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Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle by Agent Provocateur

At first spray of this I wasn't sure I was going to like it, very strong pepper to my nose, then after a while I got the tea, and soft florals, gorgeous, and now after 4 hours I can find the cedar, my absolute favourite base note. A soft, gentle but sexy fragrance.

It's now 10 hours after I applied EE and its still there, I don't have to put my nose to my wrist or anything. It lasts forever and its so sensual and wonderful, I feel like I could wear it forever and be happy. Its March, I'm in the UK and all the magnolia trees are in bloom and beautiful, and every one reminds me of Eau Emotionelle, and how fantastic it is.
Honestly, right now if someone told me I could only keep one of my seventy-something frags I would choose this one.
Its outstanding, quality, sillage and longevity are 10+.
I can't praise it highly enough.
25th March, 2012

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Spicy at first but soon the rose takes over, and WOW, how it takes over!!
Agent Provocateur is rose all the way. I wouldn't call it provocative however, or even particularly sexy, but its very very lovely.

This rose has been up all night, smoking and drinking before staggering home as the sun comes up, loving every moment and looking forward to the next time!! Love it!
25th March, 2012

Very Irrésistible L'Intense by Givenchy

Sexy, womanly and lasts forever! I applied this morning and went to work, spent all day breathing in the delicious scent of L'Intense and finally had to say goodbye to it when I showered 12 hours later.
The rose and plum combination really is a winner.
There have been a few fragrances calling themselves "..... Intense" recently and they've been a let down, but Givenchy have really come up trumps with this. Absolutely incredible stuff!!
22nd March, 2012
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Organza Indécence by Givenchy

Yummy scent that lasts well on my skin but projection is zero. Even after less than an hour I can only smell it if I actually sniff my wrist. Shame
22nd March, 2012

Hot Couture by Givenchy

I'm very disappointed with Hot Couture. The opening is vile, like someone just opened a pair of long dusty curtains and that musty, mildewy smell fills the room. The middle (I persevered!) is simply raspberry. Nothing else. And then it ends. No musk, no amber, no sandalwood.
So the opening is disgusting, the middle is boring and the base doesn't exist.

I'm glad it works better for most of you than it has on me, I'm ditching this bottle.
22nd March, 2012

Extravagance d'Amarige by Givenchy

Extravagance has really surprised a good way.
On first applying I was almost overpowered by the pepper, I waited, and I was rewarded with a fabulous scent. Fresh but strong florals, particularly the marigolds, and who would have thought that nettles would be so appealing in a perfume??
I'm not sure if Extravagant is the correct description...I'd go for elegant, beautiful, luxurious and classy.
22nd March, 2012

Ange ou Démon by Givenchy

I have a mini bottle of this which came in a job lot I bought to get some other perfume (I forget which it was by now). I put it aside thinking "Oh, I'll give it a try sometime" and sort of forgot all about it. I came across it a few days ago and tried it out and Oh My Word, its amazing!! Spicy, floral and so long lasting! Its definitely angelic rather than demonic, but its one of those cute sexy gothic angels you see in animations. Mysterious and delicious, and quite possibly addictive!!
22nd March, 2012

LouLou by Cacharel

I don't know if LouLou has been reformulated over the years or if I'm applying it with a lighter hand than I did in my youth but it doesn't seem as strong as it did 20 years ago or so.
Its still lovely, typical 80's and I do still love many of the fumes that were released in this period (except for the putrid Poison).
Powdery iris, sexy incense and vanilla, and the sweet spices all add up to make this a classic. I hadn't worn it for so long, though I have a friend who occasionally baths in it it seems. I guess I must be applying more lightly, and it certainly doesn't need a heavy hand, I sprayed 11 hours ago and I can still smell it quite strongly, especially on my shirt.

Sexy, warm, mysterious and very feminine. A hit with me for two decades and beyond.
22nd March, 2012

Gloria by Cacharel

Gloria certainly is Glorious!!!
The cherry, almond, vanilla mix is sex in a bottle, and when u factor in the slightly boozy note I get when my body heat works with the perfume its hot stuff indeed! Good projection, excellent lasting power. I'm baffled as to why Cacharel would discontinue such an amazing fragrance :-/
22nd March, 2012

Noa by Cacharel

I've tested this twice now and its not working for me at all. I really wanted this to be good because the notes look amazing and interesting and the reviews are great. All I get is a really sharp smell that stings my nose if I get too close to it. No sweetness or coffee. No flowers. I'm going to give it one more chance before I write it off but I have a feeling that Noa and I were never meant to be together.
22nd March, 2012

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Gorgeous bottle, gorgeous scent. I have to say this is very similar to Narciso Rodrigues for Her, they are alike but Lovely is softer in the drydown I think. I love them both, have them both, and wear them both.
On a SJP topic, I prefer Covet Pure Bloom of all her frags. I'm not taken at all with the Lovely Collection however, I have sniffed 2 of the 3 and I have to say.....Eurgh!!

Lovely is Lovely :-)
21st March, 2012

No. 5 by Chanel

As a perfume fanatic, I thought I ought to own it. But I didn't wear it. Occasionally I would spray a little onto my wrist and sniff it on and off over an evening at home. To me No.5 is a bit like going to a gallery and looking at a painting you find ugly but it just sold for $100m so you think you should admire it without really understanding why. I had EDT.
21st March, 2012

Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I wear this for my own pleasure. I love it regardless the fact the every second woman in the street is wearing it also. Or more likely they are wearing a dupe, there are so many, and some are very good. So I rarely wear CM when I'm out and about in town, I use it on quiet weekends when I'm just pottering around at home, relaxing.
The longevity and sillage are excellent.
21st March, 2012
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Coco by Chanel

Coco is hot stuff!!
Grown up, spicy, glamourous and definitely Chanel! Sillage is immense, lasting power is extremely good, especially on clothes, I can still smell it on my scarf even after 5 or 6 days.
Coco is what I wanted No5 to be, but I don't enjoy that at all, thank goodness I found Coco, my classic Chanel!
21st March, 2012

Allure Eau de Toilette by Chanel

The opening is harsh, sharp and made me wonder if I was actually testing the right bottle (I had smelled it on a friend and adored it instantly) but given half an hour its the most amazing scent!! I only have a small decant courtesy of the aforementioned friend but I'd love to own a huge bottle of Allure. I'd better start saving! Allure is, IMHO, better than Sensuelle. I like both but Allure is more sophisticated, without the patchouli blast of its sister.
21st March, 2012

Cabotine by Grès

Today I am in a Cabotine mood. Most days I am not. Its early Spring and a its cold and wet day :-( I looked at my frags and thought "hmmmm.....what is suitable for this horrid day?" Cabotine!! Its loud, bright, dazzling almost. Today I love Cabotine. Tomorrow I will not.
21st March, 2012

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Similar to Mademoiselle, I have both and actually prefer Chance.

Sweet, feminine and slightly lighter and more mature than CM, more suitable for warmer seasons.

I applied at 9am and it was still present (no reapplying) at 7pm when I took a bath. I can still smell it emanating from the laundry hamper, where today's shirt is now. Next time I'll be a little lighter.

21st March, 2012

Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

This smells almost good enough to eat!
Generally I don't like fruity florals but this one is a perfect balance, I think maybe the coconut just tones down the fruit, stopping it being too sharp in the opening.
The floral is delightful, retaining the coconut to keep it sweet , and the base is perfect.
I'm a huge fan of this fragrance!
21st March, 2012

Calvin Klein Beauty by Calvin Klein

I tried this, thought it was a bit "meh", and then felt a bit bad for it so I ordered 5ml to get a better test, to wear for a couple of days and nights.

I still maintain that its linear, after several hours it doesn't seem to have developed at all. But that's actually OK cos I'm really starting to like it a lot! Its white all the way, jasmine and lily, a little bit soapy, very clean smelling. I think the ad is perfect, beautiful Diane Kruger in understated make up and simple but stunning white dresses. Its a very womanly fragrance, I can't imagine too many teens appreciating this one. But I do.

I can imagine brides choosing this for their big day, when you certainly don't want your dress to be out shone by your perfume choice.

Lovely. Sorry I doubted you Beauty.
19th March, 2012

Ange ou Démon Le Secret by Givenchy

I really am quite astounded that some reviewers don't get the lemon in this....its the first note that I get. I grant you, its not long lasting, soon replaced by the dryness of the tea and cranberry, but it most certainly is there.
The middle stage is my favourite, loads of peony, some jasmine, still with the lingering cran-tea combo. Sweet, strong and delicious. It really does smell like something you could drink.
Fortunately for me the patchouli is non existent in the base. I only get the sweet woods and a touch of musk.
Ange ou Demon Le Secret is a lovely fragrance for a cool early spring day like today, I suspect it would fade to nothing in the heat of summer, if I have any left by then I'll try it out.
A definite like, but not special enough to be love, but I'll enjoy using it this spring.
19th March, 2012

Amor Amor by Cacharel

I had mixed feelings about trying this one due to the somewhat mixed reviews but I'm glad I did.
On me this is a sexy sweet scent, the sweetness coming from the fruits, mainly the citruses, rather than the vanilla.
The middle and base is sensational, sexy, musky vanilla. Real vanilla rather than a sweet candy-like vanilla.
So far its lasted 5 hours and I'm still loving it.
Amor Amor is a perfect scent for cooler weather, early spring or late autumn.
This is much better than I had expected.

One negative- the stupid bottle design. The sprayer is really hard to get your finger on properly with that silly spring thing and the loop at the top. You have to turn it around to get your finger on right. Apart from that, Amor Amor is great stuff.
19th March, 2012

1881 pour Femme by Cerruti

Oh Wow!!!

A few years ago Cerruti 1881 was my signature, then I got more into fragrance and had so many that this beauty got kind of forgotten in the crowd. I was in a store recently choosing something new for spring and they had a tester of this and I had a spray for old times sake and suddenly realised....this is the scent I need for spring!! My old friend 1881!

It opens with a blast of sharp yellow flowers, drying down to a strong but soft soapy floral that lasts for ever (8 hours+) and projects better than you'd imagine.

I adore the retro bottle design with the marble effect on the lid, it feels good in my hand and sprays easily.

I say it again.....WOW!!!
19th March, 2012

cK one Shock for Her by Calvin Klein

If you were expecting this to bear any resemblance to CK One then you really are in for a "shock"!
This is sweet berry floral, not citrus as in the original. Even having read the notes before testing I was still surprised how sweet it is. There is nothing spicy about it at all, perhaps a rethink on the categorisation is in order? The dry down is still sweet, in fact to me its kind of a candy smell, due I guess to the chocolate/vanilla combo. Its very very yummy. I recommend you give it a try though, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Or should I say "Shocked"? :-)
19th March, 2012

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

OMG!!!! I thought I didn't like this but I LOVE IT!! I smelled it on someone else and I thought it was revolting. I keep reading on Fragrantica how you all love it and find it sexy so I decided to give it another chance. I went to the shop today to get a card strip sample, got talking to the lady who said its her favourite so I asked if she would spray my wrist to check it was good on my skin. Its GREAT on my skin! I've been walking around in a delicious cloud all day. Euphoria, I'm sorry I was mean to you, but I will make it up to you by purchasing a large bottle as soon as I have the
19th March, 2012

Escape by Calvin Klein

Summer has definitely arrived once I'm wearing Escape, there can be no mistake.
I don't know why it is but this amazing frag smells the same no matter how long you wear it, camomile is predominent, backed up by marigold and hyacinth. Just enough sweetness is brought to the mix by the melon and lychee, and peach I think.
No matter how old I get (I'm 42 almost), CK scents remind me of the 90s. I had a set of minis in the late 90s containing CK One, Eternity, Obsession, Contradiction and Escape. There is still a similar product but they swapped Escape for Truth.
Escape smells of sunshine, simple as that.
19th March, 2012

Eternity by Calvin Klein

Eternity is an instantly recognisable scent, its unique, nothing else smells like it. I love it. I'm struggling to describe the fragrance tho, so difficult to pick out individual notes but I think for me I get carnation and narcissus, some spicy notes too. I would describe it overall as a cool, clean fragrance, not overly floral.
19th March, 2012

Obsession Night by Calvin Klein

I have owned all 4 versions of Obsession and have enjoyed them all but I must say that Obsession Night bears no relation to the original.
Its a very nice fragrance, but sadly not in the same class as its older sister. It doesn't have that power or the instant recognition but its a pleasant enough floral which starts off with rather bitter citruses. The fruits don't stay for long, giving way to a powdery floral pretty quickly. I'm left with a delightful cashmere vanilla that stays with me several hours.
19th March, 2012

cK one by Calvin Klein

I love this scent!!
I bought it back in the 90s when it was quite a revolution, a unisex fragrance was unheard of back then. I recently bought it again after smelling it on someone else and remembering why I loved it in the first place. Now I wear this almost as a sorbet, to cleanse my palette when I have had a few days of wearing a stronger, heavier fragrance. Such a refreshing fragrance, fruity but not sour, with a lovely soft dry down (on me anyway). It makes me feel clean and reminds me of younger more carefree times.
I love CK One!!!
19th March, 2012

Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein

It took me a while to make up my mind about this one. At first it smells like so many other fragrances around at the moment, juicy fruity, but the dry down is more floral and subtle.
19th March, 2012

Obsession by Calvin Klein

Spicy but in no way sharp, Obsession is smooth, sensuous and exotic, and very definitely a product of the 80s. Calvin Klein's 80's perfumes are the best from that decade, they are the only ones that I owned back then that I will still wear and enjoy. I have an ancient bottle of Obsession (the short bottle without a spray) in a rather battered box but because you really need to use so little I'm quite sure it will last another 20 years.
I am wearing Obsession today(Sunday), I am spending the day at home catching up on chores and work, then seeing some friends this evening, and I have to say I find Obsession perfectly appropriate for both occasions.
The amber and vanilla which appear in the drydown are warm and delicious, a lovely cosy combination on an icy January day in England.
19th March, 2012