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One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

To be honest I didn't expect that much from this fragrance based on my experience with "Silver Scent" also from the brand which is terrible in my opinion but "One Man Show" really surprised me!

This fragrance opens up with a fresh, lemony, herbal, green and peppery aroma that smells kind of like "7Up" and "Sprite" but more intense! bergamot gives the opening a beautiful masculine old school fresh vibe while pine needle and basil giving it bitter green and bright woody aspect and finally lots of patchouli creating a strong peppery aura around all mentioned notes.

As time passes some sweetness joins in and some floral notes showing their faces. the peppery part gets smoother and green and herbal part gets a little bit stronger.
The base of the fragrance is almost the same as mid and it's a semi sweet, warm and kind of bitter green, woody and floral scent the overall smells really nice.

The whole performance right from the start till the end is a classic journey so if you're not into classic fragrances in general ... stay away!
Projection is really good and solid and longevity can easily reach 8 hours and more so don't worry about them.
To use it properly without annoying anybody and also yourself the weather must be at least cool so except summer you can wear it easily in all remaining seasons.
You can't go wrong with this especially with it's very cheap and affordable price!
31st March, 2017

Batucada by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is a very fresh, green, salty and aquatic scent with touch of woods and very faint florals.
Right at the start I can smell fresh lime that has a tart and very bitter aroma just like the smell and taste of itís peel and there is a very salty green note right beside it to amp up the freshness. it does smell fine but itís also very boring!

After a few minutes lime is gone and only thing that I can smell is salty green herbs and very transparent peppery cedar wood and slight amount of clean musk. Itís funny but mid of the fragrance smells kind of like pickled cucumber! when you open a jar of pickled cucumber a strong salty bitter herbal (mostly tarragon) aura comes out of it and this fragrance reminds me of that moment.

In the base bitter green and salty feel settles down quite a bit and scent gets more musky and slightly sweet and now extremely light florals joining in to end changes of this fragrance on your skin.
Even though itís an aquatic fragrance projection is mostly close to the skin and longevity is decent and around 3-4 hours.
You can do much better than this with your money! donít waste it here!
06th December, 2016

Explosions díEmotions : Haute Voltige by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is a simple and pleasing fresh fruity fragrance that smells like something that Iím sure many of you tasted it and enjoyed it many times specially when you were a kid!

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh and slightly tart pomegranate smell that kind of smells like strawberry as well and there is musk to warm it up a little bit and make it semi sweet. there is also a fresh peppery feel and a little naughty and woody smell but both in the background.
The whole idea of this scent reminds me of the taste of fruity gummy bear and if I would be more specific those red ones that they do taste like strawberry or cherry and in this case pomegranate.
When you smell it close you can feel that hint of woody bitterness and some peppery feel but when you smell it in the air surrounding you it does smell like red gummy bear that actually made me laugh so hard for about a minute!

As time goes by the tart feeling fades away and scent gets slightly more woody and more bitter but still very smooth and transparent. now in this part some floral notes show their faces but they are very faint and you have to look for it if you wan to smell it.

In the base Iím getting pretty the same thing as mid but now floral part is much easier to detect while fresh and semi sweet fruity note dominating and there are bright bitter woods beside it. no changes till the end.

Projection is very good and even though itís a fresh scent it projects really well and as far as longevity it stayed for about 5 hours on my skin.
05th December, 2016
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Aramis by Aramis

I didnít have the opportunity to test any Aramis fragrances until now and my dad wasnít (and still isnít) one of those fragrance lovers so this oldie does not remind me of him.
After testing this I was just amazed how beautiful and classy this cheap (as far as price!) fragrance smells like.

At the opening I can smell a bitter herbal note mixed with some spices and they are softened by mellow sweetness and very rich and at the same time very smooth floral notes. floral in this fragrance kind of smells like rose but also mixed with other floral notes that their combination just feels so classy and manly. It doesnít feel feminine and fluffy at all. something that truly I loved and got my attention right from the first sniff was how amazingly well balanced this fragrance is. everything meshed together with just right amount of power. itís not so bitter or so sweet or so floral Ö it's just how it should be.

As time passed the bitterness of herbal notes and sweetness of musk both got smoother and the magic of the show, showed up! in the mid leather joins in and adds a smooth bitter leathery, slightly smoky and slightly animalic feel to the main semi sweet, herbal, floral and spicy backbone of the fragrance and makes scent more manly and more classy.

In the base scent did not change that much from the mid but as scent was smoothing down Iíve got a little stronger spicy/peppery feel and a mellow powdery aura in the background.

A true winner in my book. I loved and enjoyed every single second of it on my skin.
Since I was definitely testing newest formulation of this fragrance projection and longevity wasnít beast mode like original ones but it wasnít weak and watery at all. projection was good and above average and it stayed for around 8 hours on my skin.
05th December, 2016

Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

Vanilla heaven or hell Ö depends on how much you love/hate vanilla!
This is a simple but at the same time very sensual and yummy fragrance based and mostly dominated by vanilla so if you donít like vanilla, stay away!

Right off the bat and after spraying it on your skin you will get hit by strong and at the same time smooth blast of vanilla with some green and slightly peppery notes. vanilla here is warm and sweet but in creamy way and that green and slightly bitter smell in the background helps to balance the sweetness of vanilla perfectly. best thing to describe vanilla smell in this fragrance would be vanilla ice-cream. Itís a little sweeter than vanilla ice-cream but it has a mellow and smooth vanilla which isnít potent and overly sweet.

After a few minutes and when things starting to smooth down a beautiful and mellow white floral kind of smell shows up that beside vanilla and that green smell adds more character and beauty to the scent. as time passes by more that bitter green and slightly bitter feeling at the opening starts to get bolder and stronger and creates a strong bitter green and kind of an aromatic scent with some peppery aura that pushes vanilla in the background for couple of hours. the mid is a bitter, aromatic and green smell mixed with creamy sweet vanilla and some floral notes that they also have mellow powdery feel as well but not too much.

In the base again vanilla comes in front while it gets sweeter from previous parts and that bitter feeling goes in the background. itís a lovely vanilla based fragrance but since itís a linear and long lasting fragrance you may get bored! be aware of that! projection is very good but not in your face and very harsh and longevity is around 10-12 hours on the skin. itís a cold weather fragrance so donít even think of using it in spring and summer or even warm fall days!
02nd December, 2016

Chambre Noire by Olfactive Studio

Chambre noire is a well-made spicy, woody and ambery leather with good quality and very pleasing smell.

At the opening I can smell a warm and semi sweet boozy amber mixed with slightly smoky/musky leather followed by some spices. also I can smell a fruity note in the background that smells like figs. everything is smooth and well blended and nothing screams at you. there is also a mellow powdery feel in the background that adds more character but not too much. itís warm and sweet but not sugary and not even creamy. itís spicy but very smooth. itís smoky and leathery but more like sprinkle of leather on top not a rough LEATHER! itís slightly powdery but it doesnít remind you of baby powder and finally a little fruity with oily kind of feel mixed with it.

In the mid the fruity part gets a little stronger while smoky feel is still there and a little easier to detect but now itís more incense with peppery feel rather than that musky leather at the start. the overall smell and feel in pretty the same but there are minor changes as I've described.

In the base sandalwood shows up and adds a dry woody smell to this mix and at the same time mutes the fruitiness and the sweetness noticeably that makes scent more bitter and more manly but still in a smooth way.

Projection is average. except 15 minutes of the start that projection is above average the rest of it is average and mostly close to the skin and longevity is around 5 hours.
27th November, 2016

L'Homme Idťal Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Guerlain LíHomme Ideal is a semi fresh fruity and woodsy scent that smells very pleasant and at the same time very familiar and also very linear! the opening is a fruity smell of tart cherry jam mixed with some green and slightly bitter woodsy notes that has a piny vibe. itís tart and semi fresh with dominating tart cherry smell but there is a warm and sweet smell mixed with it that reminds you off tart cherry jam but definitely less sweet. the green feel gives the fruitiness even more fresh vibe but because of slightly smoky woody/leathery smell in the background it's dark and not so fresh. the opening reminds me of three other fragrances that they do have the same DNA (not the same smell). first one is ďThierry Mugler A*Men Pure HavanaĒ. second one is ďJohn Varvatos ManĒ and third one is ďBurberry LondonĒ. so if you like these three fragrances there is a high chance that you like this fragrance as well.

In the mid Iím getting the same smell but itís less smoky and woody and the bitter feeling is now smells like bitter almonds with slightly oily feel. in this part vetiver shows up and gives the fragrance easy to detect earthy aura that it gets stronger and stronger as time passes by but it never gets so loud to dominate over other notes. so youíre gonna get a sweet and tart cherry smell with bitter almonds and some earthy feeling from vetiver from mid till the end. there is nothing exciting and different about it but I canít say anything bad about it either except having a linear scent. it's a pleasing scent and I canít argue with that!
Projection is good and above average and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
26th November, 2016

Armani Code Ultimate for Women by Giorgio Armani

This is a beautiful and charming bitter sweet white floral type of fragrance.
At the beginning I can smell a warm and semi sweet vanilla followed by some floral notes and a pungent feel with peppery kind of smell that it seems itís because of ginger but I think itís patchouli here that creates this peppery feel (Iíll explain later why there is patchouli here not ginger) . the sweetness is creamy and very sensual while floral part is smooth and that peppery feel is a little off-putting at the start but it settles down after a few seconds so donít worry about that. after only a minute I can feel noticeable changes from the start. that peppery feel is almost gone but now scent has a bitter aromatic, kind of green and slightly soapy aura. this feeling comes from mixture of orange blossom and bitter oranges. orange blossom creates a green, clean and slightly soapy aura while bitter oranges giving it as we do expect an easy to detect bitterness. bitter oranges here are mostly bitter and slightly fresh and citrusy. itís like only the bitterness of the orangeís peel has been used here in this fragrance.

In the mid the bitterness and aromatic kind of feel gets stronger and it mutes the creamy sweetness a little bit (even though the sweetness wasnít that much!). also I can smell a mellow earthy and damp (the reason that I said there is patchouli in this fragrance) and mellow powdery feel both in the background that they give the fragrance more character. the mid is a bitter aromatic, creamy sweet, slightly citrusy, slightly earthy and slightly powdery smell followed by smooth white floral notes to mellow things down and also give the smell a sensual feminine feel. youíre gonna have this smell for couple of hours and in this time earthy and damp feel gets stronger and easier to detect.

In the base fragrance looses many of itís layers and gets simpler. the bitter feeling is very mellow now and earthy feel is almost gone. floral and powdery feels are also weak and completely in the background. now in this part vanilla has a chance to shine more and it turns from creamy sweet vanilla into a more warm and more sweet vanilla with burned sugary kind of feel but still very smooth without making you sick from to much sweetness that usually this type of vanilla has!

Projection is strong but not in your face. definitely much more than average and as far as longevity Iíve got around 15 hours! so you can put this on when youíre going to work or outside to do whatever you want and you can be sure this fragrance stays with you all day and even when youíre going to sleep. I believe this fragrance is mostly for formal use but it can be used daily as well.
20th November, 2016

Hatria by Angela Ciampagna

If you know me you probably know that Iím not a fan of rose. I have a few samples from this house and just randomly picked out one without even looking at the name and sprayed it on my hand and itís a rosy scent! there is an old proverb (in my country) that it says: ďSnake doesnít like oregano but it grows right in front of his house!Ē. the story of my life! anyway lets talk about the fragrance.

This fragrance opens of with a fresh, semi sweet musky rose mixed with saffron and a little bit of spices completely in the background. I can smell both rose and saffron but rose in definitely stronger and it has a soft powdery aura and they both are fresh but not watery and transparent. they are mellow sweet and warm because of musk and slightly peppery because of some spices that make this fragrance a spring and fall type of fragrance. Iím not getting any oud or woody smell at the start.

In the mid I can smell almost the same thing but now saffron is trying to outgo rose and they are kind of in a side by side race. sometimes I can smell saffron more and sometimes more rose. also scent gets a little warmer and a little sweeter but still very smooth. that spicy/peppery note at the beginning now gets stronger and creates a bitter peppery and kind of woodsy scent beside sweet rose and saffron. Is it oud? I donít know Ö but it just smells more peppery and spicy rather than woody.

In the base that spicy/woody scent fades away while everything is very smooth and calm. even though now spices are gone I can still feel a bitter smell in the background but now it has an aromatic kind of feel instead of peppery and woody. Itís not earthy at all but I think itís patchouli that creates this aroma.

It does smell fine and very simple, safe and pretty but does it smell different from tons of musky sweet rosy and woodsy fragrances for women out there? NO! it just smells very familiar but good thing about it is that it's very well balanced.
Projection for the first hour in good and above average but after that it gets close to the skin but surprisingly longevity is very good and I got around 9 hours out of it.
19th November, 2016

Dťclaration by Cartier

A semi fresh and heavy spicy fragrance with lots of characters that smells formal and dandy.
Right at the start I can smell a fresh and bitter citrusy scent that while itís fresh, it has a noticeable warmth quality from lots of spices and a mellow green, clean and kind of soapy aura in the background and there are easy to detect floral notes right beside them. when I say floral notes do not freak out! I canít point at any particular flower but I will guarantee that they are not pretty and fluffy ones that remind you of women fragrances. they do smell very rough, wild and manly. itís a classic scent but at the same time with a modern twist and you can feel Jean-Claude Ellenaís signature all over it.

As time goes by and in the mid that fresh citrusy smell goes in the background but the bitterness of the orange peel remains while scent gets warmer, sweeter and kind of waxy/creamy. that easy to detect spicy aura is still there specially nutmeg and cardamom plus a mellow earthy feel from vetiver and those lovely and kind of exotic floral notes in the background!

In the base scent didnít change that much. everything just starts to mellow down and get smoother but the earthy feel gets a little stronger also scent gets slightly smoky and woody with kind of an oily feel and less spicy.

Projection is above average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on the skin. itís not a hot weather fragrance so please donít use it in the summer! in my opinion this is a perfect fragrance for fall. when Iím smelling this itís like fall is written all over it and also itís a formal scent. I canít imagine someone wearing this with sweatshirt and jeans!
If you like Terre D'Hermes check this one out but don't blind buy it. it's even more daring than Terre D'Hermes!
18th November, 2016

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

To be honest I wasnít a fan of Prada fragrances and based on some experiences that I had before from the brand I didnít have any hope for this but this one changed my point of view completely about the brand! a great fragrance that aimed for women market but I think a guy can easily pull this off if youíre into this type of fragrances.

The opening starts off with a green and soapy aroma mixed with strong musk right beside it that it doesnít smell sweet at all. a green, clean and musky scent followed by mellow smell of spices in the background. as far as the overall feel itís a classic scent. it doesnít smell modern at all but for unknown reason it makes me extremely happy!
The soapy aura smells more like aldehydes rather than neroli or orange blossom and there is a strong beautiful iris mixed with it that creates an elegant powdery feel. also musk has a very important role in this fragrance right from the start to the last minutes on your skin. that spicy aura in the background feels like the smell of a big spice shop when you open the door and going in and suddenly the smell of all those spices in the shop rushes to your nose.

In the mid the spicy aura settles down quite of bit while musk gets a little stronger and with smooth sweetness and now Ö incense shows up! the mid of the fragrance is a mellow smoky, powdery, green and soapy aroma with a little sweetness from musk that smells extremely elegant and lovely! no changes till the end. only it gets smoother and slightly sweeter.

Projection is average and longevity is around 5 hours on my skin. you can wear it all four seasons but itís more suitable for warmer weather because based on my experience it shows more layers and characters in spring and summer which makes it more great!
16th November, 2016 (last edited: 18th November, 2016)

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

Gourmand lovers dream?! If you like gourmand fragrances and you want something yummy with great performance on the skin, this is a good choice.

The opening of this fragrance is a warm, semi sweet, slightly boozy and slightly powdery coco smell mixed with a little bitterness from woods in the background that overall smell just like coco waffle! if you like coco waffle beside your tea in the afternoon you know what Iím talking about and youíre gonna love the start of the fragrance.

As time passes by and just after a minute or two that boozy and mellow bitter woody notes are gone and scent gets a little sweeter and and little more powdery while some spices starting to show their faces. the mid of the fragrance is a warm, sweet and powdery coco smell mixed with peppery and kind of savory spicy smell that is a nice masculine kick to the scent and I really like it.

In the base which is the longest part of the fragrance (and to be honest very boring) that spicy feel goes away and the sweet part now has a mellow musky feel beside the smell of vanilla and last but not least powdery coco is still there stealing gourmand lovers hearts!

All and all itís a solid and easy to wear fragrance mostly for women and if you want a fragrance with dominating note of coco (not chocolate!) you should check this out.
Projection is good and longevity easily passes 10 hours without any problem.
15th November, 2016

In the Mood for Love by Gianfranco Ferrť

The opening of this fragrance is a very smooth and at the same time very complex scent that is kind of familiar but because of many layers in it you just keep smelling and smelling and searching to discover all the layers.

At the start I can smell a watery, fresh, green, clean, floral, musky and citrusy scent followed by a bitter peppery and damp aura that I believe is because of patchouli. as I said itís very smooth but many layers keep showing their faces all together which is very interesting. the citrusy part smells more like neroli with clean and kind of soapy nature of this note plus itís smooth floral part. I can also smell some green bitterness in the background that smells like the bitterness of lemonís peel and finally some damp and peppery feeling from patchouli plus a little bit of musk is what Iím getting at the opening.

In the mid Iím getting almost the same smell but now less citrusy and clean and a bit sweeter with more floral feeling thanks to the magnolia note and more damp feeling from patchouli that makes the mid a little more green and a little more bitter. in this stage patchouli is completely noticeable and as time passes it gets stronger and stronger and turns into an earthy and kind of a bitter woodsy scent.

In the base things got much simpler. a mellow creamy sweet white floral note is what you are gonna get for a couple of hours until it disappears from the skin.

About projection and longevity I must say you may donít notice it that much but projection is actually very good specially in the mid while pungent patchouli dominates! longevity is around 6-7 hours on the skin that is enough. I believe itís a perfect fragrance for spring but you could also use it in the summer if itís not so warm and sunny out there!
14th November, 2016
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Philtre Ceylan by Atelier Cologne

This is one of those fragrances that smells very natural and smells exactly like dried black tea. it doesn't smell green at all like fresh right out of the garden tea leafs. no! it's like opening a box of earl gray tea and taking a big sniff out of it. not tea bags. the actual dried tea leafs to you should add it to the pot and also add boiling water to take out the smell, flavour and color out of it.

This fragrance opens up with a very familiar and natural smell of dried black tea smell along with only hint of citruses in the background to add more freshness. it's herbal, dry, a little sharp and spicy without any smooth sweet musky or sweet ambery/vanilla edge. just straight forward dry black tea leafs smell plus mellow bitter fresh bergamot.

If you think the opening was very dry and herbal and you're hoping for smoother smell later on, you're wrong! the mid is drier and even more pungent herbal spicy tea smell with hint of floral aura but even floral part feels very dry.

In the base that dry tea leafs and spicy feel mixed with it settles down while you can smell a little more floral aroma (still dry) with hint of sweetness completely in the background and kind of transparent soapy aura.
Projection is strong and even after a few hours while you're in mid and base phase it projects well with good scent bubble around you to get noticed and longevity is around 5-6 hours on the skin. good scent and very natural but also very linear without any smooth edge and smooth character!
25th August, 2016

Potion Blue Cadet by Dsquared2

I had great experiences with original ďPotionĒ and the other flanker named ďRoyal BlackĒ. both solid fragrances with good quality and lots of positive things to mention. based on those two I had big hopes for this one too but Ö.
As far as the smell goes, itís extremely pleasant and refined but it seems there are a few things missing and unfortunately both projection and longevity are huge let down in this fragrance that makes it very hard to recommend. in one hand you have a lovely smell and in the other hand you have below average performance on the skin. does it worth it? itís your call!

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh zesty lemony scent surrounded by beautiful fresh and clean smell of lavender which is more toward itís floral nature and there is a semi sweet, creamy and powdery smell right beside it to make scent more pleasant. it's fresh, clean, a little tart and also semi sweet, slightly powdery and floral at the same time. the clean aspect is very bright that smells like fresh laundry right out of the washing machine and the mellow smell of the lavender based fabric softener that spreads in the air!

In the mid scent stays almost the same but now a slightly bitter aromatic green smell shows up and gives a mature undertone to the scent. personally I believe itís lavender again or maybe balsam fir that creates this aura. Itís still a fresh and clean smell though but with a bitter and kind of soft smoky aromatic feel mixed with it plus a little more sweetness.

In the base that bitter aromatic feel fades away while only smooth sweet powdery smell remains.
Projection is completely close to the skin even right after spraying it on your skin and longevity is usually 2 hours and if you get lucky 3 hours on the skin.
22nd August, 2016

Nina L'Eau by Nina Ricci

This is a very pleasant, fresh fruity and floral scent that even though has a little warmth and sweetness, you can wear it even in summer (it's summer time here while I'm testing it)
The opening is a fresh fruity cherry smell that it tart and sweet at the same time but more toward sweet side. the sweetness is because of musk that feels modern, a little warm with a smooth sweetness to add. there is also a transparent and kind green floral note in the background to give the scent very relaxing and pleasant floral aura.

As time goes by I'm getting almost the same smell but now a little less fruity and a little more floral and the floral part is slightly powdery and very elegant. I can also feel an oily and a little bitter feeling in the background that smells like almond. I know that there is no almond in the note breakdown but I can feel a bitter oily almondy smell which is a very nice kick and I like it.

In the base the freshness of the fruits is still there but interesting thing is that now I can detect citruses with only touch of cherry. the sweetness is stronger in this part but still very smooth and kind of creamy. if you liked that beautiful powdery floral scent in the mid, theyíll make you happier in the base because they are a little stronger and more fluffy!
Projection is average on my skin but with spraying more you will get better projection and longevity is around 3-4 hours on my skin.
19th August, 2016

Kenzo Power Cologne by Kenzo

Despite the fact that I'm testing this fragrance via an official sample, I was totally shocked when I saw cologne word in the name and also grouping it as a "Citrus Aromatic" fragrance because what I'm smelling here is an oriental spicy fragrance or maybe even oriental woody!

The opening of this fragrance is a smooth, semi sweet, soft powdery and soft floral scent mixed with some woodsy notes and a mellow earthy aura in the background. the woody part smells kind of medicinal and bitter with a strange kind of background aura that smells like sulfur! (no joke!) to sum up things, the opening is a smooth bitter medicinal woody smell mixed with smooth and semi sweet powdery floral notes that they balance each other perfectly.

After a few minutes that medicinal woody sulfur kind of aura fades away and now scent changes to a resinous and oily scent mixed with semi sweet musk and some bitter herbal aroma that I believe is because of lemon verbena note. since that woody part gets much weaker in the dry down, now that powdery floral aroma can shine better. the dry down of the fragrance is a little fresher and smoother than the opening but it lasts only for about 15-20 minutes and then scent changes very much!

After a while the bitter green aroma disappears and scent starts to warm up in a sharp spicy way that smells like mixture of black pepper and some other spices that they feel pungent and kind of sour! this change pushes those powdery floral notes completely in the background and as time goes by this spicy feel gets stronger and stronger. also that semi sweet musky scent changes it's position with a sweet creamy vanilla that helps tuning down the bitterness and sharpness and spices perfectly. you will have this scent for about 2 hours.

In the base things start to get smooth again! that sharp spicy aroma settles down quite it bit while powdery floral notes saying hello again and that creamy vanilla note also has a buttery and chocolaty smell (like the smell of melted butter in a hot pan plus adding a little bit of chocolate!). from what I've said you may think that this part is gourmand .... but it's not! it's much smoother to be a gourmand fragrance.
There is one interesting thing about this part. this warm, buttery, chocolaty and creamy sweet scent mixed with powdery flowers and some bitter spicy aroma somehow remind me of the smell of "Dior Homme Intense" and "Valentino Uomo". definitely not as warm and as strong as those, but with the same DNA and the same overall feel only in a smooth way!
Projection is average or maybe a little more than average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin.

P.S: Don't let the cologne name fools you. this is not a fresh summer time fragrance. a cool spring day? ... sure. fall? ...definitely. winter? maybe. why not? but summer? I don't think so!
16th August, 2016

Delicate Rose by Trussardi

This is a very refreshing fragrance with a really pleasing and inoffensive smell (also you can read that as generic!)
At the start I can smell a fresh zesty citrusy (lemony) scent followed by very mellow sweet musk, very bright floral notes and some green notes in the background.
The citrusy smell is very lovely which is slightly sour but with help of musk a little sweet at the same time. the floral part at the start is mostly lotus plus faint rose that they both feel very transparent and watery and exactly like the color of the package and bottle ... pinkish! also I can smell a green and damp peppery aroma from patchouli which it's not in the note breakdown but it's definitely there and it has a big role through the whole performance of the fragrance!

After a while and in the mid that tart lemony scent goes away but scent still is transparent and watery. now scent gets slightly sweeter and slightly more green (kind of mossy) with more damp and more peppery feeling from patchouli. the floral part also gets stronger and now it's more rose than lotus with a little darker aura than the opening.
The base of the fragrance smells almost the same as mid, but it's slightly more sweet, slightly more damp but less peppery plus a mellow earthy musky feeling in the background. floral part is still bold and noticeable with domination of rose over other floral notes and now it's slightly powdery.
The base of the fragrance feels kind of synthetic and cheap but not in a bad way and it's pleasant though.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on the skin. nice scent and suitable for hot summery days.

P.S: Even though it's a very bright and fresh scent don't over spray it specially around your neck and chest area! if you do that it's gonna give you a very bad headache!
So watch out!
09th June, 2016

Sapphire by Cuarzo The Circle

I've already wrote reviews for other two from three fragrances of this line and here is the final one. this fragrance as they grouped it is definitely an oriental woody fragrance and it's really complex.

At the opening I can smell a warm, semi sweet, resinous and medicinal woodsy accord that definitely is sandalwood (not oud!) plus huge blast of galbanum that isn't listed here. it's kind of a brutal start, but mellow at the same time!
It's medicinal and woodsy because of sandalwood. it's resinous and earthy because of galbanum. it's warm and sweet because of benzoin and it's slightly fresh because of mandarin orange. I can smell citruses on top but it doesn't smell citrusy! citruses are there only to give the scent a mellow fresh aura and only for around 1-2 minutes and then they're gone.

After a while and in the mid I can still smell medicinal sandalwood but a little smoother. with this small change at the same time cedar with it's strong peppery/woodsy kind of smell (maybe it's ISO E Super) kicks in.
The mid smells very close to the opening but less medicinal and at the same time more woody, peppery and more harsh with hint of powderiness from iris.

The base is a much simpler scent that galbanum is almost gone. powdery feeling is gone and that peppery woody feeling of cedar also is gone.
The base of the fragrance is mixture of delicious sweet creamy vanilla, some musk, mellow woods that still they feel medicinal, mellow resins that they feel almost oily and smooth floral scent of gardenia.
The whole translation of the scent from opening to the base is pretty fast and you have opening and mid only for a couple of minutes and pretty quick the base shows up.
Projection is good and above average and longevity is around 7-8 hours on my skin. good scent. I like the complexity of it!
20th May, 2016

Potion Royal Black by Dsquared2

You can count me as a fan of this house because they usually create solid fragrances with good quality and really good prices. they are around $45-$50 in my country which I believe is a great price for what your getting.

Even though I'm not a fan of rose, I like this one.
This fragrance opens up with semi sweet musky and semi fresh blast of rose along with lots of black pepper and easy to detect leather note. leather here is completely modern, mellow smoky and very pleasing while it's sweetened by musk and softened by rose.

As time passes, rose is right there almost without any changes, black pepper settles down quite a bit and leather gets smoother while incense joins in and dominates completely over the scent. incense in this fragrance isn't ashy or smoky that much. it's more toward bitter herbal and kind of aromatic side while there is a little bit of leather besides it to add mellow smoky aura.
The mid as I described is a dry, bitter, aromatic and slightly smoky scent with warm and semi sweet musk and good support of rose to mellow things down.

In the base almost all notes are going in the background. the base is a warm, mellow sweet musky/vanilla scent with familiar cinnamon aura of the original potion along with some rose and some leather both waaaaaay in the background.
Projection is average and longevity is around 6-7 hours on my skin. a good fragrance for fall if you like these type of scents.
14th May, 2016

French Lover / Bois d'Orage by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle French lover is an interesting fresh and woodsy fragrance that while it has some familiar fresh elements, it has also his own unique character that makes it kind of different. personally I wouldn't call this a vetiver based fragrance. vetiver has his own role in this fragrance just as other main players. nothing more.

This fragrance starts off with a fresh and zesty lemony blast along with a green and herbal kind of scent and small amount of sweetness in the background.
The opening remind me of two other fragrances. first that juicy lemon blast remind me of that sweet and sour lemoncello note in "Byredo Oud Immortel" but here it's fresher, less sweet and a little more sour.
Second fragrance that comes in my mind is because of green angelica note that reminds me of "Amouage Opus VII". no no! don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that these two smell the same. not at all. but "Amouage Opus VII" also has a huge blast of angelica note specially at the start that they both are similar only from this point of view. I can say that "Amouage Opus VII" is dark and mysterious side of angelica note while "French Lover" is exactly at the opposite and bright side.
Anyway, this angelica note definitely has a unique smell into it. it's green, a little powdery and a little floral. finally there is a faint sweet smell in the background that stays there almost through the whole performance.

Now in the mid that angelica note settles down and I can smell a mellow spicy aura that gives the fragrance a little warmth. I know that they mentioned spicy notes in general but what I'm getting here is pure nutmeg with it's bitter, spicy, kind of woody and warm aura. I love nutmeg and I usually add a pinch of it in many of my foods and I'm sure what I'm smelling here is nutmeg. this nutmeg note as I said before adds a soft bitter and spicy aura to the scent but it lasts for about 5 minutes or so and then gets kicked out by cedar wood and vetiver. when these two notes joining in, scent starts to change into a dry, woody, peppery, soft smoky and soft earthy aura with faint green and powdery feeling from angelica and very mellow sweet juicy lemon in the background. it's a woody and spicy scent but it's also fresh and inoffensive!

In the base those woody, earthy and spicy notes get weaker quite a bit and again that juicy lemony scent comes back but now it's mostly tart and very watery.
Projection is good and above average and longevity is a good 8 hours on the skin. nice scent.
06th April, 2016

Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain

This fragrance is just like a beautiful harmony on notes in the bottle. very elegant and charming combination of notes.
This fragrance opens up with a slightly sweet and very delicious caramel note followed by fresh, sweet and juicy citruses and soft but at the same time pungent earthy aroma of patchouli.
As we all expect citruses (mostly orange) give the start a fresh zesty feeling, but not like summery fragrances because it's followed by semi sweet caramel and earthy, peppery and a little damp note of patchouli. also scent has a faint powdery feeling but completely in the background.

As time goes by, in the mid citruses are gone and now I can smell more patchouli with peppery and kind of bitter woody/soft smoky aura plus mellow caramel and vanilla combo and some powdery feeling. it's less sweet than the opening and also more mature and more woody.
In the base scent changes a little bit. in the base I'm getting that slightly sweet caramel and vanilla notes, mellow powdery iris and bitter woody/peppery aroma of patchouli but now less bitter and woody. patchouli in this stage is damp and earthy just like the start. also scent has a very mellow soapy aroma and only in the base that stays in the background all the times but it's not that hard to spot.
Projection is very good and longevity is around 8 hours on my skin. I think except summer you can wear this all year round and mostly formal, not casual!

P.S: Iris plays a smooth role in this fragrance and has a mellow powdery feeling. similar with DH and DHI?! I don't think so.
29th March, 2016

Beloved Man by Amouage

Amouage Beloved Man is something quite different from all Amouage line and surprisingly on bright side!
I'm not satisfied by the actual smell but to be honest I'm impressed with the complexity of it.

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh, zesty, juicy and mellow sweet musky grapefruit note with kick of the pepper and some sort of buttery feeling in the background. grapefruit is fresh but it's not tart. it's a little warm and sweetened by the note of musk. there is also some sort of buttery aura in the background that it might be the elemi note that gives the feeling and finally a little bit of kick by black pepper.
It's fresh, inoffensive and nice but nothing exciting either.

In the mid I can smell the same thing but a sharp and at the same time smooth soapy, green and kind of piny smell shows up plus faint floral aura completely in the background. this green and kind of soapy aroma mutes the sweetness a little bit and at the same time adds more fresh and kind of cooling vibe to the scent which is nice but suddenly after about 10 minutes or so disappears and now it's time for elemi note to shine!

In the base, when that green and soapy aura goes away, elemi gets stronger and prominent. it has a smooth sweet resinous, slightly bitter woody and soft spicy aroma that spicy part kind of reminded me of the smell of cinnamon! I can still smell citruses but completely in the background that only adds freshness.
Projection is good and longevity is around 8 hours on my skin. pleasant and very nice scent indeed but quite pricey for what you're gonna get. specially while it's more expensive than regular heavy hitters from Amouage!
25th March, 2016

Vici by Histoires de Parfums

Grouping this fragrance as a Woody Floral Musk is so right, specially woody and musky parts!
The opening of this fragrance is actually very good and quite complex. right at the start I can smell lots of musk which has a semi sweet, slightly warm and as you would expect musky feeling along with a green and herbal note that has mellow bitter feeling and some incense with it's soft smoky aura and also some powdery floral notes. there is also an earthy feeling in the background. as I said before very complex and busy opening but at the same time soft and inoffensive.

As time goes by, pretty quick scent looses many of these layers! in the mid, scent gets slightly sweeter and now a dry, sharp peppery/woodsy kind of aura joins the scent. in the mid all I can smell is a dry woody, peppery and semi sweet scent with very soft incense and slightly powdery aura both completely in the background.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4 hours on my skin. meh!
22nd March, 2016

Tribute Attar by Amouage

The holy grail of incense and rose!
Simple, quality, dark, smoky, musky, peppery, elegant ...these are thing that comes to my mind when I'm smelling this.
The opening of this fragrance is a semi sweet, semi fresh musky rose along with noticeable amount of incense right beside it. rose is kind of fresh here but not very fresh and watery that remind you of rose petals or rose water. it's darker than that. I can clearly smell musk as well that gives rose a semi sweet, musky and mellow dirty animalic feel and finally incense has a bitter and ash-tray kind of aura that makes the opening darker.

As time passes by, after about 2-3 minutes rose goes in the background while scent gets smokier because of stronger incense and kind of peppery because of spices. to be honest I'm not getting tobacco in this fragrance. only incense with touch of leather but definitely no tobacco!
The mid as I described above is a dry, smoky (not in your face type of smoke!) and peppery incense with touch of semi sweet, mellow animalic musk and some rose completely in the background that just mellow things down a little bit. I didn't get major changes till the end.
Projection on my skin is moderate and above average but not very strong and beast mode. longevity is pretty good and I'm getting around 10 hours out of it.
It's a great scent and definitely masculine and formal but the price tag is ridiculous!

P.S: It doesn't smell like David Yurman Limited Edition. no way! maybe the same vibe in general but definitely not the same smell.
22nd March, 2016

Ocean Lounge by Escada

I'm not a fan of fruity fragrance but for unknown reason I really adore this scent!
This fragrance is all about fresh strawberry and pinch of floral notes.
The opening is a fresh, semi sweet, tart and very mouth watering smell of strawberry and some floral notes in the background. it's sweet(not too much!) but tart, fresh and watery at the same time.

As time passed by those faint floral notes got even weaker and fresh fruity strawberry got a little stronger! the mid of this fragrance is a stronger and fresher strawberry note with a little more tart and juicy flavor and very mellow, almost undetectable floral notes completely in the background.

In the base while I can still smell the strawberries, scent gets slightly sweeter plus a hint of something sharp and peppery like black pepper or maybe some patchouli in the background.
It's a very fresh, casual and girly scent. something suitable for girls night out! it's not something formal or something to be worn in the office at work. it's definitely something for younger crowd not mature ones!
Projection of this fragrance is very good and longevity is surprisingly great and something between 9-10 hours on the skin!
10th March, 2016

Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre by Mona di Orio

Mona di Orio Ambre is a nice amber based fragrance but unfortunately the quality does not match the standards of the brand based on what I've tested before also from the brand!

The opening of this fragrance is a warm and sweet amber note plus very noticeable floral aura and very mellow smoky vibe completely in the background.
The floral part is easily detectable and it has a soft powdery feeling. they've listed only Ylang-Ylang but I believe there is also some rose beside it. (not too much)
The sweetness is warm and cozy and it has honey like feel into it.

After about 10 minutes that faint smoky aura disappears and scent gets more floral and more powdery that mutes the sweetness a little bit.
In this level you may think that no, it's way too floral and feminine, so as a guy I'm not gonna wear that! but just give it a couple of minutes and scent will change very much! after around 5 minutes or so you're gonna get a sharp spicy aura that very quick goes in front and pushes other notes behind.
The mid of the fragrance is a sharp, dry and bitter spicy, maybe a little woodsy aroma that unfortunately smells synthetic along with mellow sweet amber and soft powdery floral aura in the background.
It does smell nice and more masculine than feminine but that synthetic spicy/woody feeling kind of ruins the scent. (at least for me!)

You will have this scent for a long time, maybe for 8 hours or so until the base shows up.
In the base that sharp and dry spicy aroma settles down quite it bit and now I can smell vanilla.
The base of the fragrance is a dark vanilla with kind of chocolaty feel along with soft spices and very mellow powdery floral aura in the background.
Projection is good and above average and longevity is around 9-10 hours on the skin.
03rd March, 2016

Hugo by Hugo Boss

This is a very fresh, pleasing and inoffensive fragrance suitable for almost all seasons and all occasions but mostly for casual wear in spring and summer.

The opening of the fragrance is a fresh, green and clean aroma followed by smooth floral notes.
The lavender note in this fragrance is much more toward it's floral nature and it has an airy floral and soft clean/soapy vibe. mint also gives this fresh start a green feel and with help of some citruses, increases the freshness of the scent.
Overall feeling of the scent is fresh, clean, green, bitter, aromatic and cold breeze kind of like smell which is nice but also it does smell very familiar and generic!

As time passes by, I'm getting pretty the same smell but now less fresh and green and a little more bitter with kind of mellow smoky aura. I don't know if there is incense in this fragrance or it's synthetic cedar (Iso E Super) note that creates this bitter woody and kind of smoky vibe but it's there and I can feel it. no changes till the end.

Projection is above average and good and longevity is around 4-6 hours depends on your skin and the season that you're wearing it.
12th February, 2016

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

If you like mint and also you do appreciate quality in fragrances, you should at least try this one because it's a great scent.

At the beginning I can smell a fresh lemony scent along with mint and some mellow floral notes in the background.
The lemon note here unlike any other fragrances that I've tested is sweet. it's not tart or sour at all.
There is a kind of lemon that I don't know what's the true name of it in English (maybe sweet lemon) but it looks like lemon but with sweet taste instead of tart.
It's fresh and watery and slightly sweet that makes the opening very bright and pleasing. also I can smell the bitterness of the lemon's peel in it which is another add to the overall natural quality of the scent.
There is heavy dose of mint right beside this fresh lemon which is the most natural mint aroma that I've tested by far. smells exactly like fresh mint leafs with their lovely green, slightly bitter and unique smell.
Floral notes are soft but completely noticeable and they do have classic kind of feel.

In the mid the overall feeling of the scent in almost the same but now it's less lemony and fresh, a little more bitter because of lemon's peel aroma, still green and minty, more floral and slightly earthy.
No changes till the end.
It's a simple scent but very natural and made from high quality ingredients.
Projection is good (above average) but longevity is below average and something around 2-3 hours on the skin.
23rd July, 2015

Kenzo pour Homme Boisťe / Woody by Kenzo

This is a nice fragrance which has a good balance between both modern and classic elements.
At the start scent is very fresh.
I can smell lemon with it's tart and energetic aroma plus lots of pepper, some woods and a green kind of smell.
The pepper note is a bit strong at the start and may turns you down but give it a few minutes and it will settle down and goes into it's right place.
I can also smell some cedar plus a green and kind of minty smell that increases the freshness.
The opening is fresh, citrusy and green but dry, peppery and woody at the same time that you can say right from the start this is a masculine fragrance!

As time passes that tart and fresh lemon scent starts to get weaker and at the same time vetiver kicks in and gets bolder and bolder until dominate over all other notes.
In the mid I can still smell lemon but now softer beside much softer pepper note and some woods.
Te vetiver note is green, mossy and deep but still very fresh. the vetiver note in this fragrance kind of remind me of "Guerlain Vetiver" with that lovely classic feel. it's has almost the same feeling but not as dark, deep and complex as Guerlain. scent also has a soft clean and I would say soapy aura that it gets a little stronger in the base.

In the base I can smell almost the same thing but now vetiver is the strongest note of the fragrance with it's deep green and slightly smoky aura (not earthy at all) plus a fresh clean soapy smell and some woods in the background.
Also in this part scent gets a little sweet and slightly powdery which is a nice and interesting add.
Overall it's a solid fresh scent with very mature masculine aroma and also extremely versatile. you can rock this all year round easily but the best seasons to wear this are spring and summer in my opinion.
Projection is good and above average and longevity in the summer that I'm testing it is around 6-7 hours which is a very good number for a fresh scent.
15th July, 2015 (last edited: 18th July, 2015)