Bleu de Chanel : Plus interview with perfumer Jacques Polge [video]

23rd August, 2010

Available now is Bleu de Chanel - a new masculine fragrance. The name is taken from an earlier Chanel fragrance from the thirties but the similarities end there. The scent was composed by Chanel master perfumer, Jacques Polge and contains top notes of pink pepper, citrus accord, vetiver; heart notes of grapefruit, dry cedar and labdanum. The dry down consists of Frankincense, ginger and sandalwood. You can see an exclusive video interview with Jacques Polge at the end of this article.

The face of the fragrance is Gaspard Ulliel who stars in the promotional film directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker, Martin Scorsese.

Ulliel interviews Polge in the clip below about how he creates a fragrance for Chanel.

Our thanks to Chanel for the video.

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    • Un profumo affettuoso | 23rd August 2010 18:12

      Nice to see and hear Monsieur Polge in his lab! Has anyone tried "Bleue" yet? I'd love to smell it asap! Any new aspects in it? Unfortunately, Polge says nothing about the new scent in this short interview, he only makes some general comments.

    • CoL | 23rd August 2010 20:39

      I tried this the other day and I must say it's very nice indeed! Reminded me a little of Allure Homme Blanche, my favourite mens Chanel!:thumbup:

    • Andrewthecologneguy | 24th August 2010 03:12

      I tried it and was greatly dissapointed initially. It smelled very generic shower gel a la Axe or Old Spice. That same day I also tried some very well executed scents from BOIS 1920. As the day progressed, a wonderful 'I own this space' dominating aroma kept reaching up to me. It was new and fresh yet oddly familiar, so i assumed it was the BOIS 1920, since I had little experience with that house. Then it hit was the Chanel. Much like Allure can really dominate, Bleu is not any less. It is like the best execution of todays aquatic detergents, yet presented with a master's touch. It's like eating sushi from the Chinese buffett, and that is the only sushi you know; then one day you eat real sushi from a sushi bar, then you understand what sushi is supposed to taste like. I am sold, and will be adding this to my collection.

    • Joern | 24th August 2010 21:06

      Does someone know where one could get blue glass bottles like to ones shown in the video?

    • Jitterbug Perfume Lover | 24th August 2010 23:36

      Wow! I loved watching that video. I loved how his eyes lit up while describing doing what he loves.

    • Kiliwia | 26th August 2010 03:15

      I agree with Jitterbug, loved the video, what I wouldn't give to spend a day with Mr. Polge and learn some of his secrets. He's made so many of my favorite perfumes, the man is immensely talented.

    • Calyx93 | 28th August 2010 06:06

      Stopped by my local Chanel counter and gave it a whirl - nice, but nothing groundbreaking and it has the feel of scents you've smelled before. Glad it's not a fruity, watery candy - but I wish it had more personality and "oomph." Ended up buying a backup bottle of Pour Monsieur instead, much to the bewilderment of the SA since she claimed that Bleu would be in the top three scents of the new year. We'll see.

    • epicurean | 31st August 2010 20:42

      I remember being disappointed upon first learning the scent's name; sounded like it would fit in with all the other generic men's scents at the cologne counters around the world. And sure enough: It's been done dozens if not hundreds of times before; in fact, I was so underwhelmed I can't even say which Armani or Boss scent(s) it resembled most. A shame that Chanel, creators of Pour Monsieur and Antaeus and Egoiste, have become so dull as regards men's fragrance. Pleasant enough, but is "pleasant" enough for Chanel?

    • Worth1969 | 7th September 2010 10:51

      Not impressed at all. The bottle is much nicer than the boring juice inside.

      Yes it's pleasant, but that's about it. Big disappointment. I personally think Chanel Platinum is far superior - Bleu seems afraid to make a statement. This is fine if you're a fragrance newbee who just wants something pedestrian to wear to the office, but some of us can handle the real juice and need something more distinctive.

      Would love to find a modern fragrance that is cut from the same cloth as Tsar de Van Cleef and Arpels or the original Versace L'Homme. These were outstanding men's fragrances; rich, invigorating, classy and timeless. I realize that Bleu de Chanel is competing with the light, fresh trendy market, but one would expect better from Chanel!

    • Persolaise | 14th September 2010 19:42

      I'm afraid I'm not impressed by Bleu either. It's shockingly boring, if such a thing's possible. I've just posted a review on my blog ( in case anyone's interested.

    • mikeperez23 | 14th September 2010 21:25

      I tried it over the weekend.

      Didn't impress me at all - I found it safe, generic and incredibly lifeless. I'll pass.