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Agarwoud by Heeley

What I get from Heely's Agarwoud is a simple and linear rose and oud mix. It's nice enough but is fairly common for an oud scent. In terms of sillage it's just right, not too strong, not too weak. And the longevity is really good. This reminds me a little bit of Kanon's Agarwood (at least the initial smell of it), but I've only used both a couple of times, so that is just based off of my initial impressions. I'm not sure how I feel about the commonality of the fragrance versus the price, and I haven't sampled Agarwoud enough to say for sure, but I doubt this is something I'd buy in terms of a full bottle. I'm guessing you can get similar scents at a more reasonable price.
16th September, 2014

Agar Musk by Ramon Monegal

I am inexperienced with many oud scents. I've only sample a small handful and while I'm not an expert by any means, Agar Musk seems very nice. On my skin this is mostly a linear scent of oud, nutmeg and pepper. It's very wearable and not overbearing in any way. On paper, I can detect the amber and musk after a few hours of development but never quite got this on my skin so far as I could tell.

As I smelled this over and over I knew I had smelled something similar before but could not put my finger on it. At times this smelled faintly reminiscent of Vix Vapo Rub, but not in a way that detracts from the fragrance. But perhaps this is just me.

I'm not aware of any big downsides to this. It's perhaps a bit short on longevity, but I wasn't able to really sample this enough to say for sure.
15th September, 2014

A Day in Grasse by Arts & Scents

So, there are different reasons why different fragrances appeal to us all. I can say personally that at times I see a bottle and think that it must smell good because of the way the bottle looks. I know this is irrational, but itís more subconscious than anything I suppose. My point in saying that is that on first glance of seeing a picture of the bottle I thought this fragrance looked appealing (I hadnít even seen the note scheme). Upon glancing at the notes then I was a bit more sure I would enjoy this, although I had some hesitation because fragrances that have a strong-scented rose in them are kind of Ďiffyí for me. Well, I found a sample on ebay and went for it and was glad I did. It was like a trifecta - 1) Bottle looks appealing to me, 2) *sounds* like itíd smell good, and 3) then it actually did smell good.

With that said, A Day in Grasse is a scent for a bright, sunny day. Itís a very earthy scent, not in a dirty type of way, but in an ďHey kids go out in the yard and play and get out of the house because itís sunnyĒ type of scent. The beginning of aDG is tart citruses, spices and something green. In the background the spices lurk along with the vetiver. Soon, the citruses wear off and the rose, spices and vetiver become the main part of this scent. Iím not familiar with what clover smells like, so whether or not this plays a serious role here I cannot say. Sillage is just right, not too powerful and not light; it can be overdone, but youíd probably have to put quite a bit on. It lasted anywhere from 8-10 hours on me.

So, as I said, I hit a trifecta here. This is easily the best scent Iíve ever smelled that contains rose as a serious note (though thatís not a large number). Iím definitely going to purchase this soon.
13th August, 2014
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Acqua Nobile by Nobile 1942

Acqua Nobile is a citrus/floral mix that leans probably more to the floral side imo. Upon the initial spray I get an overall sense of cardamom, neroli and orange blossom. This hangs around for awhile until it becomes a sort of powdery/neroli mix. This is the heart of the fragrance to me - a kind of soft, linear neroli/powdery type of fragrance. AN also has good longevity, probably close to nine hours or so on me.

AN is one of those scents that I like, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to actually purchase it. Normally my own method is to go find a price for it and see if I think the smell is worth the price. In this case I have to say "no," but that's not to say other people might not like it.

30th July, 2014

UDV Action by Ulric de Varens

So I have come to understand that UDV Action smells a lot like Terre d'Hermes. I can't say that I would've known myself because I've never smelled TdH. All I can say is that UDV Action is a nice fragrance for a nice price. It's not anything fancy, but it's a really solid for what you pay. And the longevity is more like an EdC than an EdT, but who cares? It's so cheap you can reapply all you want.

The longevity issue does become problematic when trying to get to the heart of this fragrance. It fades so fast on me. I get a bergamot, pepper and bitter orange mix with perhaps some vetiver and patchouli. It's really kind of hard for me to tell with this. But I suppose the orange and pepper stick out most of all the other notes to me. Again, the scent fades pretty fast, so this really doesn't develop on my skin. Nevertheless, it's a good deal for the price. I picture a successful man wearing a fancy suit somewhere in a big city wearing this (perhaps Allentown, PA). If you're looking for something nice to spray on for a few hours, I would recommend this.
11th July, 2014

Acqua e Zucchero by Profumum

Acqua e Zucchero is a very nice sweet fruits and vanilla gourmand. Complexity isn't the name of the game here. Rather, simplicity is all this fragrance needs. Profumum's fragrances are all very well formulated. The longevity of AeZ is great. Put this on in the morning and you may very well go to bed with it still on. Projection is likewise very nice. It contains the possibility for overuse, like any other fragrance, but particularly so because it's a sweet gourmand. And these have the tendency to be like a clingy, ditzy blonde girl, wearing a lot of lipstick and hairspray with very long fake nails, never really going away even though you tire of her after a short while.

Anyway, I wouldn't want to wear this every day, but it's still very nice. It does give an impression of cotton candy, as many have noticed. But it's basically a sweet, vanilla and fruit gourmand. I don't find much development, but seeing as it smells good from the get-go that's not a problem. It's overpriced like other Profumum scents, but it's still worth trying.
07th July, 2014

Acqua di GiÚ Essenza by Giorgio Armani

What to say? On me, AdGE begins with citrus and acquatic notes, with the grapefruit seeming to be the strongest of the citrus notes. The heart of the fragrance is flowers and herbs, jasmine, basil, and some soapy note or something a little out of place almost. I didn't have a big enough sample to get a handle on it, but there was something unusual in the heart of this fragrance that kind of wafted in and out at certain times. At the end of the day Essenza closes with some sage, cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

It's nice enough. I don't remember AdG enough to name the similarities and differences, but I do know this is kind of standard fare for citruses of the day. This reminds me of Ferragamo's Acqua Essenziale. They might not smell exactly the same, but in terms of quality, they're pretty similar. AdGE has better longevity, however. Anyway, AdGE would probably go well on your shelf if you're in need of a citrus/acquatic or a good summer fragrance.
10th June, 2014

Black Forest by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

"This is the captured scent of a cold, moonless night, lost deep within the darkest wood. Haunting and desolate, this scent evokes images of fairy tale tragedy and half-remembered nightmares. Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress." - BPAL

The lab's description of this is dead on, I think. This tells a bit of an imaginative story like many BPAL scents do. I picture in my had a dark forest of green with a soft fog around all the tree trunks with a winding path that leads somewhere that I am unaware.

BF reminds me of Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest not because they necessarily smell identical, but they're both alike. They both tell a similar story. 'Black' Forest is a good designation. The pine and cypress are the wood notes in this and the juniper and ambergris give this a slight cooling or chilling effect, adding to its mysteriousness.

I traded this and I think got the better of the deal. Anyway, I enjoy this more on each new wear.
16th May, 2014

Adolfo Dominguez by Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez opens sharp but soft. I can first smell most of the herbs in the fragrance and the pineapple. Also lurking from the beginning is the center of the fragrance, the cinnamon. So, initially this is a bit sweet and herbaceous and this dies down to a warmer fragrance. ĎAnimaSolaí made a good point about pencil shavings. The heart of this does smell a little bit like fresh pencil shavings, but I find that enjoyable. Itís as if someone put some pencil shavings in a small batch of cinnamon and nutmeg. So, what I mostly get from AD is cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, perhaps with a bit of mint and orange flower. When the fragrance dies down, it turns into a sweet wood, musk and vetiver. Very nice! Almost 25 years old and still around. It doesnít smell aged or dated, like some fragrances from the 90ís do. Itís still very wearable imho.
16th May, 2014 (last edited: 15th May, 2014)

Style In Play by Lacoste

Style in Play is a nice spring/summer fragrance that is dominated by green apple. Initially I notice the apple and musk in the background. The apple note lasts quite awhile actually, more than most top notes do, but eventually I can smell some jasmine, but not much. On the dry down I get a pretty standard patchouli, vetiver mix. All in all Style in Play is a nice, simple fragrance that is inexpensive, lasts a good amount of time and produces a nice range of sillage - not too overpowering or soft. Good for anyone who has decided to begin wearing a fragrance, as it's not overly complicated. I wouldn't likely purchase this for myself, but I would wear it if someone bought it for me. I acquired my bottle in a trade for a fragrance I didn't like. Anyway, not great, but pretty good.
15th May, 2014

Givenchy pour Homme Adventure Sensations by Givenchy

Every note is light, but they all blend together pretty well. The bergamot & lavender open up initially. The chili pepper & resins sort of undergird & support this fragrance like a cheerleading squad. It doesn't really progress from there. What you get in the first 10 minutes you're going to get the rest of the day, but that's a good thing in this case.

The notes themselves are very clean, tart and fresh. They have a nice quality to them.

Overall, it's a very nice scent. Longevity is very good on this, probably 10 hours or so.
05th May, 2014

Abe Sapien by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Abe Sapien is inspired by the Hellboy character Abe Sapien. Though I'm not that familiar with the story, Abe is some type of ocean creature is my guess. The notes in this are kelp, juniper and musk. So, there is some contrast here with the kelp and juniper, and it remains fairly linear, though the musk does show up at some point. I think I smell a wood note in here as well, but that could be my imagination. Very nice.
05th May, 2014

A Countenance Foreboding Evil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is a straight up powerful scent: Blood orange, ylang ylang, pathcouli and vetiver. This is for nights of stinky, sweaty passion. My first impression of this was pretty bad. It is extremely potent if you smell it from the imp, but it's not quite as potent on the skin. It's still very powerful, though. The blood orange and ylang ylang are noticeable, but the patchouli and vetiver are the powerhouses here. After I wore this a couple of times this became one of my favorite scents, though it's hard to find a situation for this. Let's just say I wouldn't be spending a lot of time in an elevator with people while wearing this. But still good to have nonetheless.

05th May, 2014
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Gris Grimly: A Fit of Artistic Enthusiasm by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

I'm not entirely sure the note scheme here. It's simultaneously sweet and salty. In my heard I picture a raspberry truffle with some slight salt on the top. A couple of hours in and a major wood note comes into play - perhaps sandalwood, and it takes up a big part of the rest of the scent. Very, very nice. It lasts an incredible amount of time.
05th May, 2014

A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux

Itís not often a fragrance takes you places - I mean really takes you places. But itís not a forecful kidnapping. Itís a quiet invitation, a simple wave of the hand, offering you to come along. A Quiet Morning does take you on an adventure. I've never been to the places AQM takes you, yet, somehow I feel I'm there.

I don't get a lot of distinction between notes. It's mostly palm leaf, saffron, tumeric with a hint of orange blossom that seems to come and go as it pleases. And it remains that way for me for the most part. Soft, but not soft enough to disappear. This lasts for hours. Bravo!
05th May, 2014

l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

So, it's pretty easy to get the church idea from this scent. Spiritus is reminiscent of a high church service - one that brings out the vestments, incense and other sensory pariphanelia. Basically, I get incense and spices with this. That's not all. I can also smell some ginger, cardamom, and teak wood at times, but the heart of the fragrance is incense, spices and pepper.

This remains mostly linear on me. It's a thumbs up - I'm not in love with it, but it's very nice. Definitely worth a try.
02nd May, 2014

O Black by Blood Concept

You have to give props to those at Blood Concept. They have some unique fragrances and don't seem beholden to any popular conceptions of scents. Aside from 'A' in this Dark line, which I decided to purchase as soon as I smelled it, O is probably my next favorite in this series.

On the opening I can smell right away the cannabis. Cannabis and the carrot seeds are the heart of this fragrance. Upon closer inspection I can smell the blood orange and yuzu, but they take a backseat to the cannabis. The base notes emerge several hours later and give me a general impression of some type of wood note.

Basically, overall this smells like hemp to me with some other light notes here and there but it's still very nice.
02nd May, 2014

Desire Blue by Dunhill

Desire Blue is a very nice citrus/aquatic. It has a light, fruity, and soft opening. The heart of DB is the sea notes with a slight woody background. The litchi really stays noticeable throughout the length of this scent. The ending is basically a light tonka or musk.

There are sometimes good reasons why fragrances are popular and I think this flanker from Dunhill is an easy thumbs up. It's different enough from your average citrus or aquatic that it may very well deserve a place on your shelf.
01st May, 2014

Wolf's Heart by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is similar to Dragon's Blood - very similar, in fact. It's basically a floral scent surrounded by some spicy notes. It's a bit more spicy and less floral than Dragon's Blood and it reminds me of the spicy, floral scent of BPAL's Alice, though I like Alice much more than Wolf's Heart.

I'm not sure how the name exactly fits. I don't know how a wolf's heart smells like flowers. If this was to smell anything like a wolf I would imagine there to be some hair, sweat, mange, wild meat and other rotten things, but I don't suppose that would make for much of a fragrance.

Anyway, this isn't a bad scent, it just smells like a lot of other BPAL scents.
29th April, 2014

B : Magic Amber [The Black Series] / B Black by Blood Concept

Interesting fragrance. My first wearing lead me to think this should be retitled 'Abracadabra' because I wondered where this fragrance went about 15 seconds after application. I put it on, and got a nice whiff of what I assume was gunpowder, and like gunpowder being consumed by a fire was like the fragrance on my wrist. Just *poof* and nothing.

After trying this out again, I realized there is fragrance here, but it's extremely light. This isn't necessarily a bad thing by any means, but I did have to really try hard to get a overall feel for this with a small sample.

Basically from what I get, this is a lightly wooded scent with the tea notes surrounding it. After the initial flash bang of the gunpowder, I basically get tea and what I assume are the woody notes of this, though I am personally unfamiliar with them. The initial opening notes remind me of what a bottle of Raid smells like, actually. Not quite as powerful thank goodness, but it did remind me of spraying bugs as a child.

The notes are nice, just very light. So, I'm a bit ambivalent towards this as a whole. I would've liked to tried a bigger sample to get more of a feel. I probably wouldn't purchase this, but I wouldn't mind giving it another go round.
28th April, 2014 (last edited: 05th May, 2014)

AB Black by Blood Concept

So AB is a very interesting fragrance along this line. I only tried a sample a couple of times so I didn't get as good of a test as I'd like, but I did get a decent impression. Opening up, AB gives me an impression of green peppers, bergamot and a synthetic kind of note. It's not bad, but the combination gives me the impression of a skunk, as weird as it sounds. If you've ever smelled a skunk from a distance, you know what I'm talking about. The opening notes aren't *bad* - they're just a bit unusual. As the scent moves on it dries down to a light wood and musk. Good longevity, not to heavy, probably can be worn in most weather as long as it's not overapplied.
27th April, 2014

Absolu de Vanille by La Maison de la Vanille

Absolu de Vanille is a chesty vanilla, dry, resinous kind of mix. It's initially pretty strong at the opening and the sillage dies down after a couple of hours. The opening is mostly vanilla (obviously), and the patchouli, benzoin and opoponax give this an almost oriental or middle eastern impression. It's a dry and spicy type of scent, that gives off a tinge of burning, which I'm guessing is the opoponax. At the end, I basically just get a lighter vanilla. The longevity is pretty good and it's not overly powerful, but probably people will notice it. It took me a little bit to warm up to it because it's different than most scents I own, but over a little bit of time, I really came to enjoy it.
26th April, 2014

Aelopile by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Aelopile is primarily a lemon, verbena and labdanum mix. It's mostly fairly thick and heavy, with some light and citrus notes at the opening (the lemon and verbena). It has a strong, soft amber feel that gives this fragrance a nice accompaniment with perhaps a tiny bit of an animalic side to it. So, overall this is a thumbs up for me. It's a nice and easy labdanum and lemon.

26th April, 2014

Omniscent 0.96 by Yosh

What is this fragrance? Tuberose?? Why are there so many notes listed on this page, then? Basically I get what smells like orange blossom to me, surrounded by tuberose. Eventually the tuberose middle notes take over the tuberose top notes and you're left with ... you guessed it - tuberose. Where is the fruit in this? Where is the mint, cannabis, etc etc.? Way too complex for a subdued tuberose and way overpriced.
21st March, 2014

Midnight Oud by Juliette Has a Gun

Up front MO smelled initially like a medicine cabinet, dentists office, or some type of anesthesia. This medicine-y type of aura is met by the saffron, which softens the heaviness of the initial impression. For me, this is off the bat a rose oud/patchouli mix as far as I can tell. Other notes stand out, too. The castoreum is not prominent, compared to the rose and oud notes, but you can tell itís there. And it adds a little bit of a twist to this scent, though ultimately not affecting it one way or the other. Later on, the musk and patchouli appear, and it basically dies down from there, though I donít find that any other combination of notes ruins the mix of the rose/oud. Iím not sure what to think. I donít hate it, but I donít really like it either. Iím not sure I would even want to smell this on a girl. Itís not that Iíd hate it, but this just doesnít do anything for me personally.

I think if you like rose and oud then you will like this. I am not a big fan of rose - it just smells too feminine to me. So, I do not agree with some who have said this is somewhat masculine, but of course this is just personal opinion. But if you like those two main notes, in a strong, but not overly intoxicating way, then MO might be a good option.
19th March, 2014

Accord Oud by Byredo

Accord Oud was definitely an acquired fragrance to me. My first initial impressions were that someone may have initially poured some type of fossil fuel into my bottle. Really, itís definitely heady and boisterous - I wouldnít have been surprised if someone had poured this into their gas tank and gotten better mileage. However, over time, I began to appreciate what I consider to be a really nice (but heavy), leather fragrance that you will likely still be able to smell when you wake up the day after.

Initially, I get saffron, blackberry and rum. The saffron gives the overall feel to AO. Itís a softness that is a nice counterpart to the heady leather. The blackberry and rum mix nicely as well, offering a sweet, but boozy opening. The rest of the fragrance isnít so easily distinguishable to me. As I said, I basically get mostly leather and some other notes, but theyíre hard to pick out individually after the top notes fade. But itís still very nice.

Iím still debating whether itís worth the price. At first, I wouldíve said a definite Ďno,í but now Iím not so sure Iíd stick with that answer. I would say if you have the money, then itís definitely worth trying. A decanted sample would be a great idea.
17th February, 2014

Action Sport by Trussardi

Action Sport took nearly half of a bottle for me to enjoy, but I did eventually learn to like it. This is very Ďin your faceí and brash. The year for this is 1993 and it Ďsmellsí like a 1993 scent if that makes any sense. It is definitely a 90ís fragrance.

So, up front itís strong and has lots of personality. The base notes are really the heart and soul of the fragrance (patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss). These are so strong that it was hard for me to distinguish much else. I donít get much citrus, but I can get a softer neroli and lavender. But even these are mixed with the base notes.

The overall feeling of Action Sport is like youíre running through a freshly mowed yard (if it was 1993).
16th February, 2014

Acqua Essenziale by Salvatore Ferragamo

Acqua Essenziale is, as others have noted, a typical acquatic. The opening notes are lemon and basil and smell virtually indistinguishable from Ermenegildo Zegna's Acqua d'Estate Essenza 2007 version, with perhaps a bit more lavendar.

The heart of the fragrance is basically lavendar and acquatic notes and it just slowly disappears from here. Sillage and longevity are what you would expect.

I do agree with those who have said this is a bit of white noise, but it's still nice nonetheless. I wouldn't purchase this myself, but it's a nice acquatic if that's something you'd like to have.
16th February, 2014

Snake Oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Wow - it's hard to not like this scent. I was given a free sample with a recent order, so I only tried this a couple of times. Right off the bat I can see why this is their best seller. It's just such a harmonizing blend. It seems somehow natural - the notes are all very fitting for one another. They blend seamlessly. It's both simple, yet complex. I basically got a mix of oriental spices, some sweet notes in there mixed with a soft vanilla. It remained fairly linear on me until the spices died down some and the vanilla became more prominent, but overall it was a sweet/spicy vanilla, at times powdery kind of scent.
18th January, 2014

Horreur Sympathique by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Horreur Sympathique is a very nice concoction from BPAL. It's overall feel reminds me of their bestseller Snake Oil, though it is still in many ways different. Overall, it's both sweet, smooth and resinous. The notes doing the hidden work are benzoin and opoponax while the fruit and wine offer a nice counter. The wine is probably the scent I notice most, but it's balanced by the sweetness of the sugar, grapes, plum and other spices up front.

Both sillage and longevity are strong on this. You will make a statement, but it's a nice one.
05th January, 2014