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Woodcut by Olympic Orchids

Doesn't sound like it would work - woods and chocolate - but it does. It is by far my favorite woodsy fragrance.

Sillage and longevity are fantastic.
09th September, 2016

Olympic Amber by Olympic Orchids

Amber is my favorite and this one is VERY good. It strikes a perfect balance between spicy and sweet and the labdanum is just right. Resinous with good sillage and longevity.
02nd February, 2016

Captured in Amber by En Voyage Perfumes

A sweeter alternative to amber absolute.
02nd January, 2016
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Calling All Angels by April Aromatics

From the name, I was expecting a nice, sweet gourmandish-like fragrance. Was I ever surprised! This is a huge incense, woods, and amber scent and reminds me somewhat of LADDM. The sillage and longevity are great. I really like it and, did I not already possess a primary and a back-up bottle of LADDM, would buy it now.

UPDATE: This fragrance is definitely a chameleon and undergoes a tremendous change. As mentioned earlier, this reminds me of LADDM. However, the first time I wore at the gym and got really hot, the character changes significantly. It seemed to change from spicy to a little more sweet. It's a different smell and one I can't describe but, I really enjoy it.
24th September, 2015 (last edited: 29th October, 2015)

Royal Mayfair by Creed

Got a sample at NM last weekend and am testing it today. I'm now in the fourth hour.

Note that I wear what I wear because of the way it makes me FEEL, not to please others or to smell "good."

Though they're certainly different, I get the same "vibe" from RM as with Aventus one of my favorites.

I'm a little disappointed in the sillage of RM. Maybe I grew nose blind almost immediately because it quickly became a skin scent. And I applied it VERY liberally - five short sprays.

Unlike other reviewers, I only get rose and pine/cedar. Maybe a better trained nose can detect the other notes.

Update - at seven hours in it's completely gone.

04th August, 2015

Vanilla Flash by Tauerville

Spicy vanilla with a bit of tobacco thrown in. Not a "groundbreaking new fragrance, but simple and very effective. Good sillage and longevity.
13th July, 2015

Ambre & Santal by L'Occitane

Beautiful. The right balance between sweetness and spiciness. Very good sillage and longevity.

Amber lovers should definitely give this a try.
21st June, 2015

Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

Reading the reviews of Amber Absolute is testimony to the fact that our individual senses of smell are unique. It is alternately described as:

Butter Scotch
Air freshener
Wood Shop
Pink Sugar

I get tons of Labdanum and love it. Labdanum, incense, and woods. Absolutely beautiful and, to me, unique. Both sillage and longevity are outstanding.

This is one of my all-time favorites and one of the few fragrances with which I find absolutely no deficiencies.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Discontinued
11th May, 2015

Baume du Doge by Eau d'Italie

I agree with previous posters that the opening is stunning and the dry down less so, but for me it is definitely NOT disappointing. Despite this, I still believe overall that Baume du Doge is an very good fragrance. A little more projection and I would classify it as EXCECCENT.
23rd April, 2015

One by Smell Bent

This one is another good offering from Smell Bent. Mostly sweet. The ingredients blend well but, as with most Smell Bent fragrances, don't really develop. What you get at first smell you pretty much get at last smell.

Both sillage and longevity are very good.
08th April, 2015

Never Never Land by Smell Bent

I'll most likely never give a fragrance and absolute thumbs down. Why? Our individual sense of smell is so varied that I don't feel I can totally dis something another may love.

For me, Never, Never Land opens with a wet cardboard smell. Then, it becomes...a wet cardboard smell. After several hours I begin detecting a bit of the amber which seems to replace the cardboard with a bit of sweetness.

Not horrible, but just not for me - at any price.
07th April, 2015

Five by Smell Bent

This is actually pretty good, especially at the price point.

It opens with a very sweet caramel but the tobacco soon makes an entrance adding a little depth. Later the cedar emerges but ever so slightly - just enough to keep Five from being overly sweet.
07th April, 2015

Horny Little Devil by Smell Bent

Cinnamon bomb and a very good one. The sillage is good - but - I was disappointed in the longevity. I have also just tested Smell Bent's Chili Vanilli and Disco Nap as well. Of the three, Horny Little Devil was the only one with poor longevity on my skin. A worthy buy except for the longevity.
31st March, 2015
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Disco Nap by Smell Bent

This one is nice and reminds me of some of the Bond offerings but, at a MUCH lower price. The opening is excellent but the dry down was a little disappointing. Now don't get me wrong - it's still nice. However, the basenotes aren't different or nice enough for me to invest in a full bottle.

Sillage good. Longevity excellent.
31st March, 2015

Chile Vanilli by Smell Bent

I'm not much of a vanilla fan. On me, vanilla becomes cloying, overpowering, and sickly sweet. BUT - this one is nice. The patchouli and cinnamon tame and subdue the vanilla. It's still very much a vanilla scent and it is the main player. However, the vanilla doesn't dominate the other notes.

Sillage is OK and longevity is very good.
31st March, 2015

So New York by Bond No. 9

Very nice fragrance but not different or nice enough to warrant the price.
05th March, 2015

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Is it perhaps dated? Certainly, but so is Old Spice and many others popular today.

Is it awesome? Absolutely.
09th February, 2015

Mousse au Café by Maison des Reves

A gourmand lover's dream. Sweet and "foodish" without being cloying. Opens with a dominant coffee note which slowly fades to become just one of the many well-balanced notes at dry down. I get all the notes listed, but none stand out or overpower the others. Soft sillage but very good longevity on my skin. If you're a gourmand lover, I would suggest you try this one.
09th February, 2015

Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studio

Fantastic! If you love resins, you have to try this. As the name indicates it is "pure" - pure joy. Sillage and longevity are great.
23rd January, 2015

Original Santal by Creed

I own several Creeds, so my rating isn't based on a prejudice against the line.

This is a pleasant scent that would be good if:

It lasted longer
It wasn't so expensive

Nothing special here. With more sillage and longevity I could easily see adding it to my wardrobe. But, as it, no.
21st January, 2015

Armani Privé Myrrhe Impériale by Giorgio Armani

Not being a fan of myrrh, I approached this with trepidation as I checked out the Prive line at Neiman Marcus. I selected a few samples including MI to test back home.

This one is Jekyll and Hyde on me. The opening is fairly harsh and bitter with the myrrh somewhat overpowering - I don't really like it that much. Then, like most fragrances, it begins to develop into something much more pleasant with the myrrh taking a backseat to the other notes. However, unlike most fragrances, the change with MI takes several hours. So, if you get this, be patient.

The final dry down is awesome. The sillage is great and the longevity is out of this world. From one spray on my wrist I could still detect it after several days of showers.

Very good, but perhaps just a little overpriced.
21st January, 2015

Old Bourbon by West Third Brand

I don't get the "bourbon," but this is a pretty nice fragrance. It's sweet, but only a little sweet and difficult for me to describe.

This can be purchased at IndieScents and is extremely reasonably priced.
15th January, 2015

Asian Green Tea by Creed

Nice fragrance but VERY close to the skin. If I'm going to spend that kind of money I want to smell it.
18th November, 2014

1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

1725 is absolutely beautiful. Not too sweet. Not too spicy. Just right. I would love a bit more projection and longevity, but this is one of my all time favorites.
07th October, 2014

Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

I'm not very skilled at analyzing the notes and can just say this is one outstanding fragrance. Sweet but not too sweet. Sillage and longevity are excellent.
03rd October, 2014

Espresso Royale by Sebastiane

This one is dominated by the coffee note with the other notes creating the foundation upon which it rests. Very nice fragrance but very potent. This is my first full wearing and 3-4 spritzes are a couple too many.
09th September, 2014

Lonestar Memories by Tauer

Excellent. Definitely a brother/sister to LADDM. To my nose a cross between LADDM and Jeke. Wore it for the first time yesterday and kept smelling my wrist all day. Probably not for everyone, especially those who most admire the popular, mass-produced "safe" fragrances. If you want to smell great while standing out from the crowd, this may be for you. Since not everyone will like it, get a sample first.
19th June, 2014

Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

I received this as a "throw in" to make a swap with another basenoter possible and wasn't really expecting to use it. Was I hugely surprised! This is an absolutely fantastic fragrance and gets more compliments that anything else in my wardrobe.

It's just smoooooooooooooooooooooth.........................and sophisticated.
12th May, 2014

Tabac Rouge / Turkish Blend by Phaedon

I'm not good at identifying notes, but this is a lot like Tobacco Vanile only better. Sillage and longevity are excellent.
13th April, 2014

Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

I really, really liked this at first but after wearing for a couple of months, it suddenly began to, well, nauseate me. I have no idea why but had to stop using it.

It is a great fragrance - if it doesn't make you sick.
11th March, 2014