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Miss Marisa Tropical by Ebba

I really like this perfume quite a bit! It is a nice light, fruity, sweet and sparkling blend of mango, peach and coconut notes, layered with the original Miss Marisa minty-fresh blend! I think it makes a great, fun, upbeat fragrance that could be worn any day and at any time really! I'm not sure I would necessarily opt to buy this one over other less expensive tropical scents, but it is still definitely worth trying at least once if you love tropical, fruity perfumes!
19th July, 2018

Monyette Paris by Monyette Paris

This is a nice white-floral/green floral blend. I mostly had to test this one on a sheet of paper, not right on my skin, so I have to give my review based mostly on how the scent came across that way. When I first sprayed the perfume, I swear the scent that mostly comes across (to my nose) is like sweet-rum, or a liqueur! And, based on that alone I immediately loved this one! After a couple of seconds, the gardenia note emerged. I did get a bit of the perfume on my skin as well, and I think the floral notes are a lot more pronounced when I actually wear this one! On my skin, I can smell the gardenia and lily-of-the-valley a lot, more predominantly than the other notes! (The "lily-of-the-valley" also smells a bit like hyacinth or narcissus to me as well, in this scent specifically, and I thought that's what the note was until I looked it up!) Overall, I would say this is a nice scent, but I think I might like the bottle more than the actual perfume! Although it's nice, I'm not sure I would pick it over other white florals or lily-of-the-valley for any particular reason! Definitely something you should try at least once though if you like those kinds of perfumes!
19th July, 2018

Good girl gone Bad by By Kilian

This is a very pretty, delicate and ethereal scent. When it's first applied, I definitely smell the narcissus note a lot, first and foremost more than anything else! On me, it fades out pretty fast though and is replaced by very sweet, super feminine floral notes, especially tuberose! This is, of course, a feminine floral perfume, but I would actually categorize it first and foremost as a sweet scent! You definitely have to like very sweet perfumes to enjoy wearing this one! It is definitely a sexy scent, but I would also call it "pretty." It's probably not that suitable for wearing to work at the office, but I think it would make a great date night perfume! It's definitely a must-try if you love sweet florals! It gets a big thumbs up from me, I would consider buying a bottle! (I'm prying it from a sample at the moment!)I think it's worth the price!
17th July, 2018
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Spring Flower by Creed

I'm normally a fan of fruity florals, however, in this case, I really have to agree with the review "Spring Flower" gets in the "A-Z Guide to Perfume." The weirdest thing is that this perfume smells exactly like what I thought it would smell like based on that review, so again, I probably should have known better than to try this. I am trying it from a sample (thank goodness), I didn't actually blind buy this. And, I don't recommend that anyone blind buy this, ever! Like Luca Turin (or maybe it was Tonya) said, this perfume is just hideous. It's way too sweet and fruity, I don't eve know where the flowers are supposed to be! And (*gasp*) it LINEAR! So, the super sweet fruity top notes aren't even fading out or disappearing!
Apparently they say that the people at Creed had this one specially made for a famous actress, who supposedly wears it as her signature scent! They don't really say who the actress is though, so for all I know that story was made up to sell bad perfume! If the story is true, I guess I'm kind of insulting the actress, but honestly, I just can't like this perfume! A lot of things from Bath and Body Works smell better, and aren't expensive! So I say, save your money. Also, I'm not all that impressed with Creed so far based on this one scent. That's a shame though, because I love their bottles!
30th December, 2015

Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

This perfume is so good that I kind of feel like any negative reviews of this one are sacrilege! :D I know we all have our personal tastes, but I don't think there's anything about "Black Orchid" EDP to not like!
When I first sprayed it on, my initial thoughts were "classy", "expensive" and "very well made perfume." Of course, I already knew the price range of the Tom Ford line of fragrances before I even tried this one on, but honestly, this perfume even smells classy, so I would have thought that even if I hadn't known that this is one of the highest end lines. It just smells like a high-priced perfume, seriously. The notes seem refined, sophisticated and distinguished, and all the notes are very well blended. The way "Black Orchid" was "put together" was very, very perfectly done. Nothing seems harsh, jarring or out of place, even though there are some very unusual notes and note combinations included. Everything just harmonizes wonderfully. After wearing "Black Orchid" for at least 25 minutes or so (after the scent has had a chance to develop properly) another thought I had is that "Black Orchid" reminds me a lot of "Nirvana" by Elizabeth and James, the black bottle version. The notes that I can smell the most in it are the sandalwood, combined with lots of sweet notes and incense. After I actually looked up the notes, I realized that I can actually smell the Mexican chocolate in this scent like crazy too, more than the vanilla, which is probably the main reason I love this perfume so much! :D So, it's not exactly like "Nirvana", but it still has very similar qualities. Overall, "Black Orchid" is very warm, sensual, exotic, spicy, dark and mysterious fragrance. I think that everyone who loves exotic and oriental perfumes should probably love this! Although it's listed as having a pyramid structure, to my nose, and on myself, it seems like a pretty linear fragrance as well which is another reason it reminds me of "Nirvana." What it smells like when I spray it on is what it pretty much stays smelling like. It's also a pretty quiet and subtle scent. It's not exactly a skin scent, but I find the notes it projects are never overwhelming. So, it's a great choice if you want a more soft or subtle fragrance. Overall, it's just a great perfume. "Black Orchid" definitely gets two thumbs up and five stars from me, and I highly recommend it to everyone! I don't think you'll be disappointed!
29th December, 2015

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret

Okay, I need to take back what I said about hating pineapple as a note in perfume! :D
I disliked the pineapple note in "Miss Dior Cherie" and in "Baby Doll" by Yves Saint Laurent, and initially, I said I disliked the super sweet fruit notes in the "Hanae Mori" fragrance as well, although since I wrote my review of that one I've noticed that I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear "Hanae Mori", so I've changed my mind about that one a bit.
But, I have to tell you, for some reason that I can't explain I LOVE "Bombshell" by Victoria's Secret! It is super sweet and fruity, and the pineapple is quite dominant in the top notes, but I LOVE this perfume! The minute I sprayed it from the bottle, I was just absolutely smitten! I think this is one of the sexiest smelling feminine fragrances ever! It is really hard to describe in words, aside from the just using the word "sweet", or saying "feminine fruity-floral", yet I think neither of those descriptions really does this scent any real justice! To my nose, this perfume is just completely irresistible, and I really think you need to smell it for yourself to know what I mean! I will add though that, at least to my nose and on myself, "Bombshell" has really big time sillage and projection, so unfortunately it might be "one of those perfumes" that may not be the most appropriate thing to wear to work or to a job interview. I think it's perfect for a date night, or for going out partying, or it could even be just a great every day fragrance as well. It's probably just better to wear during your free time. Don't get me wrong though, it smells absolutely gorgeous! I personally don't think there is anything about this fragrance to dislike, I'm just trying to be sensitive toward people who might be super sensitive to certain chemicals. This is a very beautiful perfume though, and it definitely gets two thumbs up and five stars from me! Try this at a Victoria's Secret store, or order a sample today! I don't think you'll be disappointed, especially if you usually like modern feminine fruity-florals! This one is excellent! :)

27th December, 2015

Flowerparty by Night by Yves Rocher

I decided to wear and review "Flower Party by Night" today, since it's a scent that seems kind of appropriate for Christmas! :)
The scent is primarily a mixture of sweet almond, vanilla and anise (or licorice) and comes across smelling like a sweet almond flavored liqueur. It's very merry and festive, and definitely puts me in the mood to party and celebrate. :)It's completely harmonious with a lot of Christmas scents, so it's absolutely perfect for the holiday, and inspired me to write a glowing review for it today. :)
It's a pretty linear fragrance, with really good sillage and longevity, and is also just very warm and sensual in general. In addition to being a scent that reminds me of the holiday season, it is also a great evening scent in general, as it's name implies. It's not necessarily something I would wear every day, and it's definitely a fragrance that I prefer in colder weather. I think I might hate this one in the summer. Right now I'm definitely loving it though! :) If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend that you visit a local Yves Rocher store and either get a sample, or try it from a tester bottle! It's deliciously sweet and sexy, and if you're a fan of sweet and gourmand perfumes in general, I don't think you'll be disappointed! I definitely give this one a thumbs up! :)
25th December, 2015

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

I decided to get a sample of this and try it since it's listed as one of the top ten sexiest masculine fragrances on a woman in the "A-Z Guide to Perfume!" I have to admit that I almost didn't want to try this one on, after I smelled it sprayed on a card from a tester bottle in a store! First of all, this one has a lot of sillage! (Although, in all fairness, I find many masculine fragrances do!) And secondly, on the card, and to my nose, it smelled like an Axe body spray! :D I love Axe body sprays, but I won't wear them because their advertising is so oriented toward very young males that it would just make me feel weird!
Today, I finally tried Dior "Homme" on from a small sample that I got. I only applied a very small amount dabbed on with the stick in the sample tube, and it still has big time sillage and projection. A bit too much for my taste actually, so I really don't think I would ever wear this one. That said, on me, and to my nose, it does actually smell like a high quality fragrance, not really like Axe, like I first thought! I think this is one I might consider buying as a gift for a man, since I think it would probably be really sexy and classy on a guy! But, on myself, I would definitely rather wear "Gris Clair" by Serge Lutens, which has very similar notes (as Dior "Homme") but, to me, "Gris Clair" just smells better! I am definitely giving Dior "Homme" a thumbs up and four stars, and recommending it to all the guys though! If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should! I just don't necessarily think it should be listed as a great choice for a woman!
24th December, 2015

Yellow Diamond by Versace

I've noticed that a number of fellow basenoters seem to dislike women's perfumes that have a dominant "citron" note, so I suspect that most of them probably aren't crazy about this one!

Honestly, though, "Yellow Diamond" is a fragrance that I spray from the bottle and immediately love! It has a scent that immediately lifts my spirits, no matter what mood I'm in! It actually reminds me of white wine spritzers with fruit, which is something that always puts a smile on my face! :D
It's a bright, sparkling, light, upbeat, fruity Eau de Toilette, and I would say that if you're a fan of Marc Jacob's "Daisy" EDT, you would probably like this too. I find that "Yellow Diamond" EDT and the "Daisy" EDT have very similar qualities. So, if you enjoy that one I recommend you try a sample of "Yellow Diamond" as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :)
23rd December, 2015

My Burberry by Burberry

Apparently, the concept behind this fragrance was that it was supposed to smell like an English garden after the rain. I actually know exactly what that smells like in reality, and I don't think this perfume captures the scent(s) very well. When you first spray it on, I actually think the top notes smell like overly ripe fruit. Not a good smell. Actually, I think this whole perfume smells too fruity for something that was supposed to be an "English Garden" scent, even in the heart of the fragrance, which I don't like that much either. I haven't been wearing this long enough to fully know what the dry down is like, and possibly the dry down and base might be okay because that's where all the actual rose scent is! (Why did they not put the rose notes in the heart? I just find that weird.) Generally, though, I don't like the whole composition and blending of notes in this one, at least not on myself. I don't really recommend this one, even for fans of fruity florals. I think there are others that are much more well done than this.
21st December, 2015

Orange Blossom by Jo Malone

This is an absolutely beautiful feminine floral scent, that makes me think of warm weather and sunny Spring days when all the trees are in bloom and the lilac bushes are flowering!
When you first spray it on, it comes out smelling like fruity orange drink or orange lollipop due to the super sweet and sugary clementine top notes. However, the top notes don't last very long at all. The lollipop scent fades out and disappears altogether after less than ten minutes, and the fragrance develops into a gorgeous Spring bouquet of lilacs and orange blossom!
I will say that, for a scent that is named "orange blossom", the lilac note is actually really dominant! I can smell the white floral notes, but I can probably smell lilac the most! Personally, I love the smell of lilac, and it's hard to find perfumes that come in this scent, so I think this perfume is wonderful! I know this whole line of colognes is made to layering scents, but honestly, I would buy this one and wear it on it's own! It is a very gorgeous, delicate, and extremely feminine scent, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes white florals, but also to people who love the smell of spring lilacs. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
20th December, 2015

Grapefruit by Jo Malone

I did one of those fun "what should your signature scent be?" quizzes online, and the result I got was actually "Grapefruit" cologne by Jo Malone! :D So, just for laughs, I got a sample of it to try!
Yesterday I tried my sample of "Mure et Musc" by L'Artisan Parfumeur, and I have to say that wearing "Grapefruit" by Jo Malone is a huge relief by direct comparison! To my nose, "Mure et Musc" smells like a hundred strawberry shortcakes were bottled and made into a perfume, and I found that a bit headache inducing! Just wearing "Grapefruit" is actually refreshing by comparison! It's a very light, bright, sparkling, lively and invigorating scent! I actually think it is pretty nice on it's own, although yes, like Mushroom said, this whole fragrance line is made for layering!
That said, although I do enjoy the scent of this cologne, I think I would probably like it on a guy more than on myself. It is actually a more masculine citrus scent. Personally, on myself, I prefer wearing the Pink Grapefruit EDT from The Body Shop. It's a much prettier and more feminine grapefruit scent than Jo Malone's is. This one is mostly a sour and savory herbal scent, whereas "Pink Grapefruit" from The Body Shop has flowery and sweet notes added, making it a prettier scent. However, if what you want is a masculine or more unisex grapefruit, then yes, you probably want to check this one out! (Plus, Jo Malone probably has sweeter scents you could layer this with as well!)
Overall it is a very nice, pleasant smelling fragrance, and I definitely give it a thumbs up! It's worth trying at least once if you're a fan of citrus and sporty scents at all!
19th December, 2015

Mûre et Musc by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I accidentally sprayed too much of this perfume on, so I'm actually finding it a bit overwhelmingly strong right now! I'm pretty sure it's the EDT I'm testing as well, not "Mure et Musc Extreme", unless my sample was labelled wrong! So, be careful when you spray this one, it does have quite a lot of sillage and projection! A bit too much for my taste actually, but I'm still giving it a thumbs up because, regardless of how strong it is, "Mure et Musc" is still a really beautiful feminine perfume!
When I first sprayed it on, my first and immediate thought was actually, "Oh, that's so nice!" I actually loved the scent so much that I just wanted to keep spraying it, so I added at least a couple of sprays too many to my wrists! :D
When I first sprayed it, I couldn't tell the actual strength (sillage) of the perfume as well. I mainly just noticed that it smells like a very lovely scented feminine soap in the top notes! After at least ten to fifteen minutes, when the fragrance had a chance to develop, I could tell it was projecting more and more of a cloud of perfume! It also, however, gave me a chance to notice that the notes it projects are less soapy in the heart of the fragrance (although I can still smell those notes too.) The heart notes are a lot more sweet, and I can actually detect the sugary red berry notes, which actually seem like the strawberry notes in Marc Jacob's "Daisy" to me, only a lot more of it! I disagree with Luca Turin about the current formulation of this perfume as well. I can actually smell the creamy-tart yogurt type of scent that he describes, mixed in with soapy musk and super sweet strawberry! I can understand why this is L'Artisan Parfumeur's most popular women's perfume, it's absolutely gorgeous! Like I said, just be careful you don't overdo it when you put this one on, because it can be quite a heavy scent! Also, I think this one is definitely better for cold weather! I don't think I would like this in the summer at all! I do recommend it if you like sweet and musky perfumes at all though. You can try it at a local Sephora, or order a sample. I think it's worth trying at least once.
18th December, 2015
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Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This perfume smells mainly like a cross between a wood working shop and slightly sweet-medicinal/Eucalyptus notes. Some of you might think that sounds awful, but it's actually a very nice and pleasant smelling scent!
Initially, when I first sprayed it on (unlike Turin), I actually thought that it seemed far too heavily masculine to be categorized as a "nice scent" for a woman to wear! I could smell it like crazy as well, so my initial reaction wasn't altogether positive!
Not very long after spraying it though, this perfume actually settles down a lot! As Turin says, it actually does remain mostly a skin scent. There isn't a lot of sillage or projection from this one, and all the notes that it does project are quite soft and subtle. I find that there actually is enough sweetness in the notes (that it projects) that I actually do enjoy wearing it as well. However, it isn't so sweet that a guy wouldn't like it. I think that "Timbuktu" actually is a really nice fragrance that both a man and a woman could share. That said, I also think that the women who would enjoy this one the most are probably also the same ones who are fans of "Ormonde Woman" by Ormonde Jayne, or that style of fragrance anyway. This fragrance actually reminds me of "Ormonde Woman" quite a bit actually, although I think I like "Timbuktu" more.
So, yes, this is a very nice, pleasant woody, unisex scent, and if you are a fan of perfumes with wood notes at all, and you haven't tried this one yet, I do highly recommend it! You should be able to try it at your local Sephora, or, you can order a sample. I do highly recommend it, I don't think you'll be disappointed! :)
17th December, 2015

Tory Burch by Tory Burch

I love this perfume! Honestly, in my humble opinion, "Tory Burch" by Tory Burch is one of the best smelling women's perfumes I have ever tried!
When you first spray it on, the top notes are almost all orange and grapefruit, and it is a wonderful, bright, sparkling, uplifting and invigorating scent! Last night, I got almost no sleep whatsoever, and I felt completely terrible this morning. I got out of bed, but felt ready to crash only a couple of hours later. I almost didn't even want to bother with a perfume today! Then, I decided to put this one on anyway, and the fresh spritz of citrus raised my spirits immediately, and I instantly felt more awake, alert, happy and able to function! Now, that is the magic of aromatherapy! :D
I have to say this perfume reminds me a bit of "Happy" by Clinique, but I think I like this one more! The citrus top notes last a lot longer, and the scent just seems to have much better longevity and greater sillage and projection in general!
Once the top notes fade out, the scent mostly develops into a sweet smelling floral bouquet including orange blossom, jasmine, peony and tuberose. The flowers are mingled with the subtle spicy scent of pink pepper, keeping the fragrance invigorating and lively even once the citrus disappears! I find the pepper mostly stays a skin scent though, and the floral notes tend to project a lot more, so the perfume comes across as mostly sweet, with just a hint of spice.
This is actually the second time I've tried wearing this perfume now, and the first time I wore it I also noticed that I received lots of nice compliments! I had people saying, "oh, that smells so nice, what is it?" :)
I honestly feel like this perfume is just perfect in every way for me, and I have to give it two thumbs up and five stars. There is just nothing that I dislike about it! If you still haven't tried this one, I highly recommend that you get a sample of it today, especially if you're a big fan of both fresh, citrus and sweet florals. Or, try it at Sephora. I really don't think you'll be disappointed.
15th December, 2015

Black Opium Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

This is nothing like the original "Opium." The only thing it shares in common is the name, and really, this one belongs to a completely different fragrance family! It's primarily a mixture of black coffee, sweet smelling flowers, cedar and patchouli, making it kind of hard to categorize in fragrance families! Initially, when I first sprayed it on, it reminded me of "Feminite Du Bois" by Serge Lutens, and it does have some similar qualities to that scent. "Black Opium" is much sweeter though, and also has an almost edible, gourmand Christmas fruit-cake quality to it as well, at least to my nose, and on me, it does! Some of you might think that sounds horrible, but to me, I have to admit, this is one of the nicest smelling perfumes I've ever had the good fortune to come across! Like the Serge Lutens fragrance, this one also seems classy and chic (to me.) Like the original "Opium" it shares it's name with, it also simultaneously seems warm, sexy and sensual at the same time! It's definitely a great perfume, and I highly recommend trying a sample, or trying it at your local department store or Sephora today, if you haven't yet! I think it's really worth it!
14th December, 2015

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Honestly, I have to say that I don't understand how anyone can't like this perfume! It's been a while since I tried wearing "Opium" (the original) so I forgot some things about it, but I have some of it sprayed on my wrist right now so I can actually review it properly!
First of all, on me, and to my nose, it's actually quite subtle! I didn't spray on a lot but I can still tell that on myself "Opium" doesn't have really huge sillage and projection. It's actually quite soft and powdery sweet, and once it dries down to the actual heart of the fragrance, even the spices aren't really that heavy or strong. It's just a really beautiful smelling perfume, and again, I noticed that I receive compliments when I wear this one! So my point is, I don't understand how anyone can actually be really bothered by this scent or not want to sit next to someone wearing it! I think it's so gorgeous and perfect that I just want to go on smelling it all day! (Luckily, the longevity of "Opium" is really good!) I also want to add, without any exaggeration whatsoever, that "Opium" is simply just sex in a bottle to me! It is, hands down, one of the sexiest perfumes that exists, and again, if I made a list of top ten best perfumes ever made, "Opium" might be on that list! Or, at least, it's definitely one the ten best orientals ever made! I also want to add that I greatly prefer "Opium" to "Shalimar.". On me, "Shalimar" is far too overwhelmingly strong and just never seems right for everyday wear. I also just think that "Opium" smells better. Plus, I never received the same compliments when I tried "Shalimar." So, to me, this one is the clear winner! Probably most of you know "Opium", but for younger readers, if you've never tried it I definitely think you should! It's just a really great classic perfume! :)
13th December, 2015

Love Story by Chloé

This is a fairly linear fragrance, which is one of the most perfect examples of a feminine white floral perfume that I have ever had to good fortune to come across!
It is almost entirely composed of a blend of orange blossom and stephanotis, resulting in one of the most beautiful white floral scents ever made! (In my humble opinion.) What you smell when you spray this perfume on is what it stays smelling like for hours! I love that they (wisely) chose a linear structure for this scent, as opposed to the more common pyramid structure. The orange blossom and stephanotis notes are so completely perfect that I would never want to interrupt them or "ruin" them with anything else! This is another perfume that I consider "perfection in a bottle." It's so good that I almost think it should be considered a "reference white floral", regardless of the fact that it was only just released last year! Overall, "Love Story" is pretty, delicate, almost intoxicatingly sweet, indescribably lovely and purely feminine! It might possibly make my list of top ten best feminine perfumes ever, if I ever got around to making one. I definitely give this five stars and two thumbs up, and I would consider making this my signature scent! :)
I highly recommend trying a sample of this perfume today if you like white florals at all. I don't think you'll be disappointed. In my humble opinion, there really isn't much to not like.
12th December, 2015

Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens

Normally, I love orange-blossom and white florals in general, so I thought that this perfume should be one that I absolutely love! Plus, I sprayed some of it on a card from the tester bottle in Sephora and, for some reason, at the time, I thought it came out smelling exactly like sweet, fruity orange drink! I kind of wondered why an expensive perfume would smell like orange flavored candy but I decided to try a sample and review it at home anyway!
So, today, I finally sprayed some on my actual skin, and I realized with shock that sometimes there really is a huge world of difference in how a scent can smell on a piece of cardboard-paper, or sprayed in the air or on fabric, compared with how the notes come out when actually sprayed on your skin! To tell you the truth, I already knew about this, but with some fragrances there can be more difference than with others, and this is one where, on me anyway, there is an enormous difference! (Plus, now I'm smelling it here in my room, without the other smells in a cosmetics store blending in my nose!)
So, yes, "Fleurs D'Oranger" doesn't actually smell like orange drink, or even predominantly like citrus, contrary to what Luca Turin says. (At least, to my nose it doesn't) I kind of wonder if he made the same mistake of just spraying it on a piece of cardboard-paper too, instead of actually testing it on himself. This fragrance actually is predominantly a white floral bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine, rose and tuberose, although I have to admit I can't really smell the rose at all although apparently it's there. Normally, I love this type of perfume, but honestly, there are a lot of other white florals I like a lot more than this one! Actually, I've found that I don't really like the way white florals are done in the Serge Lutens line! I also tried "A La Nuit", which is his night-blooming jasmine scent, and I actually thought that one smelled far too bitter and green. I like this one a lot more, it's much more pleasant to my nose! But it's too masculine for me! I think I would find this one incredibly sexy on a guy, which is why I'm giving it a thumbs up and four stars! I highly recommend it to all the guys, and I think you should try a sample of it today! For women though, you might not necessarily like this, even if you generally like white florals. It isn't really pretty or delicate like feminine white florals usually are, plus it also has cumin in it, which I almost never care for! You can try it if you like, but personally, I wouldn't wear this one! There are lots of other orange blossom perfumes I prefer on myself!
11th December, 2015

L'Eau de L'Artisan by L'Artisan Parfumeur

When you first spray this one on, you mostly just get the lemon-lime top note, which is slightly misleading because this isn't actually a predominantly sporty-citrus scent! That said, the top note in this perfume is gorgeous! It's a bright, sparkling, lively citrus that will automatically raise your spirits and make you feel happy! I feel that it's just plain wrong to categorize this perfume as "lemon-verbena" though, as Luca Turin does in his "A-Z Guide to Perfume." The lemon top note lasts maybe ten minutes, maximum. After that, the scent transitions from a bright, sparkling citrus into a fresh, green and slightly spicy-herbal fragrance! When the lemon note first fades out, aside from just "green", it was mainly the basil note that really stood out, to my nose! But, after about twenty to twenty five minutes or so, when the scent really has a chance to develop properly, the spicy basil smell fades out too and what remains is very much like the refreshing, light scent of a cup of green tea, which is also listed as a note for this perfume! The changing nature of this perfume makes it hard to put in one fragrance category, but it's definitely a light, green and refreshing scent, to me. It isn't overly strong or heavy, and doesn't have a lot of longevity or sillage, but that actually makes it perfect as a warm weather and summer perfume, and also makes it great for normal, everyday wear. It's also another fragrance that I would definitely say is a great choice to wear if you're going out to have dinner at a restaurant, because the green smells in this one all seem like things that can be paired with food! So, it's a really great fragrance in a number of ways, the only possible draw back being that you may find you want to re-apply this one throughout the day. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this scent, and I definitely give it five stars and a big thumbs up! :) I highly recommend trying a sample of this if you haven't yet, I think it's worth it!
10th December, 2015

Velvet Sugar by Bath and Body Works

This is a super fun scent that smells almost exactly like cotton candy, jelly beans, Turkish Delight or almost any other similar confection that is almost entirely composed of layers upon layers of sugar, with some fruity scent thrown in! :D
I'm wearing it in the body mist, and it most strongly gives the candy-like impression when it's first sprayed on, but the scent honestly doesn't change that much, except that it has some very light fruity top notes that fade out fairly fast.
Overall, "Velvet Sugar" is a really great yummy-smelling body mist that you can wear pretty much any time! If you want a light perfume that is a super sweet candy-like gourmand I definitely recommend this one! I also want to say that I would recommend buying this over Aquolina "Pink Sugar!" Personally, I always found that one overly strong with too much sillage. "Velvet Sugar" is just right though! Definitely try this next time you're in a Bath and Body Works store if you haven't yet! It's great!
09th December, 2015

Diorissimo Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I notice that there are quite a few notes listed for this perfume, but honestly, to my nose, this one smells almost entirely like a realistic lilac soliflore! Lilac is really all I can smell in "Diorissimo", aside from the fact that there is also an odd plastic-smelling (or latex balloon) note as well (to my nose anyway) but fortunately that only lasts maybe 15 minutes at the most and then fades out and disappears. If the plastic note actually lasted I probably would have only given this one a neutral rating, but I love the smell of lilac so much that I just can't help giving this a thumbs up!
This really is a beautiful scent that truly reminds me of warm sunny weather and spring time, and just makes me feel good. It's very lovely and feminine, and I recommend it to everyone unless you just can't stand the smell of lilacs! I know I have met at least a few people who fall in that latter category, but if that's not you then I highly recommend trying a sample of this at least once! Personally, I love lilacs, and it's so hard to find a good perfume that predominantly smells like this! It really does not seem to be a popular scent! So, if you're like me, and you've always found that disappointing then you really need to try "Diorissimo!"
I will also add that I'm actually testing this perfume from a sample tube I bought online, so I'm not sure if what I'm wearing right now is a vintage fragrance or not? If it is, you may have to search ebay and other online specialty stores for this one, since I'm not sure if Dior actually still produces and sells this perfume or not! Still, it's worth trying. I definitely give it a thumbs up! Very beautiful scent!
08th December, 2015

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

I think I mostly agree with everything that Luca Turin says about this one in his "A-Z Guide to Perfume." :)
This is truly a gorgeous scent, and there really isn't much to not like about it, in my own humble opinion. :)
I'm currently testing it out of a sample tube, dabbed on with a stick, and, applied that way, this perfume really mostly just stays a skin scent, and has very little projection or sillage at all. I'm not sure what the actual sillage is like on this one when it's actually sprayed from the bottle, but I suspect it's a more subtle, quiet scent to begin with. There is really nothing in the way this perfume smells that comes across as an overly "loud" or very heavy or bold scent.
When it's first applied, "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder mostly (to my nose) is a lot of fresh, green "dewy" notes mingled with pink pepper in the top notes. There is, apparently, supposed to be some violet, freesia and tuberose notes, as well as some berries in the top notes as well, but I mostly just smell green notes and pink pepper! (You probably need to spray it from the actual bottle to get other notes more.) It's a very lovely, light and slightly spicy scent that I definitely enjoy a lot! Years ago, I remember that The Body Shop once had a limited edition perfume with pink pepper notes, unfortunately I can't remember what it was called at all! "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder actually reminds me of that one a lot though, at least in how the top notes were done in this perfume. I always loved the pink pepper perfume from The Body Shop too, and thought it was one of the nicest smelling things, and I feel pretty much the same way about "Pleasures."
This perfume also reminds me of "Neroli: Secrets D'Essences" EDP from Yves Rocher as well, in the sense that, when you first spray this one on, it mostly just smells spicy and green in the top notes, and that smell, unlike many other top notes in perfumes, lasts a surprisingly long time! Almost to the extent that you start to wonder if you're actually wearing a floral perfume at all? And then, later, after maybe at least 25 minutes to half an hour, the scent eventually develops into a beautiful floral heart, and it seems almost as if a gorgeous potpourri of flowers are blooming out of a lot of greenery and spice! The flowers in this one are different, being a mixture of peony, rose, jasmine, geranium, lilac, lily and some tropical flower called karo karounde, but it still reminds me of the "Neroli" scent in that it comes across like a lovely, sweet smelling and fresh floral bouquet, gently mingled with a hint of a somewhat spicy, peppery scent. I agree with Turin too though that the flowers and musk in this perfume tend to come across as "soapy" and clean, although not in the same way as aldehydes, which seem far "soapier" to my nose. Still, I can understand the comparison to Dove soap once the floral heart of this fragrance unfolds. It definitely has a certain quality that seems very much like that! :)
Overall, "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder is just a really gorgeous women's perfume, and I definitely highly recommend it to everyone! Even if you think you're not a fan of florals, I think you should at least try a sample of this, or try it from the tester bottle at an Estee Lauder counter (or at Sephora.) I think they usually have one! I really think this one is good enough that it's worth trying at least once! It's definitely a five star perfume in my opinion, and I give it a thumbs up for sure! :)
07th December, 2015

Datura Noir by Serge Lutens

The name of this perfume (named after the poisonous Datura plant) strongly implies a sense of danger, and makes it seem like it has a somewhat dark, theatrical and dangerous theme behind it.
Honestly, I find that all a bit misleading though. The only thing about the name "Datura Noir" that I think accurately describes this scent is the theme of a tropical rainforest flower, which this fragrance actually does convey pretty well! One of the most prominent notes, to my nose, in this perfume is the coconut note, making it smell a lot like a sweet, coconut scented sun tan oil! :D
That particular type of scent always makes me think of the summer, sun, beach vacations, cruise ships and warm, tropical climates! So, having the name of a beautiful tropical flower is actually very fitting in that respect. :)
Otherwise, it's definitely a very fun and upbeat fragrance, to me. I wouldn't really call it dark or mysterious. To me, "Sa Majeste La Rose" or "Ambre Sultan" were more dark, dangerous and "femme fatale" scents.
"Datura Noir" just makes me think of a topless woman on a beach! :D Definitely sexy, but in a different way!
I want to add one more thing, and I suspect that the creators of this perfume will probably hate me for saying this, but to me, "Datura Noir" actually smells a lot like one of the Herbal Essences shampoos: the "hydrating" one that was sold in a blue bottle. (Not sure if it still is or not.) It also reminds me of the "Mexican Aloe Vera" scented body wash from Yves Rocher! If you've smelled either or both of those, yeah, this perfume is actually quite similar to them! :D I actually don't even mean that in a bad way, I absolutely love this scent! I think it smells so awesome that I would want to bathe in it! It's definitely that type of tropical, beachy coconut scent though! I definitely recommend it highly if you're a fan of that type of perfume! And, yes, I give this one two thumbs up!
29th November, 2015

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

This has very similar qualities to the original "Paris", but it's basically a lighter version! I know the notes that are listed for this one are different from those that were listed for "Paris", but to my nose, they smell very similar! I said in an earlier review that "Cerisier en Fleurs" from Yves Rocher was the shy, sweet, quiet cousin of "Paris", and I just realized today that this one actually is too! :D Although it smells quite similar to "Paris", this one goes on smelling quite subtle and light by comparison, and almost seems more like a body mist (or EDT) in it's strength. It doesn't have huge sillage or projection like it's more "in your face" cousin. :D And, I will add that I sprayed it on from the actual tester bottle in Sephora. I wasn't dabbing it on from a test tube! This one actually is surprisingly quiet and subtle! I think it would be great as a warm weather perfume, probably. It also doesn't have great longevity, so you might need to re-apply throughout the day. It dries down to a very lovely, powdery sweet scent though, that I really enjoy a lot! Still, after a few hours it's almost entirely disappeared on me, so yes, this one will probably need more than one application. I still recommend trying it though, especially if you always liked the smell of "Paris" but thought it should be more subtle! :D I don't think you'll be disappointed!
28th November, 2015

Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens

To my nose, this perfume smells almost identical to "Nirvana" by Elizabeth and James (white version), and to a rose fragrance that L'Occitane en Provence had (I can't remember the name) in the top and heart notes. Also, like "Nirvana", I noticed that this perfume also had the magical power to relieve my horrible stress headaches! Seriously, I kid you not, I had a stress headache that lasted almost two days, and nothing could cure it! Then, I made a trip to Sephora, and sprayed on some of this perfume from the tester bottle! ("Sa Majeste La Rose", not "Nirvana.) I noticed shortly after that my headache was cured! Now, part of that might also have to do with the shopping therapy, but I have also read that rose scents can have aromatherapy properties, which include relieving stress and anxiety. (And, apparently curing headaches!) I don't think I fully believed that until today! In any case, if you don't want or need roses to aid you in aromatherapy, this is definitely a very sexy perfume! It is almost entirely a very realistic rose soliflore, until it dries down to the base. It actually wasn't until this perfume dried down after a few hours that I could actually smell any honey at all! (Since this one is supposed to have honey as a note too.) The drydown skin scent is still quite rosy, but I can actually detect some honey as well. However, mostly this is not a sweet, innocent, light or girlie scent. Like "Nirvana", this is actually a fairly dark and mysterious rose fragrance, and comes across like a perfume that a femme fatale should wear! It's not really overly heavy though, and doesn't have the longevity or sillage that I've found in some other rose perfumes. I still like it quite a lot though! :) I definitely recommend trying it at least once, if you're a fan of rose perfumes at all.
28th November, 2015

Fantasy Intimate Edition by Britney Spears

I'm giving this a thumbs up because it's a nice vanilla perfume that I think a lot of women would probably really like.
Honestly though, I find it a little boring. I think I prefer Rocker Femme Fantasy because of the added blackberry liqueur note. This one pretty much just smells like vanilla and coconut cream (although coconut cream isn't listed as a note on this one.) It's not very interesting or original or new. Really cute bottle though! :)
27th November, 2015

Méchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I really don't know why I wanted to try this one, I should have known better!
Just based on the name alone I thought it would probably smell gross, and it actually does! I fully agree with Luca Turin's review of this one. There is nothing pleasant about the way it smells, and I wouldn't want any guy to wear this. Try it at your own peril, but I honestly don't recommend getting a sample. Save your money.
27th November, 2015

Purr by Katy Perry

Of course it goes without saying that this is one of the best perfumes for bottle collectors ever! :D The cat-shaped, jeweled bottle complete with "collar" and charm are, of course, a huge part of the appeal with this fragrance. The first time I ever saw this one in a local department store I was immediately drawn to it like a magnet!
The perfume itself is quite nice too, although I would say it's probably one of those scents that I don't mind in cold weather, but I think I might strongly dislike in the summer! As another reviewer said, it is very strong and sweet, since sweet notes are right in the base of this one too!
It's actually another perfume, like "The One" by Dolce & Gabbana, that smells like what I thought "Chant D'Aromes" by Guerlain was supposed to smell like based on Turin's description in "The A-Z Guide to Perfume." "Chant D'Aromes", to me, really doesn't smell much like peach, it's more like sugar and spice. "Purr" by Katy Perry, on the other hand, is definitely very, very "peaches 'n cream!" It's another very dark, cold, dreary November day here where I live, and I'm definitely enjoying the fruity-sweet scent of this perfume!It's an instant pick-me-up if you're feeling slightly down. I definitely recommend trying this one if you like very sweet fruity-florals, and especially if you love both peaches and coconut, since I find both of those notes pretty dominant in this scent!
26th November, 2015

Chantilly by Dana

This perfume is basically like a less expensive dupe of a Classic Guerlain like Shalimar or Mitsouko, although I would say it actually reminds me of Mitsouko a bit more.
I actually used to wear this one a lot when I was a teenager, and, at the time it always used to remind me of baby powder for some reason! Although it does have a slightly powdery quality, I just sprayed some of it on from a tester bottle at the drug store, and actually realized that it is mostly a mossy green-woody chypre! I can instantly recognize that now that I have acquired some more knowledge of perfumes that I never used to have! It is also quite unisex and could easily be worn by a man, as well as by a woman, since it really doesn't have any very sweet notes. It's interesting to me that as a teenager I never noticed that! My nose has become so used to all of the very sweet vanilla and fruity-florals that dominate the market now, that, now that I have gone back and revisited "Chantilly" I realize that it is, in fact, quite a dry fragrance compared to a lot of what is sold now!
It is, however, still a really great perfume and I recommend trying it! It is in the lower end price range, as I said, but to me, it doesn't smell like a lower end fragrance. I think it's just as great as Mitsouko! If "Chantilly" has one drawback it would be that it really doesn't have a lot of sillage or longevity on me! I think one other reviewer on here mentioned that this perfume is way stronger than Shalimar. On me, the opposite is actually true. This fragrance is quite quiet and subtle, fades out kind of fast, and seems to remain mainly a skin scent. Shalimar is almost obnoxiously strong on me by comparison! (I suspect Mitsouko probably is too, but I've never found a tester bottle in stores, so I've only been able to sample it from small tubes with dabbing sticks.) Like I said, this one isn't very expensive though, so reapplying a lot isn't really a big deal. I definitely think you should try this if you like dry woody, unisex fragrances and mossy green chypres at all. You'll probably like it! :)
24th November, 2015