Winter chills, perfume thrills
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20th February, 2017

Once the temperatures dip down to "I can't feel my fingertips" mode, you quickly realize that old man winter has finally slid in like a Nascar winner crossing the finish line. If this means your version of winter includes snowfalls, icy arctic blasts and bad hair hats, be prepared to change up your fragrances for the season.

Along with a change of wardrobe, when venturing outdoors , consider the selection of some fragrances, in particular, predominantly light florals and fresh Eau de Colognes which tend to boomerang back to the skin when hit with below seasonal temperatures. They naturally invert back to warmed body heat and will sit close to the skin and impregnate many fabrics with perfume trails instead.

These shorter days with less sun sometimes seem eternal but with celebratory holidays, there are always a lot of warm memories to be shared with some great libations of the season. Maybe it’s a mug of steaming hot chocolate or dark roasted java (après ski or skating) or sipping from Champagne flutes on New Year’s Eve. Christmas brings egg nog flavours and of course, the proverbial sick days invite a variety of teas, most notably lemon, or Earl Grey (bergamot) with kick of Brandy under the covers. What is also interesting is that these flavours also correlate to many accords in many fragrance notes. Both will encompass spices which are famous for adding to coffees and teas; woody notes which we smell in the hearth in an outdoor setting. Then the dual medicinal aromatic notes such as eucalyptus, pines and firs which, in concentration, can be used on the chest as a decongestant or as a fragrance within a blend, on the wrist.

These long winter months can bring a lot of excitement for those who stay active with winter sports and outdoor activities but there is a downside to winter too. Seasonal Affective Disorder is also very real and can affect many throwing some into a depression. The addition of a great fragrance with Hesperidien and lavender notes with artificial light can do wonders for the psyche. As with any fragrance, the underlying concept of being transported is at the fundamental level of all great perfumes but sadly, not generally considered as beneficial with depression until recently.

If hunkering down or staying active is your thing, you might want to consider these winter scents for exhilarating or soothing moments.

About the author: Marian Bendeth

Marian Bendeth is a Global Fragrance Expert based out of Toronto, Canada. Marian has won six fragrance industry editorial awards for her writing. You can find out more on her website



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      • hednic | 16th February 2017 13:34

        Glad to see that Iris Celadon was discussed

      • Prince Barry | 20th February 2017 17:00

        Excellent read Marian, as usual. By the Fireplace is quite amazing.

      • Diamondflame | 20th February 2017 17:02

        Thanks for the article. Not surprised to see L'Eau d'Hiver made the list. Btw Iris Silver Mist would be a great addition for bleak winterscapes imho.

      • Kaern | 20th February 2017 17:11

        I have worn it a lot this winter -- it's very nutty and creamy (and relatively cheap)

      • Sillage6 (article author) | 20th February 2017 17:23

        Great choice!! Thanks for sharing!

      • Ken_Russell | 20th February 2017 17:54

        Fascinating read about a very insightful, diverse and inspired winter lineup

      • jujy54 | 20th February 2017 18:32

        Gorgeous photos, too!

      • pluran | 22nd February 2017 04:32

        Sounds like it smells good up there. Thanks!

      • Sillage6 (article author) | 22nd February 2017 16:17

        Thank you!