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Baldessarini Del Mar by Baldessarini

This is a very classy woody spicy fragrance with aquatic elements which make it a warm-fresh fragrance. Morillas did a real good job here by making a perfect blend of (warm) pepper, woods and bergamot/mandarin on an ambery cinnamon base with hints of patchouli and vetiver.
It all smells luxuruous, inoffensive, not too loud with just less than average longevity of 4-5 hrs. Rating: 8/10
23rd October, 2016

Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

Edc: One of the best barbershop soapy maculine fragrances out there and already over 15 years in my collection. The soapy-musky smell blended with ambery-flowery stuff is pretty addictive.
I did not try the newer bottles with straight logo yet and my review is based on the older version. I also recommend the aftershave and deodorant/anti perspirant of Tabac which all are excellent! Rating: 8.5/10
22nd October, 2016

Opium pour Homme Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

A brilliant composition of an oriental spicy like it should be!
It lasts all day, smells masculine and seductive. The notes of especially black currant, vanilla and star anise are blended to perfection. 2-3 Sprays and you are set for an entire day! The in blue plastic covered glass bottle is the one to get! Thumbs way up! Rating: 9/10
14th October, 2016
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Le Mâle Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier

I own an older bottle of this one which has now for sure been reformulated, reading the latest reviews! The older version is certainly lasting quite a long time and is, as said by others already, less cloying and more citrus-spicy than the original which is sweeter, louder and cloying.
Thumbs up for the older version of LM Terrible! Rating: 7.5/10
14th October, 2016

Kumkat Wood by Mancera

Mancera Kumkat Wood develops after 15 mins into a perfect citrus-cedar-vetiver combo that lasts all day, never shouts but is still present. The combo is surrounded and made complex by the added patchouli, spices, soft flowery notes and amber. It lasts all day, is inoffensive, perfect for the office and smells imo expensive. It is a safe but interesting and sophisticated fragrance nonetheless. Thumbs way up! Rating: 9/10
14th October, 2016

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

The king of all fragrances to me!
A real classic that never lets you down once you get it!
A perfect blend of freshness, powerness, masculanity and a little dirtyness at the same time.
Note: get a vintage and at least a pre-2009 bottle but preferred are the early 1981-1986 bottles which had real civet and show you what Kouros was really about! Avoid the all white bottles without the metal shoulders!
Rating: 10/10
14th October, 2016

Kouros Fraîcheur by Yves Saint Laurent

This brilliant Kouros flanker was released during the Sanofi and Gucci era with the Sanofi Fraicheur version being remarkably stronger than the one from the Gucci era.
This is, as said already, like the original (vintage) but with the civet and musks toned down significantly and pineapple and soapyness added to make it less offensive and perfectly wearable during warmer weather without losing the Kouros dna! This is also perfect to be layers with a good spray of the original to amp it up if needed. It still lasts 8+ hrs and performs really well. A msterpiece, just like the original! Rating: 9.5/10
14th October, 2016

Lemon Line by Mancera

Very good citrus-lavender-woods (moss) combo imo surrounded by mainly geranium and musk. The advantage besides just smelling plain good is that this has above average longevity and good projection, especially first 1.5 hrs. Another advantage for Cedrat Boise owners is that this stuff is to be perfectly blended with CB! The combintaion of those two works like magic and gives CB a fresher touch or Lemon Line a heavier touch if you will. Inoffensive and perfect for warmer days/evenings for just smelling fresh, luxurious and good! Thumbs up! Rating 8.5/10
14th October, 2016

Cedrat Boise by Mancera

My favorite of the Mancera fragrances. Most already has been said about this masterpiece. Only the first 30 mins do remind a bit of Aventus but then this goes its own way being a very nice fruity (black currant again!)-citrus woody scent for the first two hours, Then the leather starts kicking in together with the moss, sandalwood and vanilla which makes it lasts quite a long while without losing its freshness. The later stages of this fragrances are also more masculine imo. Performance is way above average. Rating: 9.5/10
14th October, 2016

Sand Aoud by Mancera

Amazing Mancera fragrance once again that is only to be judged after 20 mins! When it dries down one is left with a gorgeous blend of fruityness (mainly black currant) on a dusty bed of oud and patchouly surrounded by saffron and light spices but smelling still kind of fresh! Really unique stuff and I know nothing like it. It has above average projection and longevity for sure and performs marvelous.
Thumbs way up! Rating: 8.5/10
14th October, 2016

Essence Oud by Ferrari

IMO the best Ferrari fragrance I ever smelled.
Perfect fragrance as the rose is not too strong nor dirty (don't like that) in the oud-rose combo but soft and a little powdery and also the oud itself does not scream neither smells medicinal or band-aid like. Fragrance lasts through the day with perfect sillage, evolves a lot and ends up after about 10-12 hrs with a very nice, dry and powdery leathery labdanum smell that actually smells a bit like the main smell of Davidoff Leather blend, which is an excellent leather fragrance! Really love this stuff!
Rating: 9/10

20th July, 2015

Cuoio by Pal Zileri

Very, very similar to Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford but it's a little sweeter on the raspberry part and the projection and longevity is not as huge as TL, which is imo a good thing as TL is a bit too much, however this is still above average regarding projection and it lasts all day! Excellent luxurious stuff being 7x cheaper than TL! Thumbs up and recommended! Rating 9.5/10
24th May, 2015

Leather Blend by Davidoff

An amazing just slightly sweet leather that is imo way more masculine than feminine. The blend is perfect and three notes are easily to be separated: saffron, amber, and the main player: leather! The rose note is hardly, if not, to be detected imo.
The leather note is a little rough in smell but stil smooth, elegant and modern and it's rounded to a slight oriental smell by the amber! Projection is average after a heavy start and longevity is like 10 hrs. People who like Tuscan Leather or Knize Ten and want a good masculine smelling leather that is more done in an oriental (amber) way than raspberry sweet (TL) or floral-amber-vanilla (KT ) can't go wrong with this one! Finally a real winner by Davidoff! Rating: 9/10
24th May, 2015
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Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

This is pretty good! Especially for an aromatic aquatic.
It is somewhat similar in main smell to the Essenza version but this one has a different flowery heart and a base of patchouli and incense which really stands out and makes it a fresh-spicy-warm-green aromatic aquatic imo with a darker vibe than normally is the case with aquatic like fragrances. Cannot compare it to anything so far and the projection and especially longevity are above average with this edp.
It is not a masterpiece but it's way better than 99% of most aquatic like fragrances (read: calone), smells very nice inoffensive and lasts all day which is a big pre! Versatility is also good as it's an all year fragrance except winter imo.
A drawback is maybe the high price for such a fragrance but it lasts about 3x longer than most aquatic-marine like fragrances so there is compensation for the higher price. Bottle is also beautiful. Rating: 8.5/10
25th April, 2015

Vétiver by Piver

A very fresh vetiver with a nice citrus-green apple mix in the opening mixed with pepper. Very refreshing and modern smelling combo. The drydown is a bit smokey, which makes it very masculine with a nice vetiver-woody base surrounded by flowery and spicy elements. It lasts and projects at least average. Recommended if you can find it! Could have been, to my imagination, a (more modern) flanker of the Guerlain one, next to the 'Sport' and 'Frozen' versions! Rating: 9/10
17th April, 2015

R by Révillon

I cannot agree more with the perfect review of ericrico. Not that much to add........
To me this is one of the the best smelling fresh fragrances out of the designer range of frags I own/know.
It will remind you of many but still smells different! A positive aspect is that it smells pretty natural and not that synthetic as many other fresh (aquatic) fragrances. As said; the notes are very well blended and I can only agree to that. The drawback is that it does not last longer than 4 hrs tops and is just below average on sillage about one hour after application.
As there are many occasions one wants to smell clean, fresh and inoffensive for 3-4 hrs, this is a must buy for me!
Rating: 9/10

08th April, 2015

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Oceanic Expedition by Issey Miyake

Smelled this at a department store and to me this was smell-wise a 90% copy of Cartier Declaration Cologne. Very citrus and fresh with a lot of especially grapefruit and ginger going on. Main difference is that The Miyake has a base with white musk and the Cartier with vetiver. Thumbs up as Declaration Cologne is one of my top favorite summer fragrances and very hard to get so this is an excellent replacement. The Miyake has excellent projection and longevity for a fresh scent. Not original but very well done indeed! Thumbs up: 8.5/10
30th March, 2015

Guerlain Homme Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

To me Buysblind review is spot on from start to finish! Nothing to add to that splendid review for me as it is exactly how I think about Guerlain Homme (and its flankers).
I do want to add that I agree that they differ a lot from what we're used to regarding Guerlain classics as Heritage, Habit Rouge and Vetiver, but these 4 different homme versions imo have to be seen in a kind of persective and will be praised all over as well in let's say 10-20 years from now; at least that is what I think will happen. To me Homme L'Eau Boisee is best!
10th April, 2014

Borsalino Panama by Borsalino

A nice inoffensive but complex fragrance

A very good but indeed safe smelling fragrance with 4 hrs longevity at best.
It starts very fresh and turns to a nice spicy sweet tobacco-ish fragrance with patchouli, musk, vetiver and lots of things going on! The citrus is always there on the background which remains its freshness. Despite its inoffensive smell this is a very complex fragrance with many notes to pick out in this well blended fragrance. The projection is average but again, this would have been an excellent fragrance if the base would be a tad stronger!
Good for spring mornings! Rated: 7,5/10

Pros: Refreshing, good smelling fragrance
Cons: Longevity could be better"

23rd October, 2013

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée by Guerlain

A perfect fresh lime-vetiver-woods combo!

A brilliant lime-vetiver fragrance that opens like the L'Eau version but when the vetiver kicks in it turns into a little smoky, way better lasting fresh vetiver-lime-wood combo that is utterly pleasing! The kind of vetiver and Iso-E super that is used in this fragrance is the same as is used in Terre D'Hermes. You can smell that easily through the fragrance! Generally speaking, the fragrance smells much like Terre D'Hermes with the orange replaced by lime. Terre D'Hermes is more an earthy-fresh-vetiver-orange combo while Boisee is more smoky-fresh-vetiver-lime combo, added with nice woods! Longevity is about 4-6 hrs at least depending on application and projection is average. Maybe a future masterpiece like Terre D'Hermes as I don't think Thierry Wasser tried to copy Hermes with this particular Homme version. For me the best in the Homme line together with the Homme Intense version as being second and most suitable for warmer weather during spring and summer. Also perfect for office any time! Thumbs up: 9/10.

Pros: Lasting, fresh and a very pleasant inoffensive smell!
Cons: It looks a little like a Terre D'Hermes flanker"

20th September, 2013

Photo by Lagerfeld

A good, soapy, well blended masculine! (but only vintage!)

The vintage is worth while purchasing but the reformulation is a horrible soapy and synthetic mess!
Vintage smells natural, fresh, masculine with a nice bergamot, aldehydes opening and has very good projection and longevity. To me it smells like a lighter (in smell) but equally strong Versace L'Homme.
Photo is more formal, flowery and does not have that tad of leather in the base. Not dated at all, just buy the one as pictured above!
Rating: 8/10

Pros: Well blended, good and natural smelling with good longevity/sillage
Cons: Reformulated in a very very bad way! Don't buy reformulation!"

05th September, 2013

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Good old school patchouli based powerhouse!

What else to add to the mostly positive reviews!
This is an excellent (mainly) patchouli-honey-amber-oakmoss fragrance which is reformulated but still very good with amazing sillage and longevity and it turns to a smooth smelling fragrance for hours like Givenchy Gentleman, to which this is often compared, also does! I just bought this (again and dirt cheap) with dark green color and it's amazing! A little goes a long way and less is more with this one! Do not overspray and not more than 3 sprays which is already a lot as the bottle sprays lots of juice with one squirt! Still perfectly wearable these days when not applied too much.
Comparisons with Givenchy Gentleman are a little off as GG is imo way darker, more based on a patchouli-leather-vanilla combo than this one! Both excellent and worth having both!
Rating: 8/10

Pros: Good sillage and longevity, nice smooth smell.
Cons: Can be cloying but only when oversprayed!"

05th September, 2013

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

For the price you have to pay for this stuff (almost nothing) it is worth having imo!
The smell is very pleasant and has a little of many. It smells green, mossy, woodsy, floral and a little spicy. To me it is a soft but noticable fragrance with decent longevity (5-6 hrs) and a quite inoffensive smell which makes it perfect of office use and other people quite like the smell of it. I won't rebuy it but but for as long as I have my 75ml I will enoy it now and then! Perfect for fall and spring. Thumbs up for an excellent quailty to price! Rating: 7/10
12th May, 2013

Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

An excellent quite unique, smooth leather aftershave/cologne sold for peanuts in a big 177ml bottle.
A must have for lovers of leather fragrances. RobAtSGH's review says it al and I can only concur to what he wrote. This is not the heavy Knize Ten like leather but the smooth one added with patchouli and all kind of spices like cinnamon and vanilla. Some say it smells like wax for horse saddles and gloves. Imo this is price-quality related much better than most of the current expensive stuff that is being sold nowadays. Depending on applicatiion this stuff also lasts quite a while and sillage is average though strong at the beginning. Excellent value for the (little) money. I don't agree that this smells like Aramis or has to be decanted in a spray bottle. Thumbs way up! Rating: 8.5/10
12th May, 2013

Canoé by Dana

This has an excellent opening but turns into a, to me, too sweet of a vanilla musky like smell which does not suit me that well. I hardly wear it and prefer the better Pinaud Aftershave/Cologne which gives me the same vibe/smell but less sweet and more fresh. Mind that I have a current version of this reformulated stuff which is most probably not that good as it used to be. Rating: 5.5/10
12th May, 2013

Clubman by Pinaud

Most useful things already have been written about this aftershave/cologne. It is and old barbershop smell indeed and to me it smells like a mix of Brut Original and Canoe edt but better and fresher than both!
A must have for ever fragrance lover as this is excellent and lasting stuff in a cheap big bottle (177ml).
This can be used both as aftershave or cologne as it is way stronger than current aftershave releases and lasts easily for hours! Good old school stuff! Rating: 7.5/10

12th May, 2013

Brut Musk by Fabergé

I own only the aftershave which is very much like the original version only with some musk and woods added which makes it less fresh and more heavy and masculine. This one is more for fall-winter while the original is more for spring-summer imo. Like the original this one also has huge sillage first half hour and lasts when applied heavily like 4 hours which is excellent.
Rating: 7/10
12th May, 2013

Adidas Ice Dive by Adidas

I only own and used the afershave which is excellent when you need a short lived but very fresh and inoffensive smell based on mainly fruity and lavender ingredients with a light wood base that is easy to be layered with all kind of fresh aquatic fragrances. I use it mainly during spring and summer.
This is sold for peanuts, therefor thumbs up! Rating: 7/10
12th May, 2013

Cool Water Summer Dive by Davidoff

Compared to the original this is way mintier and more citrus in the opening and heart phase.
Extremely fresh and perfect for warmer weather while the original could be worn all year round and is thicker and heavier. This is a warm spring/summer fragrance only imo. The drydown is pretty similar to the original but overall this flanker has less sillage and longevity compared to the flagship! I got it dirt cheap and when you like the orignal and can get this really cheap as well, don't hesitate. The advantage of this version is that it is easy to be layered/blended with the original to smell more fresh! Thumbs up! Rating: 7/10
04th May, 2013

Etienne Aigner No. 2 by Etienne Aigner

I owned this fragrance but I heard it was a reformulation, I didn't like it as it had a generic lemon soapy vibe I really couldn't handle (normally I don't mind for soapyness). It is strong and kind of fresh but not my cup of tea. I sold it and never smelled the vintage but this new version gets a thumbs down. Rated: 5/10.
04th November, 2012