Fall-ing into Fragrances
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14th November, 2016

For those lucky enough to experience the four seasons, it's a bittersweet moment when autumn beckons with one dropped red leaf on a warm August day.

As we pack our summer gear away for another year, thoughts of shorter days, woolies and boots, scarves and darker fashion shades preoccupy our morning routines but before the frigid air sets in, the colours arrive above and below, trumpeting the season's siren call.

Things seem to speed up this time of year and yet, transport our moods to introspection. A slowing of the heartbeat as we saunter down leafy trails and the brilliant changing colours of leaves which reflect on the waters below. Some, oblivious, walk purposefully:, chatting about insurance policies or relationships; others, heads buried in their smart phones as a rainbow of leaves blaze above.

Image: Marian Bendeth

My hobby as a photographer brings me back to nature; to not only capture those moments of light and colour but also to smell the earth and mosses, the vegetal decay by the river's bend; stubbled barks and running sap, sweet and resinous. Dampened mosses mixed with wildflowers peak out and textures of crunch and pebble underfoot lead the way. Looking up and around, an array of dazzling colours in 3D that swirl high above the head and leaves that whirl in gusts like confetti. Flowers, still in bloom defy the frigid temperatures that descend at night depositing millions of dew drops at dawn.

As we cloak ourselves in the new season, we also embrace those darker, mysterious scents that would be lost in the heat of July. Perfumery is the best imitation of the vibrancy and subtlety of nature's evolution. Why not choose fragrances that reflect what we see and carry autumn wherever we go.


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About the author: Marian Bendeth

Marian Bendeth is a Global Fragrance Expert based out of Toronto, Canada. Marian has won six fragrance industry editorial awards for her writing. You can find out more on her website marianbendeth.com

Website: http://www.marianbendeth.com/


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      • hednic | 14th November 2016 13:30

        Very interesting article and imagery for fall fragrances.

      • cello | 14th November 2016 18:28

        Amazing pictures! An interesting assortment of choices presented.

      • Sillage6 (article author) | 14th November 2016 19:05

        thank you! hope you approve of my corresponding choices.

      • Grungevig | 14th November 2016 19:06

        Stunning, breathtaking, gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. I liked many of your scent recommendations, as well.

      • Ken_Russell | 14th November 2016 22:01

        Thank you so much for posting, the beauty of the fragrances discussed being matched and even surpassed by the landscaped shown

      • hednic | 14th November 2016 22:07

        I think many of them are spot on.

      • pkiler | 26th November 2016 04:48

        As another Photographer, and Perfumer, I am so jealous that you have such wonderful Fall Leaves and trees/Colors to rfevel in during the Fall...

        They are quite a bit more rare here in Sunny Southern California... But I *LOVE* the Fall, and the colors we get to enjoy! ;-)


      • ShellyS | 10th December 2016 00:47

        Photography and fragrances, two of my favorite things! Thanks for the article.

      • Sillage6 (article author) | 21st December 2016 03:07

        Glad you enjoyed them. When the nights get cold, the colours really change and as the day are warm, the odours really float well.