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    by Le Cherche Midi (2013)


    Ange ou Démon Le Secret
    by Givenchy (2009)

    13 Reviews


    Ange ou Démon Le Secret Santal d'Hiver
    by Givenchy (2010)

    Limited Edition


    by Eclectic Collections (2011)


    Arctic Jade
    by Agonist (2011)

    4 Reviews


    by Tiziana Terenzi (2020)


    Axe Clix / Lynx Click
    by Axe / Lynx (2006)

    4 Reviews


    Baiser de Russie
    by Guerlain (2018)

    2 Reviews


    Belle Fleur
    by Mistral


    by Playboy (2012)

    3 Reviews


    Big Pony 2 for Women
    by Ralph Lauren (2012)


    Black XS for Her
    by Paco Rabanne (2007)

    19 Reviews


    Black XS Los Angeles for Her
    by Paco Rabanne (2016)


    Breakzone for Her
    by Zippo (2014)


    by Galimard


    Chantal Thomass
    by Chantal Thomass (2002)

    7 Reviews


    Charmes Secrets - Douce Caresse
    by Laurence Dumont (2010)


    by Body Shop (2004)



    Cranberry Love
    by Fruits and Passion (2012)


    Création No. 09
    by Ulric de Varens (2009)


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    Cuba City Hollywood for Women
    by Cuba Paris


    Dark Night
    by Estiara


    Dior Addict Eau Délice
    by Christian Dior (2013)


    Emporio Armani Night She
    by Giorgio Armani (2003)

    5 Reviews


    Enchanted Bloom
    by Ghost (2011)


    Esprit Jeans Style for Her
    by Esprit (2011)


    Féerie Rose des Neiges
    by Van Cleef & Arpels (2011)

    Limited Edition
    2 Reviews


    First Arrow
    by West Third Brand

    1 Review


    Fleurage Secret Petals
    by Visari (2003)


    FM183 (Classic)
    by Federico Mahora


    Frosted Bloom
    by Victoria's Secret (2012)

    Limited Edition


    Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Mist
    by Body Shop (2015)

    Limited Edition


    Fruit Wind
    by Dzintars


    by Desigual (2013)

    1 Review


    Genuine Touch
    by The Gate Perfume (2015)


    Give Me Love
    by Victoria's Secret (2011)

    Limited Edition


    Golden Dre@m
    by Lulu Castagnette (2011)


    Happy Game
    by Adidas (2011)


    Happy Hour
    by Christian Dior (2018)

    1 Review


    Harajuku Lovers - Lil' Angel
    by Gwen Stefani (2008)

    6 Reviews


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    I am King
    by Sean John (2008)

    59 Reviews


    I Am King of The Night
    by Sean John (2009)

    Limited Edition
    2 Reviews


    Ibiza Hippie
    by Escada (2003)

    Discontinued • Limited Edition
    5 Reviews


    Jardin d'Interdit
    by Givenchy (2006)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    Jardin d'Interdit : My Lovely Butterfly
    by Givenchy (2008)

    Limited Edition


    Jersey Devil
    by Deep Midnight Perfumes (2014)


    La Dorine Passionnée
    by Dorin (2012)


    Like a Trip to New York
    by Essence (2012)


    by Desigual (2014)


    by Poesie (2019)


    by United Scents of America (2013)

    2 Reviews


    Mini Love
    by Ulric de Varens


    Miss Caty Cat White Gold
    by Novae Plus (2006)


    Musc et Fruits
    by Molinard (2003)


    Musky Garden
    by Mancera (2017)

    1 Review


    Nanette Lepore
    by Nanette Lepore (2004)

    8 Reviews


    by Jorum Studio (2019)


    Optimistic for Her
    by Paul Smith (2011)


    by Yves Saint Laurent (2009)

    25 Reviews


    Parisienne Eau de Toilette
    by Yves Saint Laurent (2010)


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    Parisienne L'Eau
    by Yves Saint Laurent (2012)


    Pink Fizz
    by Eden Park (2009)


    Polo Red
    by Ralph Lauren (2013)

    35 Reviews


    Polo Red Intense
    by Ralph Lauren (2015)

    19 Reviews


    Polo Red Remix
    by Ralph Lauren (2019)

    1 Review


    Rebelle Chic
    by Eau Jeune (2009)


    Red Wood
    by Dsquared2 (2019)


    Rose Jardin Délice
    by L'Occitane (2011)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    Russian Princess / Русская Княжна
    by Brocard (2018)


    Samba Pink Woman
    by Perfumer's Workshop (2015)


    Sanrio - Badtz Maru
    by Demeter Fragrance Library (2012)


    Scent 79 for Women
    by Jil Sander (2008)

    1 Review


    Sex On the Beach
    by Ten Digit Creations (2014)


    Snow Covered Cranberries
    by Haus of Gloi (2019)


    So Fetch!
    by Strangers Parfumerie (2019)

    1 Review


    So..? Brit
    by So...? Fragrances (2011)


    Southern Bread Pudding
    by Sixteen92 (2016)

    Limited Edition


    by Dilis (2015)


    by Flower (2014)


    Summer Chic
    by Bottega Verde (2012)


    Showing 1 to 80 of 99.