional reviews on these fragrances by many different people over the years. Might try looking a little deeper into that rather than using several of the usual suspects whose reviews are often not the best looks into these fragrances.

        No. 5

        No. 19

        Cuir de Russie

        No. 22

        Pour Monsieur



        Bois des Iles


      • Scarce | 30th April 2016 13:41

        I disagree. I might quibble with the inclusion of Coco, as it's not what it once was, to my nose anyway. But neither is No, 5 or No, 19. The only other one on that list that you've not included is Coromandel by Sheldrake and Polge.

      • Diamondflame | 1st May 2016 05:11

        Hey, you don't like the list? Make your own. It's pretty funny how people get their knickers in a twist over other people's lists.

      • MrsDalloway | 1st May 2016 07:39

        The Basenotes list is stats based I believe, like the 500 top scents - number of people who have it in wardrobe, wish list, SOTD wears and the number of times a page is visited. That might have helped the Exclusifs - they've been around for a good chunk of Basenotes time to rack up visits but they're relative novelties. The review are just illustrative ones picked to complete the article.

      • CapriDog | 1st May 2016 08:04

        I don't usually agree with most lists but just happen to love most if not all on this list.

      • FatallNoA | 8th May 2016 04:41

        Excellent post. Everything is clear and well-painted) thank you very much

      • scentsitivity | 14th May 2016 16:32

        The breadth of Chanel's quality scents make a consensus top 5 list an impossibility.

      • Michele Rose | 17th May 2016 04:35

        My first post here is to thank the authors of that article. I have only recently rediscovered my love of fragrances. For many years, I didn't have the means for such luxuries and this was further complicated by dislike of most of what has come out in the last decade (or more). Based on the article, I got ahold of some samples of Cuir de Russie, Coromandel and Bois des Iles. My reaction to Bois des Iles was much like the author's: weak in the knees & tears of joy. There are very few scents I can describe as having fallen in love with, but this is now one.