Getting a close shave

by Grant Osborne, 01st February, 2001

before you start Wakey Wakey! If you shave in the mornings, wait at least 20-30 minutes after you wake up, as when you first get up your skin will be all puffy. When this puffiness reduces, your stubble will become easier to get at! Scrub Up! Wash your face with a face wash or gentle scrub such as Lift Off Face Wash by Lab Ser…

Interview with Marian Bendeth

by Grant Osborne, 01st November, 2000

Marian Bendeth is a 'Fragrance Profiler'. As a fragrance specialist, with her own company, Sixth Scents, she uses her nose, her expertise and her keenly honed intuitive sense to do personalized fragrance wardrobing based on body chemistry, personality, lifestyle and environment. As a Fragrance Specialist, Marian has many roles on both sid…

A guide to fragrance families

by Grant Osborne, 01st August, 2000

Every perfume and fragrance is different. However, many of them share common traits. Each fragrance can be put into a fragrance family, grouping it with many other similar fragrances.If a fragrance has mainly a scent of fresh notes, plus weaker scents of woody and citrus notes, we could say that this fragrance is Fresh, but with citrus an…

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A guide to choosing and buying fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 01st August, 2000

When buying and choosing a fragrance, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed with the large choices available to you. Your nose can get confused by the amount of smells you've tried and you end up buying something that smells like a old dirty sack. Here are a few hints and tips when buying fragrance, so that you come out with something yo…

Basenotes Meet-Up :April 8, 2017 SURRENDER TO DENVER

by Quarry, 03rd March, 2000

Everyone Is Cordially Invited To...   Why Surrender? Because our special guest will be Patty White from Surrender to Chance, one of our favorite decanting sources. You may also know Patty from the blog Perfume Posse. If you like, you can place an order with StC by mid-March and Patty will deliver our or…