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Grape Pearls by House of Oud

This is a very pretty and comforting fragrance...for me it starts out with a nice mellow coffee with undertones of blueberry...wierd combo , but it smells awesomebly it progresses i get the addition of fresh grapes and flowery touches...a little dash of rose makes an appearance...settles down to a warm comfy resiny vanilla...highly enjoyable...
25th August, 2020

Kuwait by Roja Dove

For me , this opens smelling like a tasty strong handcrafted beer...this is joined by a caramely sweet fruity essence with a nice undertone of oud...There is an animalic tone lurking around...more resin, wood and patch notes join the a kind of counter balance to the sweetness I find the vanilla to have more of a dark ive often mentioned , not a big fan of gourmands , but i like this scent...not bothered by the sweetness at all...interesting juice that steps out of the norm...i would call this an Animalic Oriental Gourmand...very nice....Throughout the whole run i got random whiffs of that beer smell...
24th August, 2020

Aoud Ambre by Montale

Another Montale powerhouse...killer projection...first 30 seconds or so kind of jumped between a blast that reminded me of aldehydes or that vinegary effect of a fragrance gone bad...this effect quickly dissapears and we get the fragrance as aptly named...amber and oud...the oud smells better then the oud in a lot of other Montales...polite and pretty realistic...thick and rich amber...about an even mix of the 2...little spicy touches...whole fragrance is an interplay of this duo... but know what ? Its not bad at all...a simple but effective Oriental...
23rd August, 2020
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parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Jaisalmer by Comme des Garçons

For me , this opens with a minty pine smell...then the smell of chai tea comes rolling in and takes things over for a while... the smell of actual incense is kind of discreet and laid back for me...slowly the odor of woods starts permeating the scent, but does not strike me as the cedar note others have mentioned...incense fragrances are among my favorites , but alas , this one doesn't seem to do much for me ...pass...
22nd August, 2020

Regent Leather by Thameen

I like my leathers to be on the hard core side... There should be no doubt that a leather fragrance is a leather fragrance...this one is a little too polite and safe for me...smells more like something along the lines of Virgin Island Water with some leather thrown into the background as an afterthought...tropical vibe lemony vanilla...woody patch with a slightly synthetic vibe...actually, dries down to pretty much todays generic designer base...big pass on this one...
20th August, 2020

Hayat by Al Kimiya

An awesome nose piercing multi-faceted oud with a dark sinister orange accent sitting on bandaid or barnyard , but a for real smelling oud accord...the dark earthy patch adds more depth and wood/earthiness...this is a hard core Oriental fragrance...robust and flavorful...Very nice how this fragrance rides along through its life span...just got added to my wish list...
19th August, 2020

2015 Le Phénix by Les Bains Guerbois

Yeah , i know you can't always go by the notes listed...i have to be honest , in this case looking at the notes got me excited to smell this...and you know what ? I was pleasantly delighted by what I smelled...smells like walking into one of those little furniture shops where everything is built from freshly cut cedar...add just a dash of cardamom/ginger for some fresh spiciness...papyrus is an interesting addition...i've had a chance to smell this note in a couple of other fragrances and it does remind me of what I picture an ancient mysterious parchment paper to smell earthy patch adds a nice smell and thickness to the wood...setles down to a comforting wood with a nice Oriental amber/incense ambience...
14th August, 2020

Cendres de Thé by Phaedon

On opening I get a cardamom smelling tea with a kind of milky feel to it...starts out showing a little promise...very weak... almost like it's not even there unless you put your nose right up to it and breathe deeply..then that synthetic smelling mall fragrance wood just comes rolling in...that's about it in a nutshell...nothing of real interest...I've sampled a bunch of Phaedon fragrances and found them all lacking in the projection and longevity departments... this house has some decent ideas that could have been decent fragrances but execution and quality of ingredients is lacking...
10th August, 2020

Nassak by Thameen

Thick , rich and juicy...opens with a dark cloud of some serious spicy orange...very quickly a nice smooth oud appears that has been slightly accented with rose and a smidgen of other authentic smelling oud that has a woody profile...this just brought to mind Balenciaga pour Homme...very similar oud note and overall me , this is a good thing , since BPH is one of my all time favorite fragrances...seems to have a slight touch of Lapidus...nice vanilla patch finish...guess this is another one for the good ole wish list...
09th August, 2020

Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

Comes on the scene with a zingy lemony citrus cloud...this fragrance manages to be bright , fresh and cheerfull, yet semi-dark and dry at the same time...a mix of resiny wood and aromatic herbs and spices...smelling this conjured up associations to Anthracite for Men and Cabaret pour Homme...a lot of similarties per my nose to both...friendly pleasant it finishes off it gets a nice patchy tobacco vibe...very enjoyable...
08th August, 2020

United Arab Emirates by Roja Dove

This is some killer stuff...seems like ive smelled a gazillion rose/oud combos , some good , some bad , but this is one of the best ive had the pleasure to smell...unlike others , i get the oud more than anything else...its a delicious oud with no medicinal or synthetic qualities...a terrific animalic essense to the oud...the rose is awesome , but for me , it plays second fiddle to the oud...this juice is like an attar...unquestionably well blended and exquisite ingredients...other notes appear for a while and add interest...yeah , its expensive , but im guessing from what the oud smells like , it was a pretty high priced ingredient...awesome...Also reminds me of the animalic woody/leathery oud in a lot of Boadicea fragrances...
07th August, 2020

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Ouarzazate by Comme des Garçons

Love incense and I find this to be a nice addition to the universe of incense fragrances...light and fresh yet has an air of mystery and intrigue...whats nice is you can smell the incense , but its not in your doesnt really take over the scent but stays even and balanced with the other members of this cast...a lot of play from the. resident resins...overall , a resiny/herby fresh incense...very friendly...a vague hint of something animalic...kind of a sexy scent...a must sample for lovers of all things incense...very slightlly sweet , which i find makes this even more enjoyable to smell...
06th August, 2020

Pluie de Soleil / Burst of Summer by Phaedon

Doesn't really do anything for me...i find it rather boring...sticking my nose in a jar of strawberry preserves with just a hint of pineapple...some flowery bits...projection and longevity are minimal...i dont think I would even enjoy this on my wife...pass...A little muskiness at the finish , but very light on the wood...
05th August, 2020
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Rêve d'Ossian (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

This one has me somewhat baffled...i'm not quite sure what I smell , but i am loving it...there's mention of this smelling old , but I find it to have more of futuristic avant-gard vibe to me...i close my eyes and inhale and i smell a mystic otherwordly cinnamon flavored addition a bunch of resins are having a party in the woods as the scent of the incense weaves through out it this a lot...just a faint touch of soapiness...not much in the way of pine for me , but it's there...
04th August, 2020

Casamorati 1888 Fiero by Xerjoff

Quite nice...italian/ mediterranean vibe...Uplifting and zingy...nice ctrus accord , with lemon standing out , sitting on a bed of aromatic herbs..the mint adds a nice touch of freshness...gentle projection ...i don''t really detect much wood , just a blend of citrus/herb that mutates through various permutations through the life of the scent...this is the current formula...the original formula was thicker , richer and a little me , a safe smelling fragrance that can be worn pretty much anytime...
02nd August, 2020

Reckless pour Homme by Roja Dove

Beautiful citrus opening... The citrus seems somewhat dark and serious to me... This is a scent that means business...excellent projection...produces a nice citrusy aura... Get a melange of the other elements...get flowers as a faint backdrop... Get a little spiciness and greenery...other than the prevalent citrus my nose gets several accords that kind of come and go and altrnate between woodiness and a resiny incense...a slightly overall dirty semi-animalic vibe...this one went on my wish list...
30th July, 2020

Join The Club : Fatal Charm by Xerjoff

Opens with a fizzy boozy/aldehydic non-descript citrus this already...pleasant and delightful...has a pick me up feel to it...projects nicely but stays polite...get warm vanilla sugar cookies covered with flower my opinion , still remains airy and light and I would not consider this gourmand in any way...a fun for all summer evening fragrance...a mist of the citrus seems to hang out for a long time...another nice thing about this juice...
28th July, 2020

XJ Homme by Xerjoff

Love it...if it wasn't for the ridiculous price I would grab a bottle right walk into a tire store...the waiting area is wood paneled and has a few potted flowers sitting around...the guy behind the counter is eating a fruit can smell a little bit of gasoline drifting in from the hand the guy your keys and he does a burnout in the parking lot before driving your car on the ramp...beautiful...
28th July, 2020

Kemi by Al Kimiya

I love animalics, so when I saw castoreum and civet listed I got all excited...well , turns out this smells a lot more polite than I expected...the oud smells authentic and of high quality , but is somewhat discreet...there is a very nice animalic touch , but again , much laid back...the caramel has a smoky bittersweet profile...I don't find this scent to have a gourmand type far as any comparisons go , this made me think of an animalic/oud
A*Men flanker...a tiny bit of a boozy feel...overall impression is of an overall woodiness...interesting and OK but I would definitely sample first....not going on the to buy wish list for me....
21st July, 2020

Day Dreams by Montale

What? I'm confused...there's no oud and there's no this really a Montale ?...this is a refreshing change...a smooth and laid back summer beauty...smelling this makes me think of beach walks and tropical drinks...kinda in the same ballpark as Virgin Island Water...slightly flowery and woody with vanilla/coconut body throughout...nice to smell something different from Montale that smells good...not sure if it's quite bottle worthy for me but I would definitely grab a decant...
19th July, 2020

Tolu by Ormonde Jayne

Right from the beginning I knew this was going to be a pleasure checking out this fragrance...absolutely beautiful...elegant and classy/classic Oriental without smelling old or stuffy...perfect blend of incensy resin with flowery flavors and touches of green...enjoy...
18th July, 2020

Volutes Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Opens up a a sweet earthy smooth honeyed tobacco with a strong piney effect...get a strong impression of hay...very pleasant...just a little pepper zing...tobacco/hay mix sweetened and flavored with honey/resins...ghostly images of fruits and flowers way in the background...kinda kind of drydown with an awesome 4 resin smelling control...
13th July, 2020

Complex by Boadicea the Victorious

No mistaking this for anything but a leather fragrance...chill and dry...smoky , earthy and green...a very strong animalic prescense...i have to echo 2 things that I read in some other reviews : that this would be how Pinhead from Hellraiser would smell or that it should be the Hells Angels signature scent...the touch of dark asphalty violet gives me a little of the same note as in Narcisco Rodriguez for Men along with that wet concrete vibe...if I close my eyes the smell brings an image of a leather bound couple having hot steamy sex on the ground by a fetid swamp...even get a hint of various phases this brings to mind Cuir d'Arabie , Kinski , Rien , Portos and Arrogance...i love leather...i love animalic...I love sex and ganja...i love this...
12th July, 2020

Narcotic V / Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto

Summery flowery thingee...nothing to really capture my and vague greenery with a lame attempt to spice things up...smells like one of hundreds of slight variations on your standart mall fragrance...meh
07th July, 2020

Intense Tiaré by Montale

A tropical beach scent without being aquatic...intense describes it pretty typical Montale fashion the projection is nuclear...a creamy flower infused coconut with a big dose of vanilla...borderline gourmand...nice break from Montales usual offerings...not bad for a cool summer eve...has a sort of retro vibe , like i've smelled this a long time ago... just a little sun tan lotion vibe at times...pleasant to whiff , but it's just gonna be a sample vial for me ...
30th June, 2020

Carved Oud by Thameen

Lovely oud/cedar combo with an undertone of some perfect sweetness...smells me , the kind of fragrance you want to stick your nose to and just keep breathing it in because it's so enjoyable...the patch adds an overall earthiness...enjoyable olfactory experience...The lack of strength and staying power is the only thing keeping me from a full bottle , but i would not hesitate to grab a decent decant...
29th June, 2020

Golden Aries by Boadicea the Victorious

This is labeled as unisex, but as opened minded as I am , I don't think I could or would pull this one off...and I do have unisex and feminine fragrances in my wardrobe that I love...its a flowery-fruity concoction that smells like something from another era with a modern twist of some sheer oud flavoring...has a creamy gentle sweetness...Like all Bodicea fragrances it smells of quality ingredients and artfull blending...has an elegance to it... Not for me , but I would enjoy smelling this on my wife...
23rd June, 2020

Eau Sanguine : Dom Rosa by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Pleasant enough , but not even close to a wow factor for me...the beginning is definitely pear...i also get that weird grapefruit like in Lampblack/Sulfur...a fresh smelling gentle rose...a finish that is woody with a touch of incense...on me , virtualy no projection or longevity...major pass for me...
21st June, 2020

Gold Rose Oudh by Tiziana Terenzi

Of course , as everyone knows, there's a gazillion rose/oud fragrances out there , but to my nose this one is among the top of the pack...thick , rich and opulent rose... not shy , comes on nice and strong...whether its synthetic or real , the oud note is tremendous and has no bandaid or medicinal smell...a very dark goth rose fragrance...thats the main focus , and its not bad at all...all the other notes add nice accents , but nothing really stands out... The accords that the fragrance transitions through are extremely entertaining...if you're looking for a rose/oud to add to your wardrobe I highly recommend sampling this...
18th June, 2020

Oxford by Boadicea the Victorious

A very nice fragrance that is just right for cooler summer days and nights...i get kind of a citrus barbershop fragrance or classic citrus cologne...aromatic and just a tad greenish...very wearable...awesome blend of the citrus notes...very discreet dusting of neroli and a laid back ambery muskiness...quality blending and of my favorite houses...
15th June, 2020