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Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Old Spice is truly one of the most divine concoctions ever created by man. Inexpensive? Yes. Cheap smelling? No! It is a fragrance that has withstood the test of time. It may have been stigmatized as being an "old man" scent, but I think it is a fragrance that any man can successfully pull off. The hilarious ads are certainly an attempt to market the product towards a younger generation, but I think the product inside the bottle can sell itself.

I have recently purchased a bottle of the cologne made by P&G, and I also have a vintage bottle of the Shulton made aftershave which I found in my now deceased great-uncle's house, with the packaging carrying a copyright of 1980. Although I am comparing aftershave to cologne and P&G to Shulton, both are similar enough to each other that a whiff of either registers to my mind as "Old Spice." The Shulton product seems to have a little bit of a sweeter aroma (almost brown sugar like), and seems a little bit smoother overall. The P&G product, while still smelling great, just seems like it is a bit rougher around the edges. I've only used a little bit of the Shulton because I feel kind of guilty using it, but the P&G has a decent longevity, although after a few hours a aroma stays pretty close to the skin. I definitely want to check out the Family Dollar version and see how it compares to the original formula.
19th January, 2013